Tianjin’s Binhai New District establish the solar thermal power industry Fund

Arctic star solar PV network news: in Beijing held of 2014 World light hot power technology Assembly during, Tianjin Marina light hot power investment company Chairman guanjingdong revealed, Tianjin Marina high district investment 4 billion Yuan Yuan established solar light hot power industry Fund, will introduction currently world Shang most advanced of II generation half melt salt technology and the light hot power full industry chain technology, build a including set hot, and for hot, and Chu Re, and power, full equipment production zainei of light hot power full industry manufacturing base, And includes a world-class research and Development Center.

As a new force in the energy generation technologies, solar-thermal electricity generation because of its grid-friendly features and highly expected, recently set off a wave of industry all over the world, including the United States, and Germany, and Spain, and Israel and other countries in Europe and the industrialized countries have huge investments in the industry and try it out.

Solar thermal power generation as well as the emerging industries of strategic importance, and at the national renewable energy development “Twelve-Five” explicitly laid out plan by 2015, solar-thermal power installed capacity will reach 1 million-kilowatt by 2020, to break the 3 million-kilowatt.

But because of industry support, and many other reasons, solar-thermal power generation industry in China in recent one or two years is not a substantive breakthrough, except a few small pilot projects, there is no business model value of solar thermal power stations are built. At present, the distance of “Twelve-Five” planned scheduled time over the new year, to complete the planned installed capacity target of 1 million-kilowatt is quite pressed for time.

According to reports, the solar thermal power industry in Binhai base issue will invest 3.5 billion yuan, total of 6 businesses, all strategic alliances or cooperation with foreign advanced technology. Among them, the collector technology and Italy national energy laboratory ENEV cooperation; thermal storage, heat technology and Germany Linde Group, as well as Switzerland’s bolamosi company; heating equipment and Italy Archimedes co-operation and mirror and Reflex co-operation Tracker working with BFR; solar salt and Chile’s SQM company.

This is undoubtedly the most luxurious unit in the global solar thermal power industry, representing currently has passed the test of the world’s most advanced solar-thermal power generation technology.

Guanjingdong said, to introduction and validation these technology, Tianjin Marina light hot power investment company in three years Qian on began on world of light hot technology started research, and global well-known of light hot power company for has full of communication, and Exchange and cooperation, and on world all in bondage run of light hot station for has repeatedly of field investigation, in-depth discussion its run maintenance in the of related problem, obtained has large of data and information.

It is, therefore, envisages the construction of industrial base that is raised, get positive response from Binhai and supporting industries Fund was established specifically for this purpose, the first phase investment of 4 billion yuan.

“Here, you only need to place an order, you can build into a world of complete solar thermal power station technology, which would have been unthinkable in other parts of the world. “Official Kengtung, built as the base, will produce a national and even a world-class solar-thermal power generation of high-tech companies, for solar-thermal power generation industry in China laid a solid industry Foundation.

Guanjingdong also revealed that invested by the company is located in Jiuquan city, Gansu province, Aksai Kazakh autonomous 50MW trough of molten salt solar-thermal power generation project, after a year of hard work, the currently has invested more than more than more than 300 million dollars, completed peace of self-provided power plant of a 20MW solar plant construction is about to begin the installation of solar-thermal power generation equipment.

Original title: Tianjin Binhai New District establish the solar thermal power industry Fund

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