Shunfeng photovoltaic shareholder Zheng JianMing’s first detailed new energy investment sector

Polaris solar PV net news: shunfeng power International Limited (01165.HK, hereafter “the Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV”) last night suddenly announced that actual control of Zheng JianMing first release “green city strategy”.

In this policy, as you can see, Zheng JianMing existing investment not only includes shunfeng photovoltaic PV companies, water electricity, district heating and cooling, energy storage and electric plates and so on.

Started by the real-estate capital Giants into this new starting point in the energy sector should be November 2012. On November 26 of that year, he invested HK $ 201 million to increase its stake shunfeng photovoltaic 463 million shares, up to 29.65% per cent, the acquisition price of HK $ 0.3 per share. The surge in stock prices also laid the Foundation for Zheng JianMing’s wealth, takeover after also received plenty of funding. On May 12 this year, Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV share price as high as $ 11.98.

In this policy, Zheng JianMing said existing investments focus on three business areas: clean energy power generation and district heating and cooling, energy storage, electric vehicles, and LED industries. And these companies through shunfeng photovoltaic, Asia Pacific resources (investment company), among others, to hold.

Among them, the clean-energy companies are: Wuxi Suntech, Germany manufacturer of inverter Sunways, Germany SAGSolarstrom PV Developer (hereinafter the “SAG”). SAG the company is in bankruptcy, in early September this year was bought by Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV, bid for 65 million euros.

A glimpse in the schema is that Zheng JianMing is to encroach on the photovoltaic plate’s upstream and downstream businesses, such as during the process of photovoltaic power plant stock, modules, inverters are used on; SAG’s PV development sector, was another major market segments. These functions could be added to the Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV photovoltaic installed capacity and benefits. In September, shunfeng photovoltaic PV electricity for 66830 MWh; the first three quarters while generating capacity is 385268 MW, installed capacity goal for this year is 2G Watts.

In the field of energy, Zheng JianMing shunfeng photovoltaic in August this year to take over the United States PowinEnergy company. The company’s principal activities include energy storage, quick charging and shaving technology. Main energy storage technology for lithium-ion batteries to store energy can be used for computer data centers, power plants, and micro-grid energy storage and management. Meanwhile, water power company Taiwan CNT shunfeng photovoltaic investment projects as well.

Zheng JianMing’s private investment company, Asia Pacific resources, companies have been dizzying: system manufacturer BostonPower remote battery for electric vehicles, electric vehicle manufacturer land Ark, nobao renewable energy integration of ground-source heat pump manufacturers, Crystal power LED bulb manufacturers, etc. These deals, in addition to the front of the battery and electric car there is a strong correlation between things, LED and ground-source heat pump company belong to new energy sources, there are two distinct areas. But Zheng JianMing seems to be planning the consolidation of these companies in the midst of a business, become the service provider of clean energy solutions.

Industry officials also pointed out that Zheng JianMing now publish the investment enterprise, objective may be to pull Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV share price. Although this May shunfeng photovoltaic created nearly $ 12 a stock price, performance is not good during the past one month, shares from nearly $ 9/unit slid to less than $ 7/share, not excluding Zheng JianMing want to disclose their investment programs and vision for the future, to improve the company’s image in the minds of investors.

Original title: shareholder Zheng JianMing detailed new energy investment for the first time with the wind plate

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