Residents of Shaoxing, Zhejiang’s largest photovoltaic project success on-grid power

Polaris solar PV net news: September 26, zone, keqiao, Shaoxing keyan Street, Kang Junya Yin Tao Xiaodong of the island in a very good mood, his homes as residents of Shaoxing’s biggest 5kW distributed PV grid-connected electricity generation successfully. The photovoltaic power generation project-phase 380V voltage rating for the first time and connected to the grid system, keqiao, and second home residents spontaneous use of photovoltaic power generation, excess electricity regulation of Internet users.

It is understood that Mr Tao residents applying for grid-connected PV power plants of total invested 50,000 yuan, equipment package consists of 45 tablets 110w single amorphous silicon thin-film solar power photovoltaic inverter and 3 components, the villa occupies a total area of about 90 square meters of the roof. After the equipment access 5kW PV inverter voltage divider, you can convert solar energy to electricity, DC electricity into AC electricity, used to power the population directly.

According to the power supply Department, Mr Tao self-built 5kW for residents of PV is expected when annual generating capacity of over 4,000-kilowatt can not only fully meet the daily electricity needs, can also use the remaining grid-connected photovoltaic power by sold to power companies. In addition, photovoltaic devices exception occurs, customers will still be able, through “photovoltaic bi-directional measurement meter” getting electricity from the public Internet, guaranteeing power stability, achieving uninterrupted, seamless supply.

Invested 50,000 yuan when it comes to making citizens distributed PV worth of this issue, Mr Tao told reporters. “Conditions now, and electrical equipment at home more and more, computers, air conditioners and other appliances have worked for a long time a lot of electricity, how to save this amount of electricity is the question I have been thinking about. There are conditions of most solar water heaters were installed on the roof of the family, since the use of solar energy to provide hot water, why not use solar power to directly meet electricity demand? ”

Again, said Mr Tao author is an account: “Germany area of less than one-twentieth, photovoltaic installation 40% of the world, our photovoltaic market potential is very large. At present, distributed PV projects are based on electricity subsidies, subsidies by grid enterprises to pay, 0.977 PV on-grid electricity price in Zhejiang Province (including grid electricity prices and Government subsidies). My initial 50,000 yuan of investment, and last 6 years will be able to recover the cost, inhabitants of PV power station is designed to last for 20 years, sustainable development benefits are huge, and does not pollute the environment. Supported by the Government, benefiting the masses, people must have been strongly welcomed! ”

It is reported that in recent years, power company Shaoxing keqiao Center (station) actively explore the photovoltaic industry and new mode of integration of urban and rural construction, responded positively to the country and Government in the construction of photovoltaic power generation project to promote the use of clean energy new applications, Shaoxing, and strive to build the biggest, strongest PV new community park. Has opened has distributed PV power project green service window, formed has PV power project special led group, developed has PV power Security specification rules, and through refinement grid management work procedures, and optimization cumbersome of PV power grid business process, and simplified applications handle of related procedures, and deepening PV power two-way electricity settlement way, measures, full do and perfect distributed PV station of a station type supporting service work. Meanwhile, Center, keqiao, Shaoxing electric power supply company (station) is also committed to strengthening the photovoltaics program guides and related training and professional resolve later operation and maintenance services, began full photovoltaic project as a green and sustainable development flagship brand.

Original title: residents of Shaoxing’s biggest photovoltaic project success on-grid power

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