Zibo PV loan process has been “open” may apply directly

Polaris solar PV net news: for a majority of Zibo users wishing to install photovoltaic system, funding this “stumbling block” finally had a solution. On October 29, the reporter from aligned business bank retail finance loan Center learned that current processes on PV loan has been “opened”, users of free funds directly to the Bank for a loan, more efficient use of clean energy.

Install photovoltaic enough money?

As only one-stop provider of photovoltaic power generation in Zibo city, Shandong Tang Tang Yong, General Manager of the new energy engineering referred to PV promotion course deep sigh. “Less pollution, photovoltaic solar energy usage is high, could be reclaimed by the State grid and, from national policy point of view, the photovoltaic industry is subject to strong support in recent years, have a very good market prospects. ”

However, regrettable is that due to the high cost of initial installation, and banks, Zibo city, sources of credit have not been able to get through, some effect on user’s use. Tang Yong said such contradictory situations and photovoltaic development mature Germany compared to more visible. It is understood that Germany’s photovoltaic sources of credit have been very mature, and the loan interest rate is only 3.75%.

“Aware of the obstacles, we are always looking for cooperative banks. “Said Tang Yong, consult all the parties and the consultations, Qi commercial bank loan Center and finally to the Tang dynasty and the general user dished out the” olive branch “.

With “quick loans” loans on track

In fact, ultimately align business Bank and Tang is not a coincidence. In the interview, Qi Zi Yuan Bank’s Retail Banking Department Loan Center Manager, said from the beginning of the year, they developed a team specifically for consumer loan credit “quick loans” to cover all aspects of consumer, PV power station provides electricity for home users, naturally, “quick loans” range.

“And after the Tang dynasty teamed, we have accepted five or six PV type loan. “It is understood that although Tang in the early difficulties finding cooperative banks, but once opened the crossings, loans are easier. Zi Yuan told reporters that the loan demand users need to carry relevant material, such as purchasing contracts of PV products, receipt of payment, personal documents, applied to align Bank Loan Center, can house bank account manager to your door credit services. “In this regard we have been strictly enforced ‘8 little speed ‘ service concept, and as long as the loan approved, lenders are very fast, can arrive the next day. ”

“Quick loans” with the help of numerous PV finally makes it easier for users to use environmentally-friendly clean energy, from a long-term point of view, also saved some household expenses.

Clean energy trends

In addition to the many home users, millions of large electricity companies interest in PV power plant.

According to Tang Yong, at present, seven or eight companies have installed grid-connected successfully in Zibo city, throughout Zhou, linzi, zichuan district. Zichuan district of enterprise is the option to install a set of photovoltaic carport, clean energy is more flexible.

Moreover, as the market gradually expanded, the user on the Tang side also put forward higher requirements. “Recently, enterprises require a transparent solar panel installation, our schedule is from other sources, to maximize meet customer needs. ”

“Quick loans” and efforts of Tang, promotion of clean energy progress has been faster in Zibo city, Tang will continue to explore more sources of funds in the future to help users broaden loan, to provide users with more convenient.

Original title: Zibo PV loan process has been “open” may apply directly

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