Bloomberg: China’s future or in need of 50,000 solar farm

Polaris solar PV net news: in order to combat climate change and air pollution, China may need 1000 nuclear reactors, wind turbines or 50,000, 500,000 solar energy farms.

This month President XI Jinping of China and the United States President Obama signed an agreement on emissions reductions, China’s commitment to its carbon emissions will peak around 2030, and in the same year, raise the share of non-fossil energy to 20%.

According to Bloomberg estimates, such a commitment demands that China’s nuclear power output reached the end of 2014 expected 67 times by then yield 30 times times times, solar, and wind energy yield of 9 times. Today United States 9 times for all non-fossil energy production more than doubled. It made some people in the market is optimistic about future prospects for Chinese nuclear, solar and wind energy companies.

China national energy administration, Liang zhipeng, Deputy Director of the new and renewable energy Division in Wuxi this month said an urgent feel that air pollution has affected everyone. Environmental pollution, shortage of energy resources is in fact forced the energy transition must be carried out in China, need to develop clean energy.

Last year, China is already the world’s largest producers of wind and solar power, but the rise of the middle class and expansion of urbanization rate is still far exceeds new energy production rate, it is a bit reminiscent of the period of the industrial revolution in Europe, also had serious pollution problems.

But in recent years, voices against nuclear power appears to Germany and other countries are determined to take denuclearization steps, 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant accident occurred, the voice is against the development of nuclear power reached its peak. In these two years can be considered a nuclear power industry in the “winter”.

But the International Energy Agency (IEA) but still backed nuclear power. IEA’s annual World Energy Outlook report released recently said that corresponds to reach emission reduction targets on climate change, nuclear power has an indispensable role. IEA reports that nuclear power is a great alternative to fossil fuel for power generation and one of the few reliable options. “The world needs to take immediate action and seeking a safe path to achieving this goal. ”

November 19 notice of the issuance of 2014-2020 energy development strategy plan of action put forward the safe development of nuclear power, clearly in 2020 nuclear capacity is still 58 million-kilowatt. Earlier market expectations of the target reductions of 5 million-kilowatt, suggesting that Central Government to support nuclear power development.

According to Bloomberg new energy finance (BloombergNewEnergyFinance), if you want to succeed in China and the United States signed emission reduction targets, China’s new production of clean energy each year to meet the entire Spain’s energy production line. But China only in 2013 to reach that level in the past.

According to IEA data, China’s electricity needs in the year 2020 by 46% by 2030 to expand 1 time. China currently relies on coal for energy two-thirds, the G20 countries, just below South Africa, leaving space for this new energy is huge.

According to the IEA expects that by 2040 China will spend $ 4.6 trillion to upgrading of the energy industry, including nuclear power and other new investment in renewable energy will receive $ 1.77 trillion.

Bloomberg analysis shows that China’s energy policy shift would boost nuclear reactor manufacturers, including General Electric (GeneralElectric), Areva (ArevaSA); good wind power equipment manufacturers such as goldwind, Vestas Wind turbine (VestasWindSystems), while the solar panel maker Yingli Green Energy (YingliGreenEnergyHolding), Trina (TrinaSolar) forms, such as positive.

Original title: Bloomberg: China’s future or need 1000 reactors

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