PV industry in South Xinjiang chaos threshold was too low is the main reason?

Polaris solar PV net news along 314 national road from Xinjiang akesu drove to kalpin County with “Zheng Wang is not a bleak vegetation” to describe the Gobi wasteland apt. How waste beaches as “golden sand” topic has always been a pigments and painting day and night.

Face painting is kalpin County in charge of industrial and investment of the Standing Committee of deputy heads. He told Xinhua in an interview, with respect, said Xinjiang is rich in natural resources, but Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang in particular has not, drought, salinity, each spring and summer to make unsolicited, blocking out the dust, and cotton seedling withered, Heng Fa Chuen faded late and dry hot wind, hail … … Poor natural conditions has allowed agriculture to become typical of weak industry. Industry, neither hidden beneath the Taklamakan desert is a substantial reserves of oil, natural gas and precious minerals, nor as Tian Shan, Karakoram, Altun is rich in coal, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, only here, looking out into the desert wasteland in the Sun all day long and do not fall at the end of Gao Yang, average annual sunshine 2788.7 hours.

Because of this, kalpin County the first industrial project is to invest in the construction of photovoltaic parks. According to the pigments and paintings introduced keping photovoltaic industrial park region represent the year in which solar radiation reaches 5531.4 MJ/square metre, year generation time is more than 1500 hours. Park covers an area of about 25 square kilometers, with a total investment of 12 billion yuan, total capacity planning 1.2 million-kilowatt.

Yan said, Park phase I planning to 200,000-kilowatt, after being put into operation every year when you can provide clean energy to the grid 300 million-kilowatt, saving 98,000 tons of standard coal, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions 2562 747 tons tons and 278,000 tons of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides; economic benefits so generated considerable, can achieve annual output of 280 million Yuan, and taxes of 40 million Yuan (excluding corporate income tax), greatly improving the local benefits.

As of 2013, the industrial park has invested 750 million Yuan to build 60,000-kilowatt capacity; Park, 220,000-volt 1×180 MVA transformer substation project period will be completed and put into operation during the year.

Reporters at the Park to see, flat Gobi desert covered with photovoltaic panels, as put on the “armor”, when the Sun is shining, gleaming.

In grid-connected has power of keping a photovoltaic plant monitoring room, reporters saw output figures beating up, current installed capacity of the power station at 20,000-kilowatt, built in another 60,000-kilowatt year grid.

In addition to CPI, but has now signed investment agreements of enterprises amounted to more than 30 companies, including Guangdong, chint in hydropower, energy-saving, Sun and moon, the new photovoltaic companies, has contracted the planning of capacity up to 1.5 million-kilowatt, beyond the park planning 300,000-kilowatt. Among them, over more than 10 of the feasibility report has been completed, involving 30duowanqianwa of capacity; have started construction of 5; built with 3.

But reporters found that Park in addition to CPI a 20,000-kilowatt realization of grid-connected PV power station electricity generation, 2 other total 40,000-kilowatt not grid-connected, named “aikang” PV power station has undergone 2 owners, known as “sea-run” share transfer of power station has just been implemented.

In this regard, face painting, admits that current photovoltaic industry did exist all kinds of chaos, such as some reference to power generation target price to resell directly, after other companies built power plants sold in its entirety.

“In order to eliminate scalping indicators in our industrial park, the introduction of PV industry development company; to eliminate whole sale situation, we started late last year, in the clear when he signed a contract with participating companies, corporate, stock and other changes must be agreed with the local government. “Face painting told reporters.

Such chaos occurs, or is associated with photovoltaic threshold is too low. NDRC official told reporters in Aksu Prefecture, southern part of 700,000-kilowatt power indicator this year spread to dozens of power plants, there are nearly 40 companies involved in Aksu Prefecture alone come to compete for generating indices of competition. Some registered capital only more than 1 million of SMEs got indicators is no strength starts construction, only put indicators changed hands reselling off; also some got indicators of enterprise actually is battery Board and the various PV power equipment of production manufacturers, to sales battery Board mainly, this class enterprise accounted for to half above, they of idiomatic practices is station built Hou overall sold, only built not operations, its equipment quality was Kan worries.

These officials said to restrain the photovoltaic industry disorder, it is imperative to improve the entry threshold, such as participation in the registered capital of enterprises, industries, technology and sustainable development of the requirements and the limited land resources to achieve maximum benefit, led to more local peasants and herdsman.

Original title: photovoltaic industry in South Xinjiang chaos threshold was too low is the main reason?

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