September national PV policy list

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 29, evergrande real estate group announced into the photovoltaic industry produced the PV industry’s highly focused, constant and generous in the face into perspective is that solar photovoltaics industry is an emerging industry, industrial space is enormous, especially in downstream markets is extremely broad; the Government introduced various favorable policies, accelerating restructuring of industry, bringing new opportunities in the market.

It can be said that great development of PV industry in China in the past two years is closely related to policy of Government released in July, following intensive policy announcement, in September issued a number of policies by the industry concerned.

1, the National Energy Board issued policy notice concerning further implementation of distributed PV power generation

Publisher: National Energy Board new [2014]406

Notice the positioning of distributed PV generation, application forms, roofing resources and Manpower, quality management, project standard, project records, intervention development patterns, the demonstration zone construction, power grid, grid, electricity billing, financing, subsidies allocated, industry statistics, monitoring systems and public services, information system, supervision and 15 are described.

Key words: “full Internet” power stations enjoy benchmark pricing, additional generation quotas, allowed to sell directly to users, providing preferential loans, monthly payments of subsidies.

Network access: in low pressure as possible on the premise of safety allows access, coordination of grid way disputed by the Department of energy; grid meter provided by an enterprise to be able to clearly distinguish between “electricity”, “spontaneous own demand” and “electricity”

Finance: providing preferential loans to distributed PV power generation projects, explore the project selling electricity charging right pledge of assets and project financing facility.

2, the Declaration on renewable electricity prices announced additional financial aid directories (fifth batch) notice

Publisher: Ministry of finance to build [2014]489

The notice requirement, included in the list of grants program, and when the “project name”, “project company”, “project capacity”, “line length” when changed or out of line with reality, shall promptly furnish the Ministry of finance and the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board applied for a change, approved before you can continue to enjoy tariff benefits.

Can renewable energy electric price additional funds grants directory (power project) in Inner Mongolia area Sun project for: country electric wulanchabu siziwang banner grid PV II period 60MWp power engineering, and in the electric voted baotou up Mau flag Lark Temple BAYIN OBO grid PV 20MWp power engineering, and Shenzhou PV power company Bayan Nur dengkou Bao Ergai farm grid PV 20MWp power engineering, and in the electric voted Bayan Nur urat Middle banner chuan wells scenery with field grid PV 20MWp power engineering, and Great light energy grid-connected photovoltaic 30MWp Hohhot power generation projects.

3, distributed PV Application demonstration area-related measures for the accelerated demand notice

Publisher: National Energy Board new [2014]410

Important: National Energy Board recently sent the provinces on speeding up the cultivation of the notification of the relevant requirements of distributed PV Application demonstration area, harmonization in the construction time, Park, regional electricity trading business model innovation, and so did a detailed provisions did not begin before September 30 or less than 20MW of demonstration zones will be completed by the end of scale disqualify them.

This is the second after 15 distributed circular and a notice distributed generation and demonstration area for a distributed development plays an important role, according to the existing policy system and distributed operating schedule of the demonstration zone, for the moment, demonstration area’s construction was not successful. But the Department of energy to face the difficulty, is sparing no effort in promoting the construction of demonstration area, intended to play a pilot role of the demonstration zone.

4, concerning request for renewable electricity quotas of letters of assessment methods

Publisher: National Energy Board comprehensive Department

Important: under the code of assessment methods, national renewable portfolio established for local governments and power companies, and the monitoring of implementation and evaluation. Did not complete the quota of provinces, energy Administration Department under the State Council to suspend or reduce the scale of fossil fuel power generation projects in the local power grid firms target may not be achieved, make a special report to the State Council.

This assessment indicates that the renewable portfolio standard program will soon introduce, once introduced, the State will provide the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and grid enterprises designated renewable electricity quotas, through mandatory policies to promote renewable energy industry development, this is good for solar and wind energy.

5, on the grid-connected distributed acquisition and implementation of subsidy special regulation

Publisher: National Energy Board

Pursuant to the National Energy Board issued the notice on issuance of special supervision plan for second half of 2014 focusing on arrangements for national energy Board recently held in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, distributed power grid to the takeover and subsidies implemented special boot, full deployment of a distributed power grid acquisition and implementation of subsidy special supervision.

That marked the second half of this year, the National Energy Board to Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangdong, grid-connected distributed generation acquisition and implementation of subsidy special supervision and supervision on Hebei stationary point was officially launched.

Regulatory purposes: follow-up to the implementation of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry opinions (guofa (2013), 24th), and national and local government policy documents relating to distributed generation, understanding of grid-connected distributed generation takeover and the implementation of the subsidy policy, correct grid-connected distributed generation of irregularities in the takeover and the subsidy policy implemented, further improve the policies and measures.

6, catalogue of added incentives for industry in West China

Publisher: national development and Reform Commission

Directory identifies the 12 Western provinces, one of 11 provinces of solar-related item is described, the Hulk, important concerns the following provinces (regions and municipalities) to encourage information, the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Inner Mongolia autonomous region two planning large or very large data center construction and operation of industrial undertakings (click for PV-Tech details).

7, the Guangzhou distributed photovoltaic power generation project management policy (draft for soliciting opinions), the Guangzhou administrative measures on special funds for the construction of photovoltaic projects (draft for soliciting opinions)

Publisher: Guangzhou Development Planning Commission

The distributed management approaches involving management of distributed solar power projects includes the project file, project, project acceptance, grid-connected electricity metering for water, electricity and access charges, subsidies paid, operation management, and so on.

The administrative measures on special funds for subsidies objects, methods, and standards, time, funding application and approval and disbursement procedures, provision had been made.

These two management approaches is the epitome of the market, energy regulatory office all over the recent attention and promote photovoltaic jobs.

8, 2014-2015 in the Shandong province energy-saving emission reduction plan for implementing low-carbon development

Publisher: Government

Important: will strongly inhibit photovoltaic blind expansion of production capacity, and control simply increasing expansion of production capacity of polysilicon,

Photovoltaic cells and modules project, Shandong province on the new PV manufacturing to meet the requirements of polycrystalline silicon solar cell conversion efficiency of not less than 18%. Will actively encourage the PV application. According to the deployment of orderly construction of photovoltaic power plant in Shandong province, the use barren hills and wastelands, saline-alkali land, beaches and other unused land to develop all types of PV power plant construction and mining waste.

Tax initiatives: the establishment of provincial application of distributed PV 100 million yuan of special funds by 2015 and PV VAT immediate refund of 50% for distributed renewable energy free for spontaneous use of photovoltaic power tariff additional charge imposed by Government funds as well as system capacity payment and related services

Of 9, photovoltaic power generation operations in Henan province implementing rules of regulation

Publisher: the Energy Regulatory Office

Important: rules apply to on-grid PV power station project in Henan province and distributed solar power projects, National Energy Board, Henan regulatory Office (hereinafter referred to as energy regulatory office in Henan province) responsible for grid-connected PV power generation projects in the province of Henan, operation, trading, information disclosure and supervision.

Regulatory content: PV power project operations subject, and grid Enterprise power license system, and PV power power quality situation, and PV power supporting grid construction situation, and PV power grid service situation, and PV power grid links of time situation (station and distributed), and PV power project purchased sale electric contract and grid agreement signed, and Executive and record situation, and power scheduling institutions priority scheduling PV power of situation, and grid Enterprise acquisition PV power power of situation, and PV power power and Internet power measurement situation, and Photovoltaic electricity billing for supervision.

10, concerning support for the development of PV industry in Huangshi city

Publisher: Huangshi city, the NDRC’s energy Bureau

Important: building distributed PV electricity price, the city at the national 0.42 Yuan per kilowatt subsidy on the basis of added 0.1 Yuan building photovoltaic power plants generating electricity prices, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, authorities approved the price based on the addition of 0.1 Yuan, subsidies for 10 years.

Original title: PV-September State and local policies list

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