Solar photovoltaic companies newly dynamic focusing

Polaris solar PV net news: wind chill, the solar photovoltaic industry in early October opposite – come alive. Initially big in late September into the photovoltaic industry’s constant news moved into Tibetan, and March hand in hand with LDK Solar industry and raw materials, then quietly Suri restructuring for a long time and finally an inkling, moreover hareon solar is a subsidiary started to raise, and GCL group 661MW huge projects remain to be revealed … … Looking abroad, businesses acted particularly warm this week, Apple announced that new headquarters in 100% and use of renewable energy has received unprecedented attention, but GTAT and Samsung will not be so happy, bankruptcies and falling profits separately so that they are troubled. What is solar the dynamic this week spotlights are not to be missed? OFweek solar net solar enterprises are edited the newly dynamic inventory, total benefit readers.

Recalling PV industry September hot: the unveiling of the new deal and constant pressure axis thin film amorphous silicon to renewed


Heng Xu jiayin has arisen now LDK sword hand in hand on downstream industries

On October 7, the evergrande real estate, hidden group of Hong Kong listed companies issue a joint announcement caused an uproar in the photovoltaic industry as well as the capital markets.

According to the announcement, evergrande real estate, hidden group, SolarPower,INC (hereinafter “SPI”) has entered into memoranda of the day: the Tibetan Group had agreed with British pound 0.03135/unit price, evergrande real estate allotted and issued 30.813 billion shares, to SPI the allotment and issue of 7.464 billion shares.

Which raised HK $ 1.2 billion, would be used for solar-energy business. According to the announcement, hidden groups to complete after the sale, evergrande shares 73.59%,SPI shares 17.83% per cent.

As the directed SEO of two big “leads”, constant big real estate just Yu national day Qian announced has its to across territories carried out PV business, spent 90 billion yuan in County, Zhangjiakou City, development 9.2 million-kilowatt PV power project of news; and according to previously all clues, by PV “big guy”, and game dimension LDK original Chairman LDK personally struggled of SPI (now for OTCBB tone enterprise), seems to is impact NASDAQ

Xu jiayin strong attack photovoltaics sector has picked a veteran of the junior partner, LDK’s previous retirement seems to have laid the Foundation for such cooperation. In the view of the industry, constant cross-border foray into photovoltaic, needs such as the LDK Solar, “big brother” figure endorsements, needs such as professional partners with SPI. Real estate barons and PV combination of veteran collide the spark of what? Wait and see!

*ST ultra announced restructuring draft: grading debt Jiangsu GCL white

After more than three months of negotiations, debt-default *ST Suri throws a copy of the draft plan, determined by the Concord Group, Jiangsu Golden Concord energy limited (hereinafter “Jiangsu GCL”), 9 units of the Association as reorganization of investors. Take this opportunity, Jiangsu *ST Suri GCL will become the controlling shareholder.

*ST Suri for a discharge of the obligation to separate “classes”. Among them, the workers ‘ claims and the tax debt repayment in full; a secured creditor in accordance with the estimated value of the collateral priority of claim and part of common claims 200,000 yuan (200,000 dollars) full payment, part payment in accordance with 20% of the more than 200,000 yuan.

After long consultations and waiting, the much-anticipated Super draft debt restructuring has finally been published. Long rumored to join the restructuring of Jiangsu GCL open-faced, however it is said that the proportion of compensation received a certain amount of controversy, and controversy is not small. Final stroke still to be seen.

Check 2.1GW investment new energy PV quadripartite cooperation agreement

New energy investment group limited, announced that the Group and its subsidiary renewable energy (Hong Kong) trading company limited (RenewableEnergyTradeBoardCorporation, “EBOD”) today in Chengdu and 11th Design Institute of the information industry science and Technology Co Ltd (“11th Design Institute of the information industry”), Fu Rui, Jiangyin new energy power investment company limited (“Jiangyin complex core new energy”) signed a strategic cooperation agreement Quartet scheme starting in 2015 in China within three years of cooperation in the development, construction, investment, operation of photovoltaic power stations total capacity not less than 2.1 gigawatts.

Under the agreement, the Quartet plans to develop photovoltaic power plants, including ground power station, distributed power, agricultural and light complementary power station, water light and solar power stations, development progress at least 2015, 2016, 1 800 MW GW, 2017 1.2 gigawatts, and ensure that power trading volumes completed in 2015, 500 MW, 2016, 700 MW 2017 900 megawatts. Signed the Quartet will play their respective advantages and cooperate closely, to develop high quality PV through excellent product quality and high quality of construction levels, transaction management, advanced operation and management to achieve PV intelligent management and energy supply.

2.1G plan attracted a lot attention, Quartet, PV project development has also become more varied. China Merchants energy together from PV upstream suppliers, new high quality projects operational, further expansion in China’s PV market territory and achieve sustainable development in its power plant business. “To go”!

Jiangyin hareon 300 million Yuan raise hairun solar

Hareon solar technology Corporation has released bulletin on wholly-owned subsidiaries to increase registered capital, bulletin shows that in order to meet the needs of business development, hareon, and its wholly-owned subsidiary aotesiwei energy (Taicang) co to be invested 30 million yuan in cash and 270 million Yuan, respectively, to its wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangyin hairun solar power company limited capital increase of 300 million Yuan.

Jiangyin hairun solar power company, operates mainly in polycrystalline solar modules, monocrystalline silicon solar cell components of the research, development, manufacture, processing, sale; self-and all kinds of goods and technology import and export business, but States limit or prohibit the import and export business of goods and technologies except for solar power equipment and software sales; solar power generation project construction contract, professional subcontractors.

Hareon raise subsidiary news began speculating about the future development of the industry, import and export business will probably be the focus of the next?

GCL added 661MW large PV projects in China

Concord energy (GCLNewEnergy) yesterday announced to the Hong Kong stock exchange, it has agreement on China’s large PV 661MW, which included a 500MW project in Hebei province.

The company incorporated in Bermuda with heavy manufacturing group Hebei Yuan-Chen signed a “legally-binding cooperation agreement” to development and construction of the 500MW project. In addition, Concord new energy to make another statement, which has acquired Island agricultural development company in Inner Mongolia, as well as two items, a 31MW solar project and a 130MW BIPV projects, two projects are located in Inner Mongolia.

The 500MW project constructs in Zhangjiakou in Hebei province. Signed a preliminary agreement deal has yet been reached, it is not clear the initial phase of the project will have a capacity, but has signed an agreement to keep the installed capacity of the project in Hebei Yuan Chen obtained project-related land use rights “3-5” reached great 500MW.

661MW large-scale PV agreement, 500MW capacity allows industry to speculate content of individual projects. But alas the veil has not been revealed, Hebei project is quite mysterious, and many curiosity seekers.


Apple said the new headquarters at 100% the use of renewable energy

Apple CEOTimCook participation in environment-related meetings, he warned recently, Apple’s new “spaceship” headquarters is the world’s “greenest buildings.” After completion of the new headquarters, Apple says it will 100% use of renewable energy, the new building’s design also makes the building unique structures consume less energy than conventional buildings.

In order to prove this, Apple today provided further data and facts. For example, the Cupertino City law, construction site needs to use 75% demolition material. Apple said it had the older buildings of the 90% are used to build the new headquarters.

It means Apple all concrete re-use of demolished buildings. Where timber cutting down the number of new construction materials. After completion of the new headquarters, Apple says it will 100% use of renewable energy, the new building’s design also makes the building unique structures consume less energy than conventional buildings.

In recent years, Apple has a very high profile in environmental protection, such as employment United States ex-LisaJackson, the Director of environmental protection to address environmental issues, so Apple’s claim of 100% using renewable energy will be a great deal of attention. And how, we view the follow-up.

PV equipment Giants GTAT declares bankruptcy

On October 7, 2014, the PV equipment Giants GTAT declared bankruptcy. GTAT is a leading diversified technology companies, specifically designed for consumer electronics products in the world, solar energy and LED industries, electric and electronic products production advanced materials and innovative crystal growth equipment.

Previously, Apple announced that it will use on the iPhone6: Sapphire glass panels, but unfortunately eventually proved iPhone6 and sapphire glass does not appear on the iPhone6Plus.

Insiders said GTAT is expected to use the Sapphire screen, Apple out of the doldrums in recent years, however, due to the technical and cost stems from the fact that sapphires to production for a short time. GTAdvancedTechnologies stock price hit. United States investment firm RaymondJames analyst PavelMolchanov said: “looks like Apple and GTAT relationships fall apart. ”

Cooperation between Apple and GTAT collapse so that the latter loss not small after the downturn trend and finally get this heavy blow, bankruptcy news from PV equipment industry also cry a, photovoltaic equipment manufacturing is expected to rise a second orgasm ran aground on this, it’s a shame.

Japan SolarFrontier to be United States building new photovoltaic plant in New York State

Japan CIS thin film solar cell manufacturers recently announced a bold plan–the SolarFrontierKK project in Buffalo (Buffalo) city to construct a solar manufacturing plant.

SolarFrontier new Managing Director AtsushiHirano said the United States low PV costs attractive. In addition, the United States solar market is sustainable, and obtained subsidies of only a small, is one of the SolarFrontier focus on expanding the market in the future. “This is a sustainable market. “Hirano said,” Furthermore, relatively speaking, the United States solar market receive less Government help–which is a good thing, because description United States policy interference with market risk is very small. ”

Hirano said the new plant will be located in the United States East Coast, and the East Coast market is currently transferred to the residential sector from the public sector. SolarFrontier the maximum extent to seize business opportunities in this area, to spread itself to solar power shortage in the market.

Japan market by developers see when Japan domestic PV manufacturers began targeting the United States market. Perhaps because the United States falling solar costs as well as the United States double reverse some degree restricts the export of Chinese solar cell manufacturers, United States also highlighted on this demand gap together, this was undoubtedly a favorable opportunity for expansion. In installed generation capacity, solar PV has the nation’s second-largest energy form, United States solar market by the world PV guys attention.

Samsung photovoltaic business profits dwindle or “dull”

According to the Korea Central Daily News reported that Samsung Group was considering stopping its solar photovoltaic business, that business was one of the five latest growth strategies of the group, and for a time hoped to guarantee this Korea Consortium’s future.

However, now Samsung is speeding up its mobile solutions business, including the Internet,.

According to industry sources, Samsung has to reassess the solar power generation business, while the renewable energy market is profitable, especially solar power, but its profits have been dwindling.

Despite the much-expected PV industry Outlook, second quarter but Samsung SDI (SamsungSDI) earnings, said electronic materials sector (including solar power generation business) revenue last year fell 15%, or 365 billion South Korean won (about US $ 342.5 billion).

Reduced both profits and business may be the Samsung photovoltaic business “eclipsed” the best explanation. Samsung seemed to accelerate the development of mobile services in the near future, so PV business probably will be suspended for some time, just do not know whether such a move is right or not?

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