Actual control free stock transferred 26.197 million shares of eging compensation deposit 10% arbitrage space

Polaris solar PV net news: eging said in a statement yesterday, the actual controllers and their concerted action in profits a year ago by modify compensation package promised in the near future to enter into the implementation phase, and this also means that actual control of the company to its commitment to transmit the other shareholders pro bono 26.197 million shares, about 10% and also there will be arbitrage space.

Company said in a statement, released on April 26, 2013 the consultation after change profit compensation programme, eging actual control Xun Jianhua and his promise on November 24 this year, material asset reorganization after the lift of shares of the company within 30 days, transmit to other shareholders of listed companies free 26.197 million shares. But with respect to the dividend record date, and so on, companies were not disclosed.

In fact, distributions from the 2009 shelter after haitong group listing of company unable to meet performance commitments. Eging asset restructuring listing, Xun Jianhua, Chairman of the company commitment to place assets in 2010, 2011 and 2012 forecasts net profit of 304 million dollars, 349 million dollars and 367 million Yuan, respectively. But contrary to expectations, eging 2012 loss of 689 million Yuan, the cumulative number of profit and forecast a profit shortfall of 880 million Yuan, according to initial profit Xun Jianhua of the compensation package, and promise to be in the form of shares to compensate shareholders. However, promise on April 26 last year, a sudden change in order “to promise all shareholders other than the gratuitous transfer every 10 units get 1 unit 26.197 million shares” replaces the previous profit compensation commitment.

The industry view, the company’s stock compensation and in spite of Dalian heavy industries stock bring to market its arbitrage space. Calculated according to the available information, other shareholders for every 10 shares of the company will be presented with a minimum of 1 unit. In the case of right not to take into account, inter alia, if investors buy 100 shares at the dividend record date will be floating full 10% the next day.

Original title: actual control free stock transferred 26.197 million shares of eging compensation deposit 10% arbitrage space

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