Zhongmin voted with Mr Zhu with Suri mountain

Polaris solar PV net news: as the first “size” large private investment firms, zhongmin’s investment trend attracted the attention of the market.

October 18, China livelihood Investment Corporation President Li Huaizhen in once Energy Forum Shang said, zhongmin voted see has new energy of development potential and prospects, and put PV as development new energy field of Regal of lift, PV industry will is in the people voted heavy in the of heavy, zhongmin voted will layout PV Shang downstream industry chain, active development and cooperation development phase combines, national layout, and focus breakthrough.

People voted in this time away from the established date of almost two months.

China Minsheng incorporated August 21 in Shanghai, unveiling investments limited (referred to in the cast). Li Huaizhen, said new energy industries, and zhongmin cast will be “integration and operation of photovoltaic power generation project” as a starting point. Establishment of the new Division three fires, zhongmin announced investment of 50 billion registered capital into the overcapacity in steel, solar, marine and other three companies. As the essay move zhongmin voted first on the 50 billion yuan of photovoltaic project in Ningxia.

Affinity Suri for a Mr Zhu Shan

According to recent media reports, zhongmin will join Concord venture restructuring *ST Suri. Although not people voted in the first 59 in super rich list of shareholders, but this does not preclude the GCL Group Chairman Mr Zhu from the investment and easier access to financial support. It is reported that the reorganization Suri benefited from investment capital and brand power. Zhongmin vote for existing shareholders did not involve the PV industry, occupy an important position in the global photovoltaic industry Mr Zhu Shan, took advantage of the large consortia in due course external forces, restructuring to become controlled.

Not everything is uncertain until the last minute, Suri restructuring a chaos for so long, is still a mess. It is learned that *ST Suri creditors ‘ meeting will be held on October 23, vote on the restructuring plan announced on October 7.

Original title: people vote and Mr Zhu with Suri Hill

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