PV of “flagging” speculative “crime and punishment”

Arctic star solar PV network news: October 12 and 13th, National Energy Council website bursts two article notification, respectively is on carried out new power project investment development order special regulatory work of notification and on further strengthened PV station construction and run management work of notification, pointed out that in PV station, power project investment process in the, some area and project exists policy yet completely implementation, and supporting measures missing and record (approved) program not transparent, problem, Even investment in new power projects developed by speculation, increases project costs, disrupted investment in new power projects development.

To this end, the National Energy Board decided to invest in new power projects nationwide to develop special supervision, regulation is one of the main record, approve and invest in the development of photovoltaic power generation, especially situations such as power production prior to the changes in ownership of the project. National Energy Board clearly requires further standardize the order of investment in new power projects development, curb speculation in new power projects before put into production. Another renovation PV of heavy regulatory breaks ground for speculation.

Really someone reselling “flagging”?

The so-called “flagging” is issued by the relevant authorities of the agreed project pre-engineering work permits. To get approval, means that the list of investment projects into national planning, access to the “allowed”. As a precondition, an investment project only with taking “flagging”, the EIA, soil conservation, geological hazards, land pre-trial, grid access supporting documentation before starting.

National Energy Board after decentralization, decentralization of administrative examination and approval, approval authority is delegated to the respective parts of the PV, the PV for the record in some places (approval) of issues that are not transparent. To this end, the National Energy Board requires the PV power plant project provincial energy departments shall, in accordance with the requirements of the interim measures for the Administration, clearly PV record criteria and processes, and minimize the project record pre condition.

Then “flagging” scalping really have? How serious is it? At the National Energy Board issued a notice, as PV province, the National Energy Board stationed in Xinjiang Xinjiang Energy Regulatory Office to administer the area in PV reselling “flagging” of verification.

Xinjiang Energy Regulatory Office respectively interviews has scale larger and has representative of 4 Home private enterprise (Xinjiang sea days up investment limited, and special variable electrician Xinjiang new Energy Corporation, and zhenfa group Xinjiang new energy company, and downwind photoelectric investment limited Xinjiang Branch) and 2 home State enterprises (China TGP new energy company Xinjiang branch, and Yue hydropower Xinjiang new energy limited), above 6 home enterprise in Xinjiang has production PV station total capacity 1.02 million-kilowatt (4 Home private accounted for 92%), 33% per cent of total installed photovoltaic capacity of Xinjiang power grid, is building a total volume of 520,000-kilowatt (4 private enterprises accounted for 94%).

Verification result, photovoltaic power generation in the Xinjiang region “scalping flagging” phenomenon really does exist. Funds and construction time is urgent, technology transfer projects approved on grounds of weak, according to the different light resources in the region of the project, cost per watt 0.3~0.6 Yuan, some feedback is implied during the 2012-2013 period and the sale of intention to plant more.

How to rectify the scalping “flagging” behavior?

National Energy Board explicitly requested “prohibit the sale of item filings and related interests, have procedures for recording the PV power plant project, if major changes in the investment, should be back for the record.” PV of “flagging” scalping a heavy blow.

PV of “flagging” scalping, China Power Development Association consultant told reporters Jiang Shaojun, now “flagging” the reselling of chaos, and much of it for tax considerations, evade supervision. Jiang Shaojun suggested that since the “flagging” is the acceptance of the preliminary project work if preliminary work subjected to value, without increasing the feed-in tariff can make on the premise of “flagging” listed for transfer in the market, it can create a new industry. But that requires transactions to be transparent, competitive bidding, in accordance with regulations, be available in the property.

For the “flagging” there is no possibility of cancellation, Jiang Shaojun believes that at this stage “flagging” is an unavoidable stage program was established, the program itself was not guilty, just what body control procedure performance problems. Cancel “flagging” or spread it, cancels the approval requires a series of conditions in institutions and mechanisms.

“For example, photovoltaic, and cancel the approval, free access to the market, how to coordinate the generation and other kinds of relationships, how to coordinate relations with the power grid are unknown. “Jiang Shaojun, told reporters.

At present China is vigorously encouraged the development of distributed PV, distributed PV without “flagging”, vigorously develop distributed will not resell “flagging” shock them? In this regard, Jiang Shaojun believes that distributed PV reaches a certain size will have an impact on the existing market, but the overall release of PV projects from planning to start from.

National Energy Board also called for the strengthening of PV power plant, planning and management. In particular, provincial energy departments, according to the national PV power station construction plan requirements, combined with the region’s electricity market and power system planning, construction, and operation of, and preparation of the PV power station construction plan and the annual implementation plan proposal development planning should include regional distribution, key objectives, major tasks, projects, implementation steps, supporting network-building and security measures.

Original title: photovoltaic “flagging” speculative “crime and punishment”

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