PV module supply chain quality problems to dramatically reduce power plant investment income

Polaris solar PV net news: according to information released by the National Energy Board, 2013, the construction of photovoltaic power plant have grown markedly, for the sustained and healthy development of the photovoltaic industry provides a powerful marketing support, but parts of PV plants does not sync with the matching power grid construction, project management weakness of the norms, standards and quality control is also very prominent.

Frequent component quality problems in West China

Frequent quality problems such as high decay rate component is spreading PV power plant in Western China. Manufacturers test Institute, Beijing Jian Heng Ji Zhenshuang Certification Center Deputy Director, said “in the country’s 32 provinces, volume 3.3GW, 425, including large power plants and distributed PV power station’s equipment detected, PV modules there are hot spots, cracked, attenuation, etc.”

According to the test, a 8MW solar power station in Xinjiang, 3178 PV module block of infrared imaging in inspection of 2856, 19% virtual welding hot spot effect; a 50MW solar power station in Qinghai found cracked 29% PV modules appear obvious worm pattern, a 10MW solar plant in Gansu province, sampling found PV module has power sharp attenuation of up to 58%.

Industry analysts said that, generally speaking, the annual decay component of photoelectric conversion rate should be less than 0.8%, but the preceding performance of PV modules is far beyond the scope of this.

As one of the key materials in the component chain back panel, for example, a DuPont study global more than more than 60 large PV PV module reliability research project report shows that photovoltaic back plate outdoor common failure there are five main types, namely, cracking, skin yellowing, cracking burning sand melted, hot spots of wear, aging acceleration power attenuation.

Manufacturing mainstream back outer layer protects material DuPont believes that backplane failure will make the component internal packaging materials and batteries in direct exposure to the outdoor environment, and China is vast and significant differences in climate and environment, most large photovoltaic power plant construction in Northwest area of environment was harsh. Substandard products in the harsh environment of hydrolysis produces packaging materials, batteries and solder corrosion and delamination problems, quickly reduce the power output and longevity, seriously it can cause insulation failures caused fire and casualty.

Component quality seriously affects return on investment

Photovoltaic is a relatively mature technology, with a predictable source of energy output and a stable cash flow, are some of the country’s power generation group known as Sun-Sun’s cash cow. Abroad, PV power station after the securitization, has become a very sophisticated financial products, many funds hold.

Reached 25-year life cycle of photovoltaic plant, component quality will directly affect the return on investment. Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission Wang Sicheng, a researcher believes that banks and investors, an important reason to PV misgivings, still lies in the plant’s quality, but this did not raise the power plant developer attention.

Analysts said that domestic solar power station has been completed, with investment potential takeover target margin of safety is very little, in addition to the uncertainty of the policy and market environment factors, investors ‘ biggest concern is the quality of these PV lack the confidence.

Without the verification of the performance of materials in order to reduce costs, gain. Analysts say the back sheet materials that are not performance validation, and cost per watt may be able to save 0.01 Yuan to 0.12 Yuan, but only the equivalent of PV modules 1-29 days of power generation. But the direct consequences of quality issues may shorten life of power stations, electricity output attenuation rate sharply; but also may cause the internal rate of return of the power station fell from 11% per cent of expected lower to 5%.

An investment in building Qinghai 20MW solar plant components manufacturer’s Technical Director, said from the backplane can clearly see the impact of quality on the investment income. Currently on the market, DuPont? Bonthe? PVF film back TPx and most unproven back panels cost about 1-4, in order to compensate the costs rise, generally only need 1-4 of each component.

Power plant developers or investors, the component uses long-term outdoor performance-proven material, its useful life of 25 years while using components that are not long-term outdoor performance verification materials, perhaps only 10 years of its useful life and power, two poor returns the net present value of an investment may be expected to reach 3.28 yuan per watt.

Industry experts suggest that “component purchasers (system operators and investors) must have a profound understanding of the component Bill of materials, and selected high quality materials in order to reduce risk, ensuring a high return on investment. ”

Original title: PV module supply chain quality problems to dramatically reduce power plant investment income

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