The encouraged industry catalogue in Western translation: blood transfusions, surgery to whom?

Polaris solar PV net news: lasted 4 years, the Western region encouraged industry catalogue (hereinafter referred to as the catalogue) announced on August 20, 2014. The formally imposed documents since October 1, means that the establishment of the new round of West development.

As early as in June 2010, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council has issued several opinions on the in-depth implementation of the Western development strategy, requiring the State development and Reform Commission and the preparation of the catalogue, to dock with investment guarantees and preferential taxation policies in Western thought.

Hope that the voice of the catalogue as soon as possible without interruption. Western Wei, Director of development research center of CASS said: on the one hand, it’s 12 Western provinces, with the Central “bargains” results on the other, a dozen serious problems that have accumulated years of Western development, must be resolved by adjusting and, therefore “particularly careful”.

New encouraged industries in Xinjiang for 40, Qinghai and Tibet was on 25 and 13 respectively, while the remaining 10 provinces and cities were more than 30. The catalogue was published, just in January, the industrial structure and investment environment in the Western region, has begun to change.

Transfusion of new energy

In August 2014, Datang international power generation Co Ltd financial report, disclosing its coal chemical projects losses of 1.367 billion yuan, its three major coal chemical projects are not yet operational, leading to asset-liability ratio as high as 84.69%.

Meanwhile, tebian electric company limited over the interim report showed its new energy products and integrated engineering revenue amounted to 3 billion yuan, an increase of 169.85%. First EPC of solar photovoltaic industry apart from the national scale is outside the transition to BT, also dabbles in EPC/BT wind power project.

Fellow energy company, Datang international and private enterprises and TBEA Central, focused investment in the western regions.

Datang power’s three coal chemical projects, the two largest project in Inner Mongolia and the Western development and key projects. TBEA Xinjiang, the long-term existence of, the radiation. Because of this, the message in the list of Western development industry-oriented, on the adjusted investment results and strategies of the two companies, reflecting the exceptionally clear.

According to some opinions on further implementation of the Western development strategy, the State of the list headed by encouraging industrial enterprises in the western area, would distinguish it from the current official rate of 25%, only 15% of enterprise income tax shall be levied. Related companies meet the criteria of environmental, energy and water conservation projects will enjoy income tax “three against three halves” promotion.

TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis company limited project leader told reporters, the catalogue of new energy industry focused on “caring”, making it currently the only has the whole solar industry chain TBEA more “like a fish in water”, while the new energy market “recovery” will promote the adjustment of industrial structure of TBEA.

Good effect with the show. On September 18, the series announcement TBEA announced and alashan in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Xinjiang awati County of Shenmu, qinghe County, Hebei, Shaanxi and other signed 1370MW photovoltaic power generation, 1049.5MW wind power strategic framework agreement, proposed investment of 24.2 billion yuan.

“TBEA new BT energy orders larger than expected, it was reported in the directories market positive feedback. “Northwestern University Professor Yao Huiqin, Deputy Director of the Research Center for Western China Development view, new energy research and development promotion, is the catalogue of top priority, reflecting the reduced coal market trends and reflect policies to upgrade guide.

Yao Huiqin think Thirteen-Five planning drafting this time “node” published on the catalogue, “will urge Governments and enterprises in the Western region regional characteristics and resources, for new forms of energy and upgrading of the industrial structure to promote hard work. ”

In the 12 Western provinces, with the exception of Guangxi, solar projects have been included in the catalogue. Solar Energy Research Institute of this analysis point out that: “the State encourages the construction of distributed energy resources, to promote renewable energy such as solar on-site intention to dissolve at a glance”.

According to planning and the existing layout, Sichuan, and Yunnan II province main focuses on efficient solar component technology of development production; Gansu, and Qinghai, and Xinjiang, and Ningxia, and in Inner Mongolia, is advocated encourages solar power system and the wind power field of operations and construction; and in Yunnan, and Ningxia, and Xinjiang and in Inner Mongolia, relies on distributed power of smart micro grid technology was be development and application support; seeks to established solar full industry chain of Tibet, is directly clear has “solar PV power system of detection, and construction and the operations”.

On September 10, issued relating to the National Energy Board to accelerate distributed PV Application demonstration area of the notification of the relevant requirements, adds credence to the above plan and support to photovoltaic power generation.

“Unprecedented new energy to blood transfusion, but before the publication of the catalogue, national development and Reform Commission targeting release was a signal. “The national development and Reform Commission, people familiar with the matter told reporters, in 2013, the national development and Reform Commission published the year Western development work notice, special emphasis in the Western region to promote industry upgrading,” especially to actively support new energy. “

Compared with the situation of new energy industries, policies on the coal chemical industry pressure was adamant. Datang international power behind the huge loss not only reflects the realities of upstream and downstream markets, also highlighted a new round of West development on the traditional industries ‘ “under the knife” is no joke.

Blades for traditional industries

As early as before the official announcement of the directory, and Datang international power announcement July 2014, with China holding limited liability company (hereinafter “new company”) signed a framework agreement on restructuring the coal chemical industry and related projects, proposed to restructure its coal chemical plate and related projects.

It is worth mentioning that, founded in 2010, the country’s new company, the State Council approved the establishment of the State-owned company, its position is that “coordinate with SSAC optimizing layout and structure of enterprises under the Central Government, is mainly engaged in the entrepreneurial actions of State-owned assets operation and management platform”.

Until earlier this year, and related fields such as Datang international power companies also hopeful. In February, the National Energy Board informed the coal chemical industry “by 2020 planning oil production capacity of 30 million tons of coal, coal-to-gas 50 billion cubic metres of” goals, be regarded as coal chemical industry will open the “industrial age”. Two months later, the catalogue draft release, coal chemical projects in several Western provinces also are included.

In July, sharp turn. 17th, the National Energy Board issued a circular to prohibit new 2 billion cubic meters of coal gas and an annual output of 1 million tons of coal-to-oil project. In the official release of the catalogue of Western coal chemical projects are all excluded.

Policies of coal chemical project “mutations”, Yao Huiqin said: “behind a simple catalogue highlights is a very big problem. A dozen years of Western development, experienced a ‘ outbreak ‘, ‘ outbreak ‘, structural adjustment and upgrading of traditional industries are bound to be opened “.

Open industries in the region-adjusted basis, is their huge number, but were ignored for a long time new energy reserves. Research data show that China annual solar radiation is equivalent to 2.4 trillion TCE (1 tons of standard coal equivalent), if the conversion efficiency of 1%, 20% of land, and can provide the energy a year amounted to 4.8 billion TCE; China wind power reserves of 10m level is 3.2 billion-kilowatt, the actual development of 253 million kilowatts.

September 2014, the National Energy Commission Zhang Guobao, Director of the Committee of experts said at the Boao Forum, build renewable energy base in Northwest China, “installed capacity up to 30 million-kilowatt” in the world.

Adjustment of industrial structure in the West, due to existing problems. Wei believes: “Western development for 14 years, has been in the energy pollution in Exchange for high growth, high energy consumption per unit of GDP, combined with industrial development cannot form a reasonable level, led to rapid development in the West at the same time, poverty problems from worsening. ”

In addition, the reporter learned from the Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission, on global strategies, traditional industries in the Western region, in the “Twelve-Five” and “Thirteen-Five” to undertake advance, has a special meaning:

First, China’s coal-dependent nation, energy accounted for more than 67.5%. Not only the obvious contradiction between the demand for coal moves West and East, focusing on coal chemical engineering industry in the Western region, more serious problem of environmental pollution, water shortage and excess capacity, such as multiple difficulties.

Secondly, the “Twelve-Five” period, China’s industrial development, “characterized by the continuous upgrading and optimizing of industrial structure” and needed to “clean and low-carbon strategic new industries,” replacing the “high energy-consuming and polluting companies.”

Catalogue published on the guiding role of the market is significant. According to reporter incomplete statistics, only a month and added new energy projects in the Western region to sign up to more than 50 cases.

Meanwhile, Yao Huiqin analysis think, due to original West development of layout and tilt, in traditional industry of adjustment and upgrade Shang, in funds and technology Shang has relative advantage of Sichuan, and Chongqing, and Shaanxi, provinces, pace will Michael have fast some, and relative behind of Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia, and Gansu, area, is more needed a to coal industry for representative of traditional industry exit, and to PV industry for representative of industries entered of collision process.

“But this process, which is not too short, must also be experienced. “Yao Huiqin said.

Silk Road “script”

Compared with its predecessors, another highlight of the catalogue is in line with related to urbanization and consumer-driven industries, related to human security and public services.

Reporters combed found, construction of roads, airports, ports and logistics management, urban water project, broadband coverage, automobile manufacturing and support of targeted industries with local characteristics, the directories in the 12 Western provinces and cities have different support.

West Development Secretary Qin Yucai stressed national development and Reform Commission, under the influence of the Silk Road economic belt, upgrade the level of urbanization in the Western region of space will further increase, will have more than 5 million people each year to urban residents, and the release of at least 500 billion yuan of consumer demand.

This industry also has become a foundation of building economic belt of the Silk Road. Director of the China Center for energy economic research at Xiamen University Lin boqiang believes that economic zone for industrial upgrade in Western region of the Silk Road “provides a good opportunity” because of this, the “pollution first and treatment later” tradition of path dependence, “is expected to be less in the process of construction of the economic zone.”

This focus on guiding the catalogue with the new energy development and transformation of traditional industries fit. Located in the economic belt of the new Silk Road, Xinjiang in the far West, in the directory based on 40 industrial projects encouraged, ranking first in Western region.

On September 13, 2014, 2nd Xinjiang tebian electric company limited to build Dushanbe heat and power plant phase I completion of the ignition and phase II Foundation ceremony, held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. XI Jinping, China’s President, and the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon attended.

Since 2006, TBEA has for Tajikistan to build a 220-500 kV North-South artery of energy six transmission project. Zhang Xin, Chairman of tebian electric said group in the new deal in the West “build” one of the important purposes, that is, “economic zone of the layout of the Silk Road”.

Yao Huiqin believes that the list, as an economic zone to promote the Silk Road “scripts” from the central to the local, on speeding up the adjustment of Western economic development and industrial policies will be “out”.

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