*ST Suri restructuring agreed to Ni Kai LU called waiting for the rich

Polaris solar PV net news: *ST Suri yesterday passed the second creditors meeting restructuring program. Jiangsu Golden Concord energy limited, 9 units form a consortium, as a reorganization of management investors. Meanwhile, Jiangsu GCL as leader, after the completion of investment become the controlling shareholder of *ST Suri, responsible for the company’s production and business, and provide part of the debt service funds. According to the creditor’s rights law firm managers Kindu introduced, *ST Suri general creditors will be given in late November or early December in accordance with the programme content, junk bonds back again.


General meeting of creditors held in Shanghai Fengxian district people’s Court yesterday. May be because of the Court’s sake, to participate in the general meeting of creditors a creditor-cooler. However, according to the reporter, *ST Suri’s many creditors were mixed, several Jubilate.

One of the most fun is “11 Super jgbs” creditors. Under the restructuring proposal, the restructuring and China Great Wall asset management Corporation, one of joyoung Investment Management Center, Shanghai also issued under the guarantee, the two companies will be within the total amount of 880 million Yuan to “11 Super debt” provide a suretyship, common claims section full of 200,000 yuan payment, part payment in accordance with 20% of the more than 200,000 yuan. This means that “11 Super debt” despite losing everything the substantial risk of creditors, but still was rhizom of the rights and interests guarantee, some creditors may even be unscathed.

Yesterday’s meeting, a number of “11 Super debt” holder of feeling better. In advance of the general meeting of creditors, some investors told the Times reporter securities, CITIC had communication with them, after the announcement of the restructuring, which means a full recovery of the principal and interest to creditors. Some creditors, told reporters: “we did not participate in the online voting site, just want to confirm reorganization plan passed the first time. “Some creditors say, if” 11 Super debt “after the principal and interest in full to the account, they planned to organize group activities,” treating “his hard work during this time.

In contrast, other creditors are more depressed. Under the restructuring plan, common claims partial payment in accordance with 20% of the more than 200,000 yuan, with solar as a representative of a group of large creditors is difficult to accept the restructuring plan. The creditor, prior to the convening of the General Assembly, large creditors had asked to increase debt repayment ratio more than 200,000 yuan to 45%, but was rejected.

Kunshan Le Bang *ST Suri suppliers on behalf of the people, “said did not come before it has worked out that, even if we oppose, the proposal will be approved. But we still need to vote, to express our dissatisfaction. “While other producers have indicated a paradox:” this is very unfair to us, but there is no room for negotiations, only passive acceptance of the programme. ”

Chairman: waiting to get rich

In yesterday’s meeting of creditors, whether shareholder or a creditor, seem to have forgotten *ST Suri get to this situation is the initiator of–*ST Suri Ni Kai Lu Ke, Chairman. Ni Kai Lu Ke at the first general meeting of creditors have repeatedly urged understanding and forgiveness are different, Ni Kai Lu yesterday very easy, no public statements link.

When asked by reporters when he is satisfied with the result, Ni Kai Lu Ke hands said: “thank you, thank you creditor support! “But when the investor asks, creditor problems solved, of worthless stock investors do when Ni Kai Lu Ke let his voice said,” waiting to make a fortune. ”

Original title: *ST Suri, Chairman of restructuring agreed to call waiting to get rich

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