Three distributed PV business model counting

Polaris solar PV net news: policy to resolve environmental issues of industry development first, and drive the development of the industry is still the opposite pole – development enterprise. In current business and policy environments and how business model innovation, business attempts in the business model are described below.

Business type: show Lake mode, Solarfun mode, icon mode

Electricity billing, electricity is one of the main problems of the current distributed management issues, domestic enterprises with different business models and innovation and to solve this problem. Typical pattern of main show Lake, Solarfun mode, icon mode.

1, show Lake patterns

Show Lake District, jiaxing city, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang science and technology incubation Park, building a total of 61MW distributed PV power station, including construction of cgnpc 21MW roof demonstration project of distributed, mainly lay in xiuzhou District Government, minth group, Zhejiang longteng science and technology, as well as flat solar glass on certain offices and houses of the group, installed capacity of 0.4992MWp, 7.956MWp, 3.1772MWp, 9.5566MWp, respectively.

Because of the number of enterprises use electricity, to address tariff and settlement issues, established Park 61MW Park Professional operation and maintenance of distributed power station companies, accepting commissions from all photovoltaic power plant investment in enterprises in the Park, providing photovoltaic power plant operations, maintenance, electricity charges and settlement services. Meanwhile, 0.02 Yuan per kilowatt-hour charged the creation of integrated operational funds, for use in power stations built by the partial rebuilding of the roof and the costs.

In this mode, the distributed developers solve the problem of electricity settled on the one hand, on the Park Government share the proceeds of distributed power plant construction in the Park, achieve win-win situation.

2, Solarfun mode

Solarfun electronics industry for metering business, in 2013 and gradually cut distributed photovoltaic business. Use of traditional industry and accumulated over many years good relations of power, the company hopes to cooperate with power, in both operations and EPC models participating in the distributed power plant construction.

Operation mode: company and power grid company to form a joint venture company, controlled by the company, invest in distributed power plant, the company responsible for plant operations, the grid is responsible for settlement of electricity charges, and so on.

EPC mode: company and power grid companies to form a joint venture company, which by the grid companies holding to invest in distributed power plant, the company primarily in the form of EPC intervention to achieve one-time EPC revenues.

3, Aiko mode

After preliminary exploration, and Eicon Technology has gradually developed a relatively clear distributed business model: depending on the manufacturing industry, local government and enterprise resources, find local roofing resources by PPA power sale contracts signed with enterprise patterns, distributed power station development. Meanwhile, signed a cooperation agreement with the current power grid, relying on the grid when necessary to settle electricity bills, avoiding settlement risk.

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