Shuo Wo fire Japan subsidiary was stolen money

Polaris solar PV net news: Shuo Wo through subsidiaries “Yonghe Power Corporation (EIWAElectricPowerCo.Inc)” investment Japan power plant a Fukushima area on a scale up to 17MW, which sources are local golf courses that have been disabled, is now in its final stage of installation is expected to on-grid electricity sales in the first quarter of next year.

From an organization perspective, Shuo Wo is established through investment “Yonghe electric power company,” and made Japan the Fukushima Daiichi plant, but the market has recently “Yonghe new energy limited” foreign held investment seminars, alleging “Yonghe new energy” are registered in offshore companies and targeted investment Japan solar energy power plant. Because the name is very similar, and very likely to mislead investors. To Shuo Wo calls for investors not to be taken in addition to immediately take legal action, and calls upon the competent units.

Original title: Shuo Wo fire Japan subsidiary was stolen money

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