PV industry required breakthrough quality constraints

Polaris solar PV net news: China PV industry has experienced rapid growth, excess capacity after the development phase, more rational, more and more attention to the quality of photovoltaic products and systems. PV manufacturers are moving gradually from the vicious price competition to quality of products and services to promote sustainable development.

In August, Beijing Jian Heng Ji Zhenshuang Certification Center Deputy Director said that the Centre in 32 provinces in the country 425 used in photovoltaic power plant equipment inspection found that PV power generation equipment has been installed in previous years appeared hot spots, cracked, attenuation, and so on. These issues have attracted the attention of China PV industry practitioners.

“Now, PV power generation projects in China are not just enterprise, but thousands of families were doing. Some small distributed PV systems, refrigerators, have become ordinary consumer goods, if the quality is not good at this time, all day breaking down and consumers annoyed, photovoltaic power generation is hard to generalize. “Circular economy in China renewable energy Association Special Committee Chairman Li junfeng said.

“Quality of the PV modules is related to investors ‘ return on investment. “Li junfeng said,” if poor quality photovoltaic modules, can lead to decay accelerating PV conversion efficiency, component life cut short. With a 20,000-kilowatt of installed capacity of photovoltaic power station in the Western region, for example, if the life of the PV module can be up to 25 years, its internal rate of return can be more than 11%. If the component life expectancy of 10 years, then the internal rate of return only about 4.8%. If the component quality issues, annual power attenuation rate of 5%, then the internal rate of return would fall to around 2%. ”

DuPont greater China electronics and telecommunications business unit President Zheng Xianzhi, overdoing the use without low-cost experiments have established that the material, may actually make PV modules per kilowatt-hour power generation costs. Life at the same time, the power plant’s operation and maintenance costs will also increase, and may even lose money on the investment.

It is understood that the 2013 China new photovoltaic installation at 12.92 million-kilowatt, compared to 95 solar cell manufacturing companies producing real output is 25.1 million-kilowatt, more than half of the production needs to rely on the international market to digest. This means that product quality photovoltaic modules must stand the test of international markets. “Quality is too important, pulled everything, is related to the survival of our entire photovoltaic industry. “Li junfeng said.

Many PV industry quality may only be limited on the service life of the PV modules, in fact, its very informative. According to the 2014 China PV development report, quality of the PV industry are mainly in three aspects, namely product and system reliability and long-term stability, high efficiency and safety.

Photovoltaic products and systems, not general consumer products, their life span can be achieved for decades. Furthermore, my large power stations mostly concentrated in the Northwest region of the Gobi desert and other places, because there are plenty of solar energy. However, these big temperature difference between day and night, strong ultraviolet rays, sand, cold winter temperatures, for PV system reliability and stability also brings challenges. Also because of this, photovoltaic systems generate power from solar panels, inverters to the brackets, and even each screw on the bracket, must have high quality.

The other hand, under the same lighting conditions, can produce more power has a direct impact on investors ‘ returns. Measure a photovoltaic systems convert solar light into electricity capacity indicator is electro-optical conversion efficiency. For photovoltaic power generation, distributed PV power plant, must also pay attention to security.

Distributed PV power station, once a security problem will directly endanger the surrounding buildings, and even pose a danger to residents. In other countries, on roof photovoltaic systems have occurred because the fire caused by the short circuit accident. Therefore, the reliable quality photovoltaic products and systems, must be such that the surrounding buildings security, protection against electric shock, fire, wind, and so on.

“The safety of photovoltaic products and systems, and also includes an effort to meet requirements of power systems dispatching operation. “The Vice President of the State grid Energy Research Institute, said Jiang Liping, although now more strong, intelligent grid, can safely accept solar energy power station, but distributed photovoltaic system should also meet the access criteria in order to ensure safe operation of power network.

Original title: PV industry required breakthrough quality constraints

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