TBEA or considering entering the solar thermal power industry

Polaris solar PV net news: reporter was informed that the new energy industry leader TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis company limited is currently organizing light thermal power generation technology research, based on research into the feasibility of solar thermal power generation.

It is reported that TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis company limited was founded in 2000, Shanghai Stock Exchange main board listed companies of tebian Electric Corporation, a holding company. Its business fields of photovoltaic, wind power, thermal power, transmission and four main areas, with engineering General Contracting, commissioning of power engineering and power engineering qualification can undertake all types of construction work of the project.

From the company’s existing businesses, which does have the great advantage entering the solar-thermal power generation market, on the one hand it has experience in the development of new energy projects, as well as power plant and construction of power transmission and transformation project of accumulated years of experience and power projects also more complete qualification of the total package. Light hot power project development on developers of integrated capacity requirements high, and the company seems to has basic has light hot station total contracting of based conditions, while relies on special variable electrician AG in capital markets of financing capacity and the company itself of strong financial strength, in participation technology and capital double intensive of light hot power project development in the, its only lacks of should is technology, technology of accumulated is needs to be introduced talent or multi cooperation achieved.

On the company’s website main page, you can see above the trough solar thermal power stations of this huge picture, which seemed to prove that TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis corporate optical attention to thermal power generation.

Focus on domestic solar thermal power generation market gradually improved, the growing number of other industries, including new energy field of large enterprises are considering entering into the area of solar thermal power generation. This effectively promote domestic solar thermal power generation further improvement and development of the industrial chain.

Original title: TBEA or considering entering the solar thermal power industry

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