Shunfeng pingluo 130MW PV “illegally built” continued in further escalation of the conflict

Polaris solar PV net news: into the end of October, sharply colder weather in the North. The major PV plants are under construction, and also didn’t waste any time, day or night, to seize the year running out of favorable weather to advance progress.

Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV of PV is the rise of the domestic photovoltaic industry in the past two years rookie pingluo 130MW photovoltaic power plant is the first ground station starts this year, and in September this year, media of pingluo 130MW photovoltaic power plant was first built was to call a timeout event exposure, outside of Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV in pingluo move more of a concern.

“Unauthorised” is ongoing

A few days ago, this reporter went to ping Luo 130MW, shunfeng photovoltaic PV power plant project site, has been heard far off the machine crash. According to the EPC contractor zhongke hengyuan Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “zhongke hengyuan”) pingluo, in charge of the project, since mid-August, Xian Qing new energy limited (hereinafter referred to as “Xian Qing”) since entering the pingluo project, Xian-Qing has claims to the EPC general contractor of the project, has not stopped the construction.

Journalists on the related formalities of examination and approval of the project an interview with Ping Luo land Bureau official. Official made clear the project at present no legal procedures, shunfeng photovoltaic is illegal construction. Land and halted several times, but has no right to take coercive measures, carry out joint law enforcement and local government-led.

The other hand, the EPC general contractor of the project and who was it?

In this regard, zhongke hengyuan showed the reporter signed with Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV “Quad Agreement”, and pingluo PV owners in pingluo section of EPC general contract, signed. The two contracts, defined the zhongke hengyuan is pingluo 130MW of EPC general contractor project.

So-called “Quartet agreement” is refers to, March 2013, in the section constant source and pingluo in the electric section energy of limited company (referred to “pingluo in the electric section”, pingluo 130MW station owners), and downwind photoelectric investment (China) Limited (referred to “downwind photoelectric”, pingluo in the electric section shareholders, holdings 90%), and Ningxia in the electric section day trillion energy limited (referred to “Ningxia in the electric section”) signed of on pingluo 130MWp ground PV station project of cooperation agreement. The “square deal” prescribed shunfeng photovoltaic, CLP agreed and confirmed in pingluo, Ningxia pingluo 130MWp ground with the zhongke hengyuan PV signed the EPC contract.

The EPC general contract refers, on May 20, 2014, zhongke hengyuan signed with the pingluo section of the EPC contract.

However, Xian Qing company otherwise on this story. Xian Qing official said on August 15, won status as a Contracting Party. Zhongke hengyuan executives said that Xian Qing has so far refused to produce or Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV signed with the owners of the EPC contract.

Further escalation of the conflict

Following newspaper reports of Ningxia pingluo PV power stations construction bulldozers ploughed the ground after the incident, Heng Yuan recently was informed by the persons concerned, at the construction site in the vicious fights assault case.

Reporters came to the third people’s Hospital of shizuishan City (in pingluo County people’s Hospital), saw still lying in a hospital bed recovering zhongke hengyuan employee Liu Ying. According to Leonard Liu described on September 29, he inexplicably at the construction site was beaten by Xian Qing construction personnel. At that time, an unidentified group of people came to the construction site, and Xian Dong Qing construction worker spat Xian Qing construction worker finds the gang zhongke hengyuan is called people, so see the zhongke hengyuan employees and employees. Leonard Liu was at the scene, also drove by Xian Dong Qing construction workers armed Chase, he ran to the construction site next to the desert, but finally was caught up with and was beaten by the body.

In another bed, reporters also saw September 27 bulldozers “buried alive” the zhongke hengyuan employees cu. Fang Tong said he has eyes to see things as “ghosting”. Recall the circumstances, CU said that when he was at the scene, see the bulldozers moving in Xian Qing zhongke hengyuan came here, so he rushed, bulldozer driver saw copper came towards him in the past, leading to copper is buried by dirt from head to toe.

“I do not have prepared, bulldozers moved in, I was buried, at that time, I was all over the mouth, ears, and nose. “CU says. After Xian Dong Qing people out of the soil.

For this vicious assault, told reporters Beijing lawyer Chen Zhiping, although Xian Qing who pulled copper from soils, but in terms of practices of the bulldozer driver, still constitutes murder, because there was evidence that copper is standing right in front of the driver knows, were still driving a bulldozer and causes the copper to be buried. This behavior might lead to copper died.

Original title: shunfeng pingluo 130MW PV “illegally built” continued in further escalation of the conflict

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