2015 solar subsidies is 270MW operators look forward to great

Polaris solar PV net news: 2015 Taiwan solar aid planning capacity is 270MW in 2014, representing a slight build, but with the industry expecting 500MW gap is not small. Owner says, trace, the country’s new energy performance is reduced to President Ma’s high politics.

Industry asked the Government to enlarge the market annually, but fixed official called the snail’s pace of footsteps, and it calls into question the sincerity of the Government in developing renewable energy. Anti-nuclear activists say, solar energy does not necessarily equate with anti-nuclear, but Novo and the Fukushima nuclear disaster, people implicated up to 160,000 and 400,000 people annually, Taiwan is small and crowded, and can’t afford a catastrophic impact. Taiwan is not under conditions as one of the strong demands of the nuclear waste.

Taiwan offshore islands power generation cost is quite high, very suitable for the development of solar power, Islands rates, Council of renewable energy incentives, vendors set up on the island and region of renewable energy electricity generating apparatus which, according to announcement price bonus 15%, hope it will stimulate a 15.25MW capacity.

Penghu to the traditional power generation cost up to 8 yuan per unit, and Matsu, up to 16 Yuan, much higher than the renewable power generation. Taipower from Taiwan to Penghu laying submarine cables, is expected to be completed in 2016, after the completion of Taiwan power transmission to the decline in the cost of electricity on Penghu, will not apply tariff incentives for the outlying islands. Furthermore, in recent years fans set the pace slows down on land, Bureau of energy launched acceleration clause, completed by 2018 more than 10KW of large wind turbines on land, are entitled to wholesale buy rates plus 3.6% discount.

Original title: 2015 solar subsidies is 270MW operators look forward to great

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