PV: 15GW to 100GW

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Recently, the national energy administration Wu xinxiong, the national “Thirteen-Five” work Conference on energy plan clear: by 2020, the PV power station construction will achieve more than 100GW, price of photovoltaic power generation and grid sales price. If no accident, at which time China will be the world’s largest photovoltaic power plant construction. For some time, China PV power plant construction has been triumphantly, excitement, inevitably meditation, to the glory and the dream, what do people need to be prepared?

Where the PV? At the end of last year, 15GW of PV power station has been built in China, of which about 10GW centralized, distributed about 5GW, under the influence of scientific layout and current policies, by 2020, 100GW in PV power plant construction, centralized and distributed scale ought to divide the country. This means with, concentrated type also needed construction 40GW, about needed Heath 80,000 square kilometers, for desert of land area for 2.622 million square kilometers, and accounted for land area 27.4% of China for this not problem; distributed also needed construction 45GW, about needed roof area 450 million square meters, theory, for currently has 10 billion above square meters roof of China for also not problem, more alone recently energy Council has will distributed of scale standard upgrade to 20MW.

Photovoltaic subsidy be? According to 2020 PV station total 100GW, and PV power and grid sales electric price quite of claims, assumed will began stop PV subsidies, assumed future six years achieved annually average 10GW of added construction target, assumed power subsidies 0.4 Yuan/w keep not variable, according to national average effective sunshine time for 1000 hours meter, means with from 2015 began, national annually subsidies amounts about for 200, and 240, and 280, and 320, and 360 and 40 billion yuan, Total subsidies amounted to 180 billion yuan.

Power station construction funds be? What is the solution? Assuming the next six years of PV power station construction costs for an average of 10 Yuan/w, assuming added PV power station construction, a total of 80GW, it means that by 2020 total demand of 800 billion yuan of funds for the construction of photovoltaic power station. After 2012, along with the rapid amplification of the domestic PV market, financing in hand. Facing shortage of market economy environment will quickly find the right way, for capital supply is a happy thing, China is not the case, industries, financial conditions are not perfect, and for capital supply is a painful thing. China PV end markets, lack of funds, less money into good channels and the environment, and lack of sustained, large-scale financing solutions.

Incorporations, abandon light problem how to solve the problem? Existing long-distance power transmission capacity in China and scale of wind conditions, desert wind is very serious. China’s total wind power installed capacity of 100GW by 2020 to increase the 1 time, and centralized PV 40GW, grid system how do you undertake neither to abandon wind not abandoned again?

China PV 15GW to 100GW, achieve the goal of building is important, achieving construction goals to improve the investment environment is more important. Building target completion is a time process, industrial process of the improvement of the investment environment is a space, only the right space is large enough, a cause can be big enough. Is the evolution from a planned economy, China, never afraid to complete “the plan”, but only to complete projects more “market”, and PV is only possible from 15GW to 100GW in China, and to 1000GW.

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