Zhang Guobao, to talk about new energy: trouble finding “green” road

Polaris solar PV net news: “2014 global top 500 enterprises in new energy” Press Conference and signing ceremony of China’s new energy industry Fund held in Beijing on October 16. Hundreds of representatives from Government, industry, business experts and scholars gathered in one, discuss the new global new energy industry faces the new situation and new problems. Period, Zhang Guobao, Director of the national energy expert Consultative Committee was discussing some new energy prospects. Following is a speech:

6,000-kilowatt per cent of farms across the country has reached 1.26 billion kW of installed capacity, up 8.9% from a year earlier. Last year, China’s total installed capacity of renewable energy has exceeded the United States. China’s total wind power installed capacity has reached 83.95 million-kilowatt, 21.6% than a year ago, that number grows faster than other forms of human power.

New wind power capacity was 5.44 million-kilowatt this year and achieve the incorporation. In August, Chinese solar new solar installed capacity up to 1.24 million-kilowatt this year, go into solar-powered hit 441 million, up 51% from a year earlier, a considerable growth, overall, increases in new energy investment more exuberant.

1-in August, when 6,000-kilowatt wind power plant generating capacity 98.5 billion-kilowatt and above in the country, an increase of 10.8% per cent down 29.2%. Wind power utilization hours, 975 this hour, this figure is not too ideal, dropped as much as 113 hours. Some said new energy capacity is growing so fast, and even affected the stability of local power grids, from Europe’s experience, this kind of remark is inappropriate. In Denmark, Spain, Netherlands the traditional wind power countries, wind power in the power grid, compared with a 20% or 30% is a common thing. To our country, what percentage wind power proportion problems are encountered, so I think the technical problems one aspect essentially also includes values, ideas, and other factors.

Ten years ago, new energy development in our country and I think the results are remarkable, even great. Therefore, the United States President Barack Obama twice referred to in both the State of the Union address to speed up the development of new energy, or in the new energy on the emerging industries of strategic importance by the Chinese more than, which exemplify the development of China’s new energy industry. But we definitely cannot say that, our country has too much energy, or to limit or control. Now, with advances in technology, wind power solar energy generate electricity prices could be down, United States solar prices can be compared with thermal power, we’ve seen the prices such as wind power, solar thermal power with the dawn.

PV industry as a whole warmed as 2013, funds have been pouring into sustainable development impetus for photovoltaic industry. “2014 top 500 global new energy enterprises” during the release, United States SunEdison corporate and investment management Ltd signed a cooperation agreement, set up base on PV power plant development and investment, “China’s new energy industry Fund”. In this regard, Zhang Guobao, Director of the national energy expert Consultative Committee talked about their views.

SUNEDISON can draw on financial instruments

Today, and SunEdison business meet for the first time, but this name has been discussed many times before. Because the investment is a photovoltaic power station, there will be plenty of certain and uncertain factors, it is difficult to obtain loans. But SunEdison through innovative financial instruments, turned the project into a predictable and unpredictable cash flow in order to complete the loan to PV.

What is foreseeable? Such as power transmission company signed a purchase agreement PPA. If you take out PPA for financial companies, has signed a ten-year period, how much power, this is the fixed cash flows. As for how much money, policy changes are not foreseen, is their own affair. Things that do not need to let the uncertainty on financial companies, would let financial firms at ease many financial companies are willing to give companies listing or issuing bonds, financing. This innovative financial instruments to finance solar and wind power brings a new idea, some new energy, including garbage to generate electricity can also use this concept.

Solar energy heats up recently, evergrande, zhongmin vote large funds assigned to photovoltaic power generation, this round of solar heat can do this remains to be seen. In addition, there are currently not enough attention to energy. In the United States, and development of solar wind will see no storage how can do it, so they put into place required and put into storage. This awareness, I think the national Government is lacking. In my opinion, energy storage as with electric vehicles, will become an indispensable part of the new energy.

Original title: new energy Zhang Guobao: find in difficult times “recovery” path

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