Zheng JianMing for the solar PV industry set up a 20 billion-dollar private company

Polaris solar PV net news: the world’s biggest clean-tech investors in private companies to launch strategies to promote the construction of green cities in the world

First vertically integrated energy supply chain Zheng JianMing

Zheng JianMing (ChengKinMing) recently for solar companies to make investments are estimated to be nearly $ 20 billion, making it the world’s largest clean technology private equity investors. Zheng JianMing publicly for the first time about their strategies to accelerate transition to green cities in the world. His approach is complementary to determine the world’s best clean-energy technology company, developed the complete supply chain involves a number of vertical, mass production of integrated solutions.

Hong Kong Asia-Pacific resource development investment limited (AsiaPacificResourcesDevelopmentInvestment, hereinafter referred to as “APRD”) founder and Chairman Mr NextGenerationSolarPVFinance event in New York today unveiled his green the urban age (AgeofGreenCities) vision. On Tuesday, he will participate in the Goldman Sachs (GS) CleanEnergyEcoSummit held in Silicon Valley.

Mr Cheng said: “clean energy will bring a brighter future for mankind and mother earth. Investors and entrepreneurs should be dedicated to this area. By investing in companies work together to develop integrated solutions, we can change urban growth patterns and resource consumption, and ensure that the quality of life for us and our future generations. ”

Zheng JianMing Mr CHENG and Hong Kong Asia-Pacific resource development investment company focused on providing solutions for low carbon cities of long-term investments. In November 2012, he acquired the shunfeng power International Limited (ShunfengPhotovoltaicInternationalLtd) of 30% shares. With his support, downwind from solar developers and operators quickly developed into one of the world’s largest integrated clean energy companies, business includes design, engineering, manufacturing, construction, finance, insurance, operations and maintenance, energy storage, solar products and applications.

Today, Mr involves many vertical areas of investment throughout the supply chain, manufacturing can create efficiencies, controlling costs and bringing technology to market integrated solutions. Mr Zheng on three complementary business segments to invest in the company, including clean energy generation such as solar panels and inverters; batteries and electric or heat pump, energy storage and management and LED green solutions.

Mr Zheng downwind of several clean energy generation companies have invested in, including residential, commercial, industrial and public utility applications production of the world’s leading solar panel maker Suntech Power; Germany’s leading manufacturer of Solar Inverter Sunways and Germany high quality photovoltaic systems S.A.GSolarstrom. Mr CHENG also is speeding up water energy producing TCNT have invested. Mr CHENG’s aim is to deploy over the next 10 years more than 50,000 megawatts of clean energy capacity, enough to supply power to the Court of 3700duowanjia.

In multiple energy storage companies holding stakes APRD, including designing and integrating network storage systems of the United States company PowinEnergy; United States BostonPower remote battery system for electric vehicle manufacturer, as well as China’s leading supplier of fully integrated energy systems nobao renewable energy holdings.

To facilitate consumers to make informed decisions that can save energy and lower costs, APRD be investing in to pioneer new technology companies to consumers, including China’s low-cost, high-performance LED lighting production shangjing optoelectronics as well as China’s largest and most experienced manufacturers of electric vehicle green will.

Original title: world’s largest clean technology companies private investors launched strategies to promote the construction of green cities in the world

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