Polaris solar PV network October 13 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV Net News October 13, zhongmin voted out: for entry into the photovoltaic industry has been well stocked up with $ 50 billion in cash, China plans to cut State subsidies for the photovoltaic and wind power industry, and who should foot the Bill for 11 hyper-default? And so on, as follows:

Zhongmin voted out: in order to enter the PV industry has been well stocked up with $ 50 billion in cash

China plans to cut State subsidies to photovoltaic and wind turbine industries

Who should pay for 11 hyper-default?

Hong-Wei: PV “Golden Sun” project needs an explanation

Preparation of PV industry development and planning in Hefei city open

India’s Solar Revolution

Department of energy on carrying out the special regulation for investment and development of a new power project notice

GTAT down truth: encounter the Overlord terms and “death curse”

Japan household electrical appliance enterprises suspended applications for grid-connected PV business performance in the second half is grim

Global top ten photovoltaic recent developments at a glance

Decrypt *ST Suri reorganization case: new mode of PE a windfall!

Kunming: from the “city of eternal spring” to “Sun City”

Debt crisis into a PV industry the number one killer

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