Beijing high won the 2014 “Polaris Cup” CREC’s most popular “top ten power plant EPC enterprises”

Polaris solar PV net news: November 6, 2014, organized jointly by North Star v nets with the Organizing Committee of the CREC “Polaris Cup” CREC favorite top ten photovoltaic business of the year award ceremony in Wuxi Grand afterlife Hotel came to an end. After 20 days of PV industry voted, Beijing Nego technology company limited (hereinafter “Beijing energy high”) expectations won the “CREC Polaris Cup top ten most popular EPC businesses.” This Festival invites all major PV industry elite, grand event with the spectrum of a fragment.

Beijing high is a power electronics and control technology-oriented, dedicated to areas such as wind power, photovoltaic power generation and smart grid technology research and product offerings of high-tech enterprises. Adhering to with “technology leading pioneering innovation” of development concept, to solid of technology power for relies on, independent development of core products has through CE, and “gold Sun”, and low voltage through, more items both at home and abroad authority certification, has success application Yu domestic near 30 a provinces and the autonomous regions of “national gold Sun demonstration engineering and solar photoelectric building application demonstration engineering” project and the Inner Mongolia, and Shanxi, and Fujian, wind power project. Company has accumulated a wealth of large-scale grid-connected power station, power station, the roof and the micro-grid power systems design and construction experience, and can provide customers with PV project consulting, system design, installation and commissioning, engineering, construction, and operation and maintenance of the project, such as a full range of professional services.

Of PV industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, the PV industry as a clean, renewable energy in today’s world more and more national attention and policy support. Polaris solar network and China (Wuxi) international renewable energy Conference and exhibition (CREC) holding this national award, to recognise and affirm those in 2014 for the PV industry in China had made outstanding contributions to the development of enterprises.

Would like to thank all those interested and to support the “Beijing energy high” social friends, trust and encouragement you were ushered in by us sailing downwind, and continue to stride forward.

Science and technology enterprise, brings together beauty, seeding green energy. Beijing can be higher by virtue of the pursuit of green energy and depth of understanding, cooperation with global vision and flexible patterns, insist on treating customers show, good advice and find a sunny road for win-win cooperation with numerous partners! Who has no boundaries, high-minded-Beijing high!

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