Zhangbei “selling winds sold out” great industrial solar power nation

Polaris solar PV net news: dam is a wind, from spring into winter. “The wind, it was Zhang bei bad natural environment,” perpetrators “, has become the Green the rise of precious resources.

Relying on the abundant natural resources, zhangbei in recent years to develop new energy industry solar energy development has ranked first in the country, wind energy installed capacity is ranked second, the scenery is the world’s first combined storage mode. Stricken areas in new energy industries have become the bright business card.

Solar nation

Zhangbei dam, wind chill, without warning, blowing dust storms, allow people to avoid plague. However, with the rapid rise of new energy industry, wind and Sun to zhangbei attract legions of new energy developers.

Zhangbei County, wind energy, solar energy resources are abundant. More than 10 meters high in the County mean annual wind speed 6.2m/s, 70 metres high annual average wind speed of more than 8M/s, average annual utilization hours 2,300-2,400 hours, which belongs to the national second-class quality wind regions, counties within the wind energy resource potential of more than 5 million-kilowatt, high quality wind resources more than 3.5 million-kilowatt, as one of the eight qianwanqianwa of national-level wind power base.

Annual average sunshine hours up to 2,898 hours, zhangbei, solar radiation in Hebei province, is one of the highest areas. County-wide development of photovoltaic resources amounted to 2.25 million-kilowatt, unused land for photovoltaic development of 83.11 square kilometers of the total area.

Zhangbei County party Committee propaganda department Zhang Shujun said: “there are 16 wind power development company we have settled zhangbei 1.85 million-kilowatt wind power installed capacity has reached, grid-connected 1.8 million-kilowatt, ranked second, after counties in Gansu; solar has developed 150,000-kilowatt, ranks first in the country. New energy capacity equivalent to build a shalingzi power plant, Zhangjiakou. ”

These numbers are growing rapidly. In July, bowang huake zhangbei and Beijing science and technology limited, 4 companies signed 2 million-kilowatt zhangbei large PV project, plans built in four stages, will be completed end of December 2018. Zhangbei signed this year include wind turbine manufacturing and 4 large-scale projects such as 500,000-kilowatt wind power project.

Scenery reserve project to break the world challenge

National scenery storage located in zhangbei demonstration project is currently the world’s largest transportation, wind power, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage and transmission project four renewable energy projects. The project in the case of no example to follow, explore the sights of one of the world’s first storage transmission and joint running modes, namely through seven combinations of wind, light, and energy storage power generation, joint power, cracked the world’s problems.

Project a project development scale for 100,000-kilowatt wind power, photovoltaic, 20,000-kilowatt chemical storage, start production in late 2011, which marks including co-generation intelligent panoramic series of results, optimized control system developed and scenery storage transportation technology course from theory into reality. Phase II expansion project for 400,000-kilowatt wind power, photovoltaic, 50,000-kilowatt chemical storage, is expected to completed by the end of this year. After the project is completed annually provide about 1.25 billion kWh of green power back to the grid, the annual output value will reach 700 million Yuan, saving of 420,000 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 900,000 tons.

Formation of new energy industry chain

In zhangbei County, can be found in many parts of “ecological County, green rise” the main slogan. Uphold the development philosophy, zhangbei and actively promote comprehensive exploitation and utilization of new energy sources, to build strong counties in green, low-carbon economy. In a new industrial layout in zhangbei, new energy industries accounted for most of the country.

Zhangbei County Hao Fuguo said: “we will speed up the national landscape reserve transmission and phase II, bowang huake key projects such as wind and solar, introduction to implement solar photovoltaic, wind grass planting stereo and economic grass planting projects to build ‘ new energy-new agriculture-new eco ‘ model of industrial, to create national new energy industry demonstration area. ”

At present, the zhangbei has initially formed a scenery store pipeline and equipment installation, testing, operations, maintenance, transportation, tourism, training of popular science as one of the new energy industry chain.

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