Solar thermal power generation in China is gaining momentum, “explosion”

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 16, “20th International Congress on solar thermal power generation and thermo-chemical” was held in Beijing on the theme of “concentrated solar thermal utilization to globalization”. The General Assembly was the international solar thermal power generation and heat the most authoritative international academic conferences in the field of chemistry, Jian, Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer of China Zhou Hougui was invited to attend the opening of the Congress.

Meeting was held in China for the first time, demonstrates the international solar thermal power generation sector on the rapid development of solar thermal power generation technology in China. In recent years, the solar thermal power generation in China has gradually emerged, national support policies were being created is expected to usher in development “outbreak period”.

A new clean power generation technologies

Solar thermal power generation, also known as concentrating solar thermal power generation through solar energy reflection light up and converted into heat, which drives a generator to produce electricity. Solar thermal power generation into trough, Tower type, disc type, linear Fresnel four currently commercially is the trough and Tower of power.

Compare with photovoltaic, solar-thermal power generation has advantages such as friendly, Chu Re continuous, stable power grid, thus best placed to replace power serves as base load, becoming an important way of controlling air pollution.

Of the 780 ‘s, solar-thermal power generation commercialisation began in Europe and the United States, is currently in the United States, and Spain and other countries have industrialized. Ending May 2014, the world has total installed capacity of more than 4000 MW of grid-connected solar-thermal power station. It is predicted that the 2020 global solar thermal installed capacity will be more than 42000 gigawatts.

Solar thermal in China is rich in resources, only in the Northwest Territories, solar-thermal power installed capacity potential of about 16000 MW, annual potential electricity 42000 trillion kWh. Experts believe that solar thermal power generation will be the country’s new energy field representative and potential of the industry. Large-scale development of solar-thermal power generation instead of coal-fired thermal power plants, will help optimize the country’s energy consumption structure, solve the haze problem as soon as possible.

Compared with Europe and the United States, solar-thermal power generation started late in China, is still in the ascendant, and size in the nascent, mostly on shipped items are of an experimental nature, have yet to achieve large-scale commercial operations.

Domestic enterprises to layout of solar-thermal power generation market

At present, solar-thermal power generation industry chain into key technologies and major equipment has achieved independence, large-scale commercial application of ripe. In recent years, domestic enterprises gradually layout of solar-thermal power generation market.

As the main force in the construction of China’s power and energy, China could be built in solar-thermal power generation Advisory planning, investigation, design, project contract in a leading position in the field. North China power engineering limited, owns 6 patents for solar thermal power generation, and borne, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and other places more than more than 10 solar-thermal power project feasibility study design.

In June 2012, China’s first, Asia’s largest solar Tower power station – experimental power station completed Badaling solar thermal power generation, which became the United States, and Spain, and Israel zhihou, fourth master of the world States of solar thermal power generation technology. The station was designed by China power engineering consulting group, Beijing electric power construction company involved in construction.

In July 2013, delingha, Qinghai of Northwest electric power Design Institute 50 megawatt phase ⅰ project of Tower-type solar thermal power station grid, this project is currently the only commercial operation of solar-thermal power generation projects, marks China’s independent research and development of solar-thermal power generation technology for large-scale industrial application level.

In June this year, commissioned by the National Energy Board, electric power planning and Design Institute, the development of solar thermal industry are fishing expedition. This year, the National Energy Board, the national development and Reform Commission, the electric power planning and Design Institute has twice held Symposium on solar thermal power generation, discussed introducing a trade policy, promoting the construction of solar thermal power generation projects.

“At present, China is able to build solar thermal power generation based on air quality study will strive to make breakthroughs in technology, in the area of solar thermal power generation equipment completes the technical reserves. “The Vice President of the China engineering and Research Institute said Xu Jigang.

Solar thermal power generation will experience a “outbreak period”

“20th International Congress on solar thermal power generation and thermo-chemical”, the delegates generally agreed–prospects for solar-thermal power generation in China. CAO Jianlin, Vice Minister of science and technology, said: “Chinese solar-thermal power generation has the potential to”. Shi Dinghuan, Director of China renewable energy society noted: “the solar-thermal power generation is an important direction to promote revolution in energy production and consumption.”

So far this year, domestic solar thermal power industry has been rising. On July 1, the first solar-thermal power generation industry in China in recent years built large commercial projects–China Guangdong Nuclear delingha, Qinghai province start 50 MW trough solar thermal power generation demonstration project. On August 27, the world’s largest solar-thermal power generation energy storage materials base in Delhi also started construction. Since 2013, only in Northwest China, has approved more than more than 20 solar-thermal power project, a number of projects already in preparation. It is reported that the State will be the fastest at the end of October this year introduced policies to support solar thermal development, and introduced a number of demonstration projects of the total installed capacity of around 1000 MW.

Insiders predicted that 2014 will be the country’s first year of development of solar thermal, solar-thermal power generation is expected to usher in the outbreak. According to the electric power planning, in 2020 to achieve the minimum target of 3000 megawatts of solar thermal power generation installed capacity, market size will exceed billion. “Solar thermal power generation a long industry chain, promoting the development of power generation equipment manufacturing high end. “” 20th International Congress on solar thermal power generation and thermo-chemical “, Chairman of the national” 973 “project team leader and the Chinese Academy of Sciences key laboratory of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems Director Wang zhifeng said.

Verge explosive development of solar-thermal power generation, electricity and energy planning and survey design, engineering, Contracting, manufacturing, investment and operation of China business unit, such as a complete set, in the field of solar-thermal power generation with strong strength and rich experience in building, has been placed “eruption” better development prospects.

Original title: solar thermal power in China is expected to usher in “outbreak”

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