Polaris solar network on October 11 News review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV Net News October 11, Li Hejun: confronting crystalline silicon and thin film, constant dispute over diversity of big boss ‘ unyielding and bruising, Jiangsu GCL white *ST Suri: Ni Kailu is difficult about restructuring, as follows:

Li Hejun: face of crystalline silicon and thin film

Constant diversity of big boss ‘ unyielding and bruising

Jiangsu GCL white *ST Suri: Ni Kailu has difficulty about restructuring

PV counter attack: GCL-reverse

GTAT collapse PV equipment industry second orgasm burst

64 projects in Xinjiang into renewable electricity price list of additional financial aid

Investigations: “Yue Kwong mutual complements” cracked PV site dilemma

Renewable energy sources quota system policy will be issued to finish targets will be fined

“11 Super debt” is expected to paid in full *ST Suri reorganization were still “unwilling”

2014 interpretation of policy review and terms of the photovoltaic industry

Hohhot PV leading clusters focus on creating PV industry chain

Hong-Wei: the PV industry is accelerating two times to come

Concentrating solar power will end to?

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