APEC to promote energy saving photovoltaic industry will gain greater development

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the national energy administration, presented at the APEC meeting, China will vigorously promote energy conservation, control total coal consumption, develop non-fossil energy sources, create energy upgrades. By 2020, China will control about 4.2 billion tons of total coal consumption, non-fossil energy consumption up to 15% by 2020, 200 million-kilowatt 100 million-kilowatt PV installed capacity and wind power installed capacity will be built to realize electricity feed-in tariff of wind power and coal, photovoltaic and grid sales price.

In recent years, strongly supported the development of the photovoltaic industry and introduced a series of policies, such as the solar industry “Twelve-Five” development plan, the Declaration of a distributed large-scale photovoltaic power generation demonstration area of application: notice of, the perfect PV price policy notice and so on, are all conducive to the development of the photovoltaic industry. Prospective industry Research Institute 2015-2020, published by the Chinese photovoltaic market and invest in strategic planning and analysis report data show that in 2013, the Chinese PV capacity is 11.30GW, equivalent to 2012 3 times times, add new capacity than Europe as a whole (10.25GW). 30% added the global focus on China.

Figure 1 2011-2014 PV installed capacity growth in China and the global installed capacity (unit: GW,%)

In 2013, China’s installed capacity reached 11.3GW, an increase of 151%, ranking top in the world, including PV in large aboveground station about 7GW, about 3GW distributed generation. In 2013, the State Council issued the “24th of the text” and many other policy documents, from a feed-in tariff, subsidy funds, incorporation and management on several levels, such as solving the bottleneck of development of the domestic market, urged the domestic market started on a large scale. Photovoltaic power plant in the existing subsidy levels and contribute to unlimited cases, profits are high, power plant investment was sought after each capital. In order to meet before the end of the grid in order to obtain 1/w prices, setting off a new round of large-scale power station construction. Country attaches great importance to development of distributed power generation, in the “Twelve-Five” 35GW of planned capacity, 20GW for distributed generation. In 2014 and guiding objectives of PV 12GW, 8GW for distributed generation.

Besides the national policy support for the PV industry, a local version of support policies in project construction, subsidies, credit support and has certain intensity, Hefei city, such as the Government’s Declaration on accelerating the implementation of PV application and promote industrial development, Fujian province to strengthen distributed photovoltaic policies.

Various policies to a certain degree of support for domestic demand to make up the shortfall on first startup has played no small role in the market, domestic PV market set up bigger trends.

Original title: APEC to promote energy saving photovoltaic industry will gain greater development

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