Zhongmin cast: solar sail

Polaris solar PV net news: August 21, approved by the State Council, 59 home Corporation, with registered capital of 50 billion yuan, the first “prefix in” large private investment firms–China Minsheng investment limited (referred to in the cast) inauguration ceremony held in Shanghai. In just 7 days later, signed the high level of strategic cooperation plan, since it is also in the cast was established first landing project. Under the strategic cooperation agreement, zhongmin voted within 3-5 years, Ningxia new, modern agriculture, energy, tourism and Aviation Logistics 5 industries to invest 100 billion yuan.

In terms of new energy, zhongmin investment plans to invest 3GW-5GW photovoltaic power generation project in Ningxia, a total investment of 30 billion yuan, 50 billion yuan. Zhongmin these said, people voted in the installed capacity of the project is directly applied to the national development and Reform Commission, “because Ningxia’s own limit is not enough.”

Bottom-integration of surplus industrial

Zhongmin cast Chairman Dong wenbiao described in strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony, zhongmin’s voted shares of shareholders involved in machinery, manufacturing, metallurgy, materials science, information technology, asset management, e-commerce, environmental protection, new energy, electricity and many other industries, investors with total assets worth up to a trillion. Shareholders include the giant group, Oceanwide, yida group, called “carrier-grade” of private enterprise.

It is understood that the zhongmin voted as originally envisaged was that focused on the investment and financing, strategic emerging industries, industry consolidation and restructuring to achieve diversification. The so-called “diversification” in the industry view, other than those outside the financial sector is not clear, zhongmin voted for three sectors such as steel, PV, ships intent has become clear, the future for these three sectors of agitation will not, even unprecedented. However, while in the actual operation, zhongmin cast of “ambition” is clearly greater than initially envisaged. It really has to be done, is to become a covered financial ship, steel industry, photovoltaic, four categories of capital operation platform. According to China’s anbang group research headquarters of the newspaper introduced, zhongmin voted to integrate, which is most typical in the country’s three major industries with surplus production capacity, including steel, photovoltaic and ships. In the merger and reorganization of these industries with surplus production capacity at the same time, land development and capital operation means, as well, through various asset links.

Currently, zhongmin cast steel, under the platform of photovoltaic and three major sections of the vessel, some already completed and in operation mode, funded by zhongmin cast. Follow the leader behind it, Minsheng Bank’s vision is, steel, PV, ships three plates each of 100 billion yuan, and through hundreds of millions of people voted in the hope of leveraging funds to scale trillion of assets. It is understood that these platform companies already in the market for a target company, mergers and acquisitions, and now have started their shopping spree. Among them, steel plates, zhongmin vote selected four private iron and steel company as a platform for its mergers and acquisitions and industry consolidation, the four companies respectively, China fangda group, DeLong steel, jianlong group and Sichuan chuanwei group. If all goes smoothly, zhongmin cast control over 100 million tons of steel production capacity in the country, through harmonization of procurement, sales, cost reduction, mastering some pricing power. By entering the industries with surplus production capacity, to acquisition and restructuring troubled assets as an opportunity to unleash people voted in this chess game, which in its before you officially, would have won a good reputation. But face great integration difficult, zhongmin voted whether to recall the three major industries with surplus production capacity remained unknown.

Cut into the PV power plant

First subsidiaries of zhongmin shots, was an early establishment of a new energy, and registered capital of RMB 8 billion. Company plans to integrate and operate photovoltaic projects as starting point, promote restructuring in the energy sector, set up a large-scale clean energy suppliers. Planned installed capacity is expected to reach 3 million this year to 5 million-kilowatt. At the end of June this year, photovoltaic power generation, China’s total installed capacity is about 20 million-kilowatt. Planned installed capacity is expected to reach 3 million this year to 5 million-kilowatt. At the end of June this year, photovoltaic power generation, China’s total installed capacity is about 20 million-kilowatt.

In the specific course of action, in the new energy walking on two legs, on the one hand, consolidated’s acquisition of small PV power plant and large-scale investment in the construction of new power plants. During the course of operation, will be introducing the concept of industrial chain spun off, set up three specialized subsidiaries, namely PV modules procurement, power plant construction, equipment, operation and maintenance of the three subsidiaries. Dong wenbiao splitting this call chain consolidated financial thinking, traditional business on the basis of new business models.

After passing through the business segments, like after setting up purchase and equipment operation and maintenance, its two major subsidiaries are asset-light company, and plant construction company, asset corporations can now invest in the first construction phase, such as introducing industry funds equity fund, and leveraging of commercial bank’s credit. In fact, the PV industry in recent years after suffering a severe winter, some banks, especially State CDB considerably increased credit support for the photovoltaic industry.

Current photovoltaic power plant construction costs are generally high, financing methods are highly dependent on bank loans in recent years, with gradually tightening credit, rising funding costs. Dong wenbiao said new sources of financing must never exceed the annual cost of 5%. In the current financial environment, it is almost difficult to accomplish goals, cannot have such a grasp banker Dong wenbiao has yet to be observed in the industry.

Investors told reporters people voted from power cut to the photovoltaic industry “is very clever.” Because electricity demand in China, and starting from the generation not involved in PV manufacturing, would have been spared the photovoltaic manufacturing companies now face problems of overcapacity, high debts and so on.

“They are digesting the PV manufacturing capacity, in compliance with the proposed solutions PV overcapacity problems,” this investor said.

In addition to optimistic about the future of solar energy future. Zhongmin cast their own mission is also an important reason, zhongmin vote in an important mission was set up by mergers and overcapacity in the industry, particularly through steel, PV, ships 3 merger and reorganization of industries with excess production capacity, with the capital operation means, get through each chain link.

Dong wenbiao has also put forward a bold idea: after nearly seven years of effort, PV power cost decreased by 7%~8% over a year, PV on-grid prices and coal and electricity prices flat.

President Li Huaizhen zhongmin cast said in a media interview, zhongmin photovoltaic project “power generation is our starting point, and then consider the existing chain. Catch this, using the power of capital, use of industrial technology in the industry to do it up, it may be we have a very, very important project in terms of industry consolidation. ”

GCL jointly integrated industrial

Earlier this year, Shanghai International exhibition on solar power and photovoltaic projects, China’s largest privately-owned power company GCL Group announced that will work with zhongmin voted to establish the scale of 10 billion yuan of funds. It was voted first surfaced since the establishment of the investment plan. At the time, GCL Group Chairman, Mr Zhu said, the investments of the Fund basically determined that Terminal receiving stations by natural gas, natural gas distributed energy projects, development of photovoltaic power and photovoltaic industries.

According to the Fund for the integration of PV industry investment in vision, its size is as high as 100 billion yuan. “And zhongmin invested 10 billion yuan Fund is just the beginning. “On May 19, GCL Group Chairman of the Board Mr Zhu told reporters, with the support of people in the future will also vote, led by GCL integrate the photovoltaic industry’s prime asset. Projected funds voted for the integration of PV industry in size of about 100 billion yuan. Concord also revealed a new energy Executive, zhongmin investment and long-term with power station, might have had a 5-8. But by means of investment in the promotion, industry consolidation is inevitable. This statement surprised most industry insiders by surprise. “Thought the people voted only in the acquisition of power and raw materials, now seems to have got through the industrial chain of ambition. “An industry source told the media lamented.

With people in the field of photovoltaic investment intentions of greater certainty, GCL-poly and zhongmin voted joint integration of PV industry has gradually clear.

But Mr Zhu said in a press interview, GCL has and Huawei group to develop a new power plant operation and maintenance system, to build the world’s largest data centers, is expected to be completed next year.

Hang Yu Ding Wenlei, Chairman of solar believes that zhongmin vote likely will in the future through GCL, indirectly to achieve the full integration of industrial chains, GCL-poly is also increasingly showing its intention to expand to the entire value chain. GCL-this year, for instance, in cooperation with Canadian solar, the two companies jointly invest to set up battery plant. Zhongmin vote may pass downstream of GCL indirectly involved in the reorganization.

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