After 4-year transition period, the Ivanpah plant can design the expected

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the media widely reported that the global installed capacity newly put into operation, California’s largest 392MW Ivanpah solar thermal power Tower’s actual power generation capacity did not achieve the desired.

According to the United States national renewable energy laboratory (NREL) to provide data, Bright Source design of the giant power station after four years of operation after the transition period, the annual power generation capacity of the project can meet the design value is 1079232MWh.

But previously has issued a series of negative news on solar thermal power generation project of clean energy critic Chris Clarke said during the eight months of the project to begin production of electric energy translated into annual energy production is far lower than the design value, it has been able to prove it is a failed project.

And the project’s biggest investor, NRG Energy’s Jeff Holland said, despite months of initial operation of the project encountered technical and weather challenges, Ivanpah plant in September output was more than the originally designed monthly capacity of the project.

NRG shares of the company not only owns half Ivanpah plants, but also the plant’s operators. Bright Source and Google together holding the other half of the power station.

“The associated press reports the plant design capacity is the project running after a 4-year transition period, by 2018 and ripe targets to be achieved in all aspects of the project. “JeffHolland said.

So, why do we need 4 more years to achieve the goal?

Transition and learning curve

Solar thermal power generation through reflection mirror array to collect sunlight to generate heat energy to drive a steam turbine operation, Ivanpah solar-thermal power plants will be reflected after the Sun’s focus on set top receiver, which uses heat transfer of refrigerant-water, water, direct heat to produce steam to drive steam turbines and generate electricity. And unlike another large Crescent Dunes Tower power station project uses molten salt mass, again in the heat of molten salt heat to produce steam to make electricity with water, the plant is expected to put into operation next spring will be grid connected.

Tower of molten salt technology is expected to enable solar thermal power Tower can be competitive with traditional coal or gas power, thermal power can also be stable supply of electric power at all times. While the first commercial solar thermal power plant in the world using the trough-type technology, but molten salt tower technology has been widely regarded as a future star of solar-thermal power generation.

Ivanpah solar-thermal power station is the world’s largest tower-type solar thermal power stations, net power output of up to 377MW. While it is developing a large number of worldwide installed capacity above 100MW power station Tower. Molten Salt power station installed capacity maximum running Power Tower is still Spain Gemasolar plant, the plant’s installed capacity is only 20MW, is solar thermal power tower development of innovative work. While Ivanpah was the traditional technique of hydraulic mass, but “Ivanpah plants also adopts a number of innovative technologies, and the technology has not been installed on such a large scale project implementation. “Holland said.

Holland added that “the plant has installed tens of thousands of incredibly spare parts, as well as thousands of heliostats, and calibration of such equipment must be one by one in order to play its maximum effectiveness. This difficulty involved has higher standards of construction for any type of large-scale power stations, which increased difficulty need is repeated in front of the station in a few years to consider and revise. As there is not any similar experiences, which needs to be gradually improved in actual operation. “These need to spend a lot of time, and this needs to be a learning process, any innovative power plant will need to go through a learning curve to achieve stability.

Meanwhile, because of the power station kills birds has raised dissatisfaction with the EIA and the humane society, also needed to minimize the negative effects of the project. The project starts, parties have to consider how to reduce an excess portion of the project mirrors short standby solar radiation flux to reduce glare from affecting rates of accidents and the resulting birds were burned to death. Power plant put into operation in the first 6 months, only 133 birds can actually prove to be burned by the station radiation energy feathers, which is much less media coverage of 28,000, installation of facilities of defence-bird and the Ivanpah plant has taken measures to reduce bird mortality.

Ivanpah plant within 6 months of the total power capacity was only 173966MWh,ChrisClarke had also pointed out in the reports.

Ivanpah plant began full operation in February after running, so that it only contains the actual running time in the first quarter for a full month.

Ivanpah solar-thermal power stations did not meet the project’s actual performance square by 2018 to achieve the planning objectives and led to some negative criticism of, the project has begun to devote themselves to making take all measures to ensure the achievement of long-term objectives.

Holland said the DNI since the average radiation levels to be lower than expected this year, and this also affected the project’s actual performance.

Three projects in addition to BSE equity and outside Google, NRG energy company has more renewable generation capacity, Holland more extensive understanding of renewable energy projects, he for the media on the Ivanpah plant caused high mortality in birds that exaggerate negative reports before August greatly concerns and shock.

In fact, Ivanpah plant than most other energy plant are paying more attention to environmental protection, no substantive damage to land has not been used in power station. Small wildlife such as foxes, snakes can operate freely here, 25 biologists protected Desert tortoise babies is close by life is good.

“When we pay for the plant’s hard and with great effort, project of the villagers agree to and we work together to protect animals and plants in the vicinity,” Holland said, “NRG sure clean sustainable energy future looks bright, Ivanpah plants using renewable energy technologies conducive to the realization of this goal. ”

Ivanpah plants and those who evade the strict environmental review of other solar-thermal power generation projects for comparison? We take a look at how a slot machine with a difference of less power station.

250MW Genesis trough solar thermal power projects have been quietly running in third quarter of 2013, plans annual capacity up to 580000MWh.

Despite the Ivanpah plant tower technology is used, but the growth curve of the plant capacity and Genesis projects also have similarities.

According to the United States energy information administration EIA data, Genesis project in production capacity in the first quarter of 7029MWh in the second quarter reached 66427MWh in the third quarter, reaching 141939MWh. Ivanpah plant capacity to 40074MWh in the first quarter, second-quarter capacity of 133892MWh.

Genesis project was put into operation in 2013, Ivanpah project put into operation in 2014. (Genesis project before April 2014 and officially put into operation has been running for two quarters. ) As can be seen, Ivanpah plant is similar to Genesis power station capacity curve, and the Ivanpah plant has gained more attention, because the size of the project and technical routes are especially attractive.

DNI reducing affected power generation performance

Solar-thermal power generation industry to be aware of changes in an environment variable is the DNI, values of the variable thermal power project is critical to the operation of light, DNI but also by the influence of air cleanliness and other variables.

DNI value in a fixed area is not constant. Based on past experience, the numerical average annual radiation of 20% within the band of changes, mainly from the effects of weather, pollution and dust.

“BSE does go in ahead of time,” Vaisala resource assessment service for the company’s product manager GwendalynBender said. The renewable energy company is a consulting services company, which provides light and heat resources evaluation and consultation services for the Ivanpah project. 3TIER also recently acquired resource assessment company.

“By 2009, they invite us to do a long-term study, based on satellite data through field measurements to study more than 10 years of records. Therefore, they were actually doing the due diligence, study the DNI may change, and these variables are fully considered in the plan. “Bender says.

For PV, and key variables is the GHI. But because of the spillover effects, of dust in the air of photovoltaic power generation relies on the GHI values not much of a direct impact. But the DNI’s impact is much larger.

“Due to substances such as dust in the air, project attachments burning events can affect the DNI,” Bender said. “DNI than GHI vary within wide limits, so if there is dust or pollutants in the air, sometimes can clearly see its impact on the DNI to even 10 times larger than the effect of GHI. ”

Vaisala irradiation resources map shows, in 2013, the DNI data is higher than the average in previous years in California, but the ensuing fire in Yosemite National Park lead to decreased DNI data and contrasted strongly with the previous data.

She said, “the summer of 2014, DNI 10% of below-average, not just because of the weather, but also due to the presence of wild fire. CSP plant’s persistently low productivity in July this year and continue into August. ”

Based on Ivanpah this large Tower type light hot station of first groundbreaking development, has many of actual problem needs in actual run in the fumble solution, and while due to for avoid killed birds and must on radiation pass volume for timely cuts, again plus project located this year summer of DNI below annual value 10%, multifaceted of causes, Ivanpah light hot station currently of capacity does not can description the project is failed of, also more not enough to proved Tower type light hot power technology has is big of technology problem.

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