Polaris solar network on October 23 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV Net News October 23, double-sided “quotas”, the Energy Council: new energy fields “Thirteen-Five” plans under preparation, interpretation of PV efficiency policy dividends, as follows:

Double “quota system”

Department of energy: renewable energy in various fields “Thirteen-Five” plans being prepared

Interpretation of PV efficiency of policy dividends

Suri reorganization vote: survival of this decision!

“Department of State” or a shareholder hareon

Hareon carry debut

LDK LDK overseas subsidiaries filed for bankruptcy reorganization into the substantial stage

Longi shares pushed more than 700 people share incentive’s net profits will be no less than 4 times higher than last year

Chaori solar restructuring Eve: GCL initiative for clinching

Evergrande real estate group down 7 billion solar photovoltaic project located in zhangbei

“Advance” Crow my HEA Leshan electric power sued *ST tianwei

Shenzhen issued two “solar PV glass” standard

Southern sidizhou 1 million-kilowatt PV power generation projects by the National Energy Board approved

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