Yang Huaijin took over as Chairman at the helm hareon challenges remain:

Polaris solar PV net news: a publicly traded company, 3 executives there are personnel changes in the short term, is not common. Yesterday, shares leading photovoltaic power plant EPC hareon notice received on October 14, the company’s Chairman of the Board of the company Ren Xiangdong Xing Guoqiang, Secretary of the Board of Directors Zhou Yike, the Chief Technology Officer a written resignation, reports from the delivery date. Company elected CEO Yang Huaijin as Chairman. Journalist interviews, Yang Huaijin official helm hareon, or marks a new phase begins. However, leaving Yang and new teams are still looking for suitable problems such as photovoltaic power plant owners.

Reason for resignation, announcements by simple “work” or “personal reasons,” a few words to explain. In fact, the reporter was informed that the three did not leave together so simple on the surface. Insiders familiar with the company are of the view that the “former Chairman Ren Xiangdong, matter, should have given way to General Yang”, “listing several additional, two shareholders of General is more of an investor, it is its intention to withdraw from. ”

What matter is taking over as Chairman, Yang Huaijin himself in a bid to silence its curiosity. Hareon insiders told reporters, this is a normal personnel adjustment. According to reports, Yang Huaijin participated more than, including Suntech and PV photovoltaic company was founded.

Planning for the future, the company said, and large power projects at home and abroad and internally distributed power project will be in full swing, companies pay close attention to the National Energy Board policy support for photovoltaic power plant including distributed power plant.

Hareon recently disclosed large order or for big projects from time to time, and pressure, debt ratio is rather concerned about its funds. In September of this year, the company completed private placement, raising total 3.892 billion. Since then, the company also announced it had secured 20 billion yuan of credit loan of the two banks. The firm told the reporters that the asset-liability ratio has dropped below 65%, is the industry’s relatively healthy financial situation of the company.

However, one concern has partnerships with the company, sea run before staking ground Western store has a large power project, after cracks in the cooperation with the wind, can no longer carry a price to find the owners under the new policy. Public information, sea run mainly photovoltaic projects, and sold to the project owner quick access to EPC cash income, close cooperation with Hong Kong stocks another leading shunfeng photovoltaic PV operation is based on this.

Original title: Yang Huaijin took over as Chairman at the helm hareon challenges remain:

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