2014 Q2 Huawei PV inverter with sales into the world’s top ten as the only Chinese listed companies

Polaris solar PV net news: Huawei in 2011, since entering the PV inverter market, news. In 2013, 1GW a year shipments to scale its string inverter market ranked first. Launched its smart PV solutions, currently in countries such as China, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region has been successfully applied. Up to now, Huawei PV inverter orders at home and abroad of more than 3.5GW.

IHS found that Huawei entered the world’s top ten for the first time in 2014 2 quarter PV inverter suppliers list. Huawei has contributed for the quarter worldwide sales inverter 3.7%, ranking Nineth-largest global photovoltaic supplier, but also the highest-selling Chinese suppliers.

Core of the PV inverter PV devices, its technological level and quality is directly related to power system reliability, security, and power generation, power plant developers most of the equipment. Compared to industry and inverter, Huawei entered the market not only in sales and take advantage of full digital power station, power station and more innovative ideas, such as simple, automated operation and maintenance, to create “intelligent, efficient, safe and reliable” smart PV solutions, establishing a new benchmark for photovoltaic power plant, construction of power plants is the general trend.

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