APEC signal: China’s energy transition

Polaris solar PV net news: APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization) during the Conference, there is a concern that “APEC blue”; there is also a concern, from energy circles.

President XI Jinping in a speech at the APEC Summit, as well as the opening statement on the informal meeting of APEC leaders of the 22nd, twice referred to “energy revolution” – and with it tied for the new round of technological revolution, industrial revolution global “revolution.”

This is XI Jinping, on such an important occasion for the first time refer to “energy revolution”, also presided over a central finance and Economics leading group in June this year since the sixth meeting of official presentation of the energy revolution, referred to once again focuses on “revolution” Word previously official words are “reform” and “reform” and “reform” and so on.

Worth noting is that XI Jinping presented at APEC “energy revolution” at almost the same time, two very heavy China energy “strategic objective” was immediately issued, it releases a strong energy change signal, it also means that China will in many ways to achieve this “energy revolution”.

The “revolution” of the proposed

The APEC period, he twice referred to in a formal setting “energy revolution”, a speech on November 9 at the APEC Summit, one on the informal meeting of APEC leaders of the 22nd of November 11 opening remarks.

On the APEC Summit, XI said, “today’s Asia Pacific and rising status in the world, a new round of global scientific and technological revolution, the industrial revolution, energy revolution poised, Asia-Pacific economies closer ties with each other, the necessity and the urgency of regional economic integration have become even more prominent. ”

At the APEC informal leadership meeting, opened the 22nd in his speech, XI said, “if we are to promote scientific and technological innovation, energy revolution, consumer driven revolution, promoting the Asia-Pacific region the first in the world to achieve the new technological revolution. ”

XI Jinping, to compare this year’s June speech at the sixth meeting of the Central Finance and Economics leading group: to study China’s energy security strategy, and promotion of energy consumption, energy supply, energy technology and energy systems of the four aspects of “revolution”.

So, in fact,, XI Jinping, prospect for China’s energy development have been explained more clearly, through the science and technology promote innovation in the field of energy consumption, supply, technical and institutional aspects of the “revolution”.

In this regard, XI’s request is: revolution is mainly to curb irrational energy consumption energy consumption. Firmly control energy consumption total; energy supply revolution is to established multiple supply system, focus on development non-coal energy, formed coal, and oil, and gas, and nuclear, and new energy, and can renewable energy more round drive of energy supply system, synchronization strengthened energy lost distribution network and reserves facilities construction; energy revolution is to led industry upgrade, to green low carbon for direction, classification promoted technology innovation, and industry innovation, and commercial mode innovation, put energy technology and associated industry foster into led China industry upgrade of new growth ; Energy revolution is to restore energy commodity property, build an effective competitive market structures and market systems, formed mainly by the market mechanism to determine the price of energy, change the way government energy regulation, establish and improve the energy system of the rule of law, in addition to comprehensive strengthening of international cooperation to achieve energy security in an open condition. “In the energy revolution in the four major areas of energy system is the core of the revolution and a measure of success of the energy revolution logo. “In Xinhua are school Deputy Dean Lin boqiang seems, System revolution is is energy revolution of core, is because system revolution on energy consumption, and energy supply and energy revolution, both support, and also has restricted role,” energy system revolution main including energy price mechanism reform, restore energy of merchandise property, building conducive to competition of market system, while change Government on energy regulatory way, established sound energy rule system, energy system most needs revolution of is energy price formed mechanism, and Admittance and government regulation of industry structure and regulatory aspects. ”

When you change to

With XI presented at APEC “energy revolution” at almost the same time, two very heavy China energy “strategic objectives”.

One of them came from the National Energy Board. On November 9, the National Energy Board on a press conference held at the APEC Press Center, in particular to implement the next phase of “energy revolution”, formulated by the relevant energy strategy and objectives. Specifically, by 2020 China’s total primary energy consumption will be controlled at about 4.8 billion tons of standard coal, about 4.2 billion tons of total coal consumption control, coal-electricity consumption down to less than 62%, and non-fossil energy consumption reached 15%, which built 200 million-kilowatt wind power installed capacity by 2020 and 100 million-kilowatt PV installed capacity. Currently, China’s coal consumption accounted for the proportion of primary energy consumption, 65.7%, non-fossil energy consumption of primary energy consumption 9.8%.

Another came from higher up. On November 12, the Sino-US release “joint statement on climate change and clean energy cooperation” announced after China in the year 2020 climate change action. This was China’s first official presentation of the greenhouse gas emissions peak around 2030, and the proportion of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption in 2020 from around 15% to the 20%.

Is a 2020 goal, a 2030 target, for nearly 20 years in the future development of China’s energy consumption with concrete quantitative targets.

“Based on the current States have finalized energy plan, China in 2015, the proportion of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption target is 11.4%, through 2020, 15%, stacking the declared objectives, arguably the national short-, medium-and long-term goal of clean energy consumption more clearly. “CITIC Securities, a power industry analyst, told reporters.

The analyst while said, from completed commitment target angle starting, “hydropower resources of development efforts to 2030 has up limit, nuclear power years increased 7.2GW also reached high of level, so only resources endowment is has larger space, and security more has guarantees of wind electric and solar can effective cover this gap, so if appropriate adjustment 2020-2030 years of wind electric, and PV installed growth to scenery electric annual are added 25GW, is gap drop for zero, 2030 of emission reduction target basic achieved. ”

Whether it’s coal consumption declined, and emerging alternative energy growth, formation of new targets were heralded the arrival of China’s Bureau of energy. On this port at least from energy consumption, energy revolution is on the way.

Meanwhile, on the energy supply side, China is also actively seeking to participate in the global energy revolution. The APEC meeting, Mr XI’s “all-round strengthening of international cooperation and achieve energy security under open conditions” cooperation is also quite abundant.

According to the economic observer Combs, during APEC, China and Russia, and Canada signed a cooperation agreement with Pakistan, Mongolia, and Thailand, Tajikistan, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, Chile, Indonesia and other countries meeting and indicated strengthening energy cooperation.

Among them, noteworthy is that the November 9 meeting with Putin, XI Jinping agreed that both sides should promote construction of East gas pipeline as scheduled, starting gas project in the West as soon as possible, actively discuss oil project cooperation, explore new nuclear, hydropower cooperation projects. Both also signed has series bilateral cooperation agreement, including on through in the Russian West pipeline since Russian Federation to People’s Republic of China supply gas field cooperation of memorandum, and China oil gas group and Russia gas industrial company on by in the Russian West since Russia to China supply gas of framework agreement,, this means with China will over Germany became Russia maximum of gas customer, for supply and demand situation still partial tight of China gas market, Signing of the agreement will be to some extent provide protection for China’s long-term and stable supply of energy, and further perfecting China diversified energy channel.

This is part of the energy revolution to China, XI Jinping proposed “set up a supply system, focus on the development of energy supply system of non-coal energy wheel drive” an interpretation of the energy revolution, and the latest round of action.

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