This bearing photovoltaic roofs of dreams

Polaris solar PV net news: head of national first batch to create a new energy model city, the first national low carbon industrial park the two heavyweight title, holding out of distributed PV conundrum of the leader of “xiuzhou mode”, “science fiction” for the magic, of the “dream” reality, jiaxing PV PV industry in high-tech industrial park is leading the national development.


Distributed PV generation benchmarks

Shajiabang community in Xin Cheng town, 62-year old Yang Alin curiously in a bi-directional meter installed, “I hear about 3 kWh of electricity a day. “Yang Alin told reporters. July 31, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, along with cage’s switched on, Xin Cheng town, Sha Jia bang Qu 7 resident Yang Alin roof photovoltaic grid-connected equipment was formally completed, shajiabang community first farmers to install photovoltaic shingles.

Before Yang Alin, Sha Jia bang more than more than 100 communities have farmer’s rooftop PV grid-connected devices has built. Standing at Yang Alin roof can be seen “spectacular” scene, whether it in front of or behind the House, PV devices everywhere, gleaming in the sunlight, transformed by the light of the current was flowing into homes.

In Nanhu 20 kilometers away from Yang Alin home, who lives in green zhangqi town (a pseudonym) is equally concerned about his own “roofing plant”. It is reported that zhangqi roof photovoltaic device and the total installed capacity of 6000 Watts, on April 9 this year since incorporation, zhangqi roof “power station” has accumulated power generation 543-kilowatt, which 362-kilowatt Internet access.

In March of this year, the province’s first industrial and mining enterprises was born in jiaxing PV photovoltaic distributed generation invoices high-tech industrial park, the receipt heralded the emergence of distributed solar power projects ‘ policy to deliver a crucial step forward. Invoice issue to facilitate policy cashed, it embodies the settlement streamlining, for PV companies to solve the worries.

“Since incorporation, construction company distributed in photovoltaic projects power at 3,326-kilowatt, all for the company to dissolve. “Jiaxing power authority official told reporters. July 9 to realize the project for construction company incorporations, photovoltaic power generation, “sweetness” has only just begun.

In August, the national distributed PV site meeting held in our city, “distributed photovoltaic industry will usher in a period of rapid development in the future, distributed PV power have set the standard in jiaxing, has popularized across the country. “, Director of the Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission, international King once said of PV industry in jiaxing.


PV “xiuzhou mode”

Bright midday sunshine in xiuzhou new world, more than 35,000 pieces of polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules lined up, let the roof of Dragon technology development zone a unique scenery. Longteng science and Director, sunlight is crucial to production of the company “energy” sources.

“Our rooftop PV total of 8.93 MW of installed capacity, with a total investment of 90 million Yuan, when annual generating capacity of about 9 million-kilowatt, when the network operation has accumulated since power 1.77 million-kilowatt, and provide vital energy for factory production, save a lot of electricity costs for the factory. “Zhejiang lontium technology official said.

Dragon Project contractor China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy (jiaxing), participating in the distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration project of passion without strong Government support. “Roofing resources is very important for investors, PV, high-tech zone, jiaxing had played in guiding and coordinating role of the Government, ahead of the Park’s roof resources touching exhaust, filter. In our confusion and hesitation, gave us a list of roof resources in all areas, different types of roof structure at a glance, building pointed out the direction for the project. This is demonstration of distributed PV applications in PV, high-tech zone, jiaxing fast-moving reasons. “China Guangdong Nuclear solar (Zhejiang) limited General Manager Du Wenyuan said.

From “m” to the “servant”, high-tech industrial park, jiaxing PV did carry out services for enterprises. As investor into signing headache, from the Park to a “template” the tripartite agreement to dispel the concerns of the investors, “at the time of signing, PV high-tech zone as a witness, Enterprise, investment and the roof sign a tripartite agreement, increased investment and the degree of trust between the owners. Meanwhile, roof rentals and prices of energy management contract with unified standards, effectively prevent investors for Rob roof resources arising from the cut-throat competition. In order to address tariff collection challenges, PV, high-tech zone set up a professional operation and maintenance company, is responsible for parks all distributed in photovoltaic power plant electricity bill settlement, operation and maintenance services, and build bridges of communication between investors and owners. “Park, a senior company official said.

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