Cha Zhengfa and his Adaptive PV power station

Polaris solar PV net news: more than 70 years ago, the United States journalist Edgar ˙ soon after snow’s red star over China, published throughout the world, because this book is objective and true reflection of the greatness of the Chinese Red Army and the Chinese revolution. Today, after more than 70 years, is a focus of energy Edgar ˙ snow’s counterparts, we also did the same thing, that is, through objective and realistic brush strokes to reflect our country’s energy photovoltaic industrial revolution taking place in the area—a clean energy revolution!

Although just a dozen years before, but as an important clean energy, photovoltaic industry development in China is like a drama like the ups and downs of the drama. From the late 90 ‘s was born, into a new century coming by leaps and bounds, to the international “double reverse” hobbled, PV industry experience in a short time other industries for decades, even centuries after the bumpy course. But such a “soul-stirring” temper and do not let it fall, let it as in the solar energy industry has experienced dangers later, still rise from the ashes.

Formed from simple processing to include silicon and silicon wafers, PV cells and modules, inverters and complete PV manufacturing industry systems of control devices from PV manufacturing to PV installed the world’s first, walked out of a highly characteristic of the photovoltaic industry development road. By the end of 2013, national grid PV power installed capacity 19.42 million-kilowatt new threat definitions. From 2005 to 2013, China PV power capacity 280 times-fold increase in 8 years!

Looking to the future, as the clean energy play an increasingly important role in global, social, environment and economic benefits of Chinese photovoltaic industry trend of the rise has been inexorable. We believe that the change from fossil fuels to green energy, photovoltaic industry will also like red star once did with clean energy over China, and even the world!

From this period began, we will from vast rough of Northwest desert to graceful moist of South water, from mist haunted of Yan Zhao Earth to still Sun hot of Yunnan border Lingnan, Chase with Sun of footsteps, with objective of perspective, and passion of strokes, and heavy of responsibility, to exploring China PV industry of development of road, tells China PV industry of Nirvana kopan reborn, reveals China PV industry of future hopes!

Going north from the provincial capital of Lanzhou, drove nearly 4 hours, China PV industry development research group of 5 people is located in the eastern end of the Hexi corridor in wuwei city, Gansu province. Here were badain jaran desert and Tengger Desert Sands sweep of attacks engulfs them. Wuwei, people suffering from sand, salt, in order to realize “people enter the back” dream, struggle with poor natural conditions from generation to generation, Rashad pressure alkali, afforestation and desertification control, guarding their homes.

In recent years, the Gansu desertification control by using photovoltaic power generation a new exploration, development and utilization of renewable energy in support of national economic construction, and also improved desert management bottlenecks in funding, realize the win-win economic and ecological benefits. Today, wuwei, is writing a “saline and opto-electronic city,” the new history. From 2011, as little as 3 years, once on the uninhabited salt is now built over more than 30 photovoltaic projects, total more than 1000 MW scale, into a full-scale city of new energy power generation.

Reporters saw all the way, from the Tiger of the Blue Lake, from the Red River to the polls along the Canal, pieces of silver sparkling photovoltaic modules, panels under desert plant is thriving; sand of a raging border furrow wheat straw square lock, is a small tree growing in the straw checkerboard barrier … … Due to ecological recovery, dried up decades of Green Clay Lake, 3 consecutive years up to 15 square kilometers of seasonal water, dozens of eyes closed for years wells Gush all over again spring.

Desert Sun

The ravages of nature and love

On October 19, the reporters arrived in the Gobi desert in Minqin County of wuwei city early on. Sun does particularly partial to this vast land, not until 9 o’clock in the morning, the glare of the blinded people grow up, has been stabbed, absentminded found laxly weeds not far from large tracts of snow white stuff on the ground, can not help but ask, “such high temperatures melting snow why do I not see that? ”

“No snow, is salt. “Fellow in Minqin County, Gansu province, Huang Ni said, since in Minqin County is located in the temperate zone continental arid climate regions, climate is drier and evaporation, and 110 mm annual rainfall, evaporation is as high as 2644 mm, average annual sunshine 3,028 hours; more than class 8 Gale annual 27.8 days, sandstorms 37.3 per cent a day, so as our country’s most droughts, desertification, one of the most affected areas.

“Standing in the four seasons, the white, can’t see the grass and grain” on saline-alkali soil, wind, white alkali flies everywhere, the reporter is hard to imagine it used to be lush, bovine manure in Minqin oasis in the mazhuang, Lake blue clay used to rival the Qinghai Lake has a “vast, forming one.”

In an interview with reporter was informed that the past more than 30 years, due to loss of water supply, flushing and dilution of the upper, Minqin downstream on the north side of the Lake District from five towns, salinization of soils, ground water moves up, expanding year by year, thereby affecting the Minqin County, even in shiyang River basin as a whole. Due to saline-alkali land area expanded, leading to lower agricultural production, ecological forest and grassland degradation, exacerbated the already fragile ecological environment.

“Upon a growing stockpile of salt, piled thick, eventually leading to plant death, vegetation faded, allowing groundwater evaporation in surface temperature increase, accelerate, after soil salinization and evolution of desertification. “Huang Ni worriedly said,” at present, the County area of more than 20 million acres of desert land, land salinization and accelerated the momentum of the spread of desertification. ”

Dry wind, salt, rampant quicksand. “Wind, sand billowing, channel one night burying athletes; open foot of saline-alkali soil, carrying children and women have meant disaster.” First spread in Hexi corridor, Gansu province left by the elders of this dreary ballad, was once located in the semi-enclosed inland desert area of wuwei, people’s true portrayal.

The situation, “whether desertification solar PV power plant and organic agriculture, seek local and enterprise development model to realize economic, social and ecological benefits-win?”

Gansu seize development opportunities of energy structure adjustment, take advantage of the vast desert, long periods of sunshine solar PV power plant, developed a solar industry and desert control in their integration, explore a desert area Trinity of industry development and ecological construction, resource utilization of new energy industry development path.

Enterprises altogether hand in hand

Saline and promise to be OASIS

“Never allow Minqin County become the second Lop Nur”—Asia’s biggest water deserts, Minqin hongyashan reservoir walls engraved oath, witnessing with “wind park alcohol, people are hardworking,” and named the Minqin’s determination and courage. New era of game companies work together to prevent solodization and curb ecological deterioration, promote economic development of wuwei Earth feat was staged.

“Support is encouraging enterprises to develop the desert, desert solar photovoltaic power plant and organic light ‘ upward ‘ collection into the Golden Sun ‘ down ‘ harvest green benefit. “Wuwei city Party Secretary Wang Rong Gui insisted the fire” to develop a cohesive and measure the achievement of the project all kinds of scratch projects with talent, nothing “according to local conditions to develop concepts, developing photovoltaic and wind power and other renewable energy industries, and promote new energy equipment manufacturing and support capabilities, and continue to promote the city’s” green transformation “.

For environment-friendly enterprises, Rong Gui led the fire in wuwei city leaders strive to create a quality and efficient administrative environment, social environment for fair and “make money, not gas, good condition” investment environment, in good faith and for the development of enterprises to create easy, convenient and comfortable environment. On major projects launched “green corridor”, a parallel approval, super special, hurry up and other measures to push across the country invest in green companies in wuwei.

China singyes solar technologies Holdings Limited (referred to as singyes solar), Chairman of the Board Liu Hongwei is bullish on leadership development in wuwei city, and Zhuhai, Guangdong entrepreneurs to invest and build factories in wuwei city, Gansu province. On October 19, the China singyes solar (Gansu) industrial park of 300 MW PV project launch ceremony held in Minqin County of hongshagang energy, chemical building materials industrial park. “The project has a total investment of 500 million Yuan, construction of 3 solar module assembly production line, production equipment heated 2000 units (sets), annual production of up to 2 billion yuan, will not only create jobs over more than 2000 while singyes solar tie in Gansu province is also exploring the use of photovoltaic power generation for desertification control and move. “Liu Hongwei said to reporters.

Journalist singyes solar has completed 58.5 megawatts of photovoltaic power stations, under a solar panel, grass, wild camels grow such as Shami, planted desert shrubs arranged. “We learned through investigation, although pre-sand will cost more, but the project is located is rich in groundwater, and do not belong to the banned mining district, and the company already has a very mature products such as solar water pumps, there is ample irrigation, development of organic agriculture in only a matter of time. “China singyes solar technologies Holdings Limited, ‘ said Xie Wen,” the development of combined PV and ecological management, we think this is a very meaningful event. ”

Development of new routes

Economy and ecology to achieve a win-win situation

Though into the winter season, but the Sun was unusually strong in Hexi corridor, Gansu province, China’s fourth largest deserts—pieces of white over the deserts of Tengger Desert, located in the South margin of Tengger Desert in Gulang County of wuwei city is subject to sandstorm attacks one of the most serious. As a key investment project of Gulang County, covers an area of 23800, with total investment of 6.8 billion yuan in Jiangsu zhenfa new energy 500 megawatts of photovoltaic power stations construction in Gulang County in crossing the beach tree farm northern desert region.

“High levels of solar radiation in the West, long sunshine hours, can use large desert, Gobi and the unused wastelands, with good conditions for developing the construction of large base. “Jiangsu zhenfa Cha Zhengfa, Chairman of new energy technology pioneers, 2012 North of tenggeli desert in Gulang County Road Beach tree farm in Gansu province has invested 600 million Yuan to build the first photovoltaic power plant in the desert.

At first, “photovoltaic idiot” Cha Zhengfa foray into Western aim is only one, gathering into rich and optical resources. But several years later, he was for the people and the Gobi desert in the West had a strong sense of responsibility and sense of mission. “The road to explore Western economic development, we must first face the restoration and protection of the ecological environment. “Cha Zhengfa ideas coincide with fire-Rong Gui development.

About Zhen FA 150-megawatt photovoltaic power plant in the desert, the reporters saw, following large areas of PV panels covered with a plant called Shami, a large area of Shami was almost covered with sand dunes. “PV sand effect was very obvious, PV power plant growth is better than the rest of the region. “Gulang zhenye desert solar power station Director Yu Dehu said to reporters, mainly thanks to the formation of land and the shading effect of photovoltaic panels, makes the plants living environment has been greatly improved.

According to Yu Dehu introduced, zhenfa Gulang PV desert ecological station maximum of features is put development PV and desert governance, and water agricultural phase combines, perimeter by grass square putts and plantation composition protective system, infield road sides planting shelterbelt with, PV Board following installation drip irrigation facilities, Middle clearing construction small arch shed, planting vegetable class sand born plant, things to of clearing Shang construction steel agricultural big shed, planting fruits and vegetables and the herbal material, efficient cash crops, eventually in station within formed grass square, and Small shed and steel structures combining agricultural greenhouse eco-control mode.

“We plan to built 3 year, desert control and synchronization completes 18,000 acres, built the facility agriculture and the desert 5000 acres of cash crops, so as to blaze a photovoltaic power generation, governance, agriculture, desertification and poverty alleviation in one of the photovoltaic industry ‘ industrial sand ‘ new model. “Cha Zhengfa told reporters. In addition, after the completion of the 500 megawatts of photovoltaic power generation project in the desert, when the annual energy output 800 million-kilowatt, expected annual sales on average a profit of 160 million Yuan, can resolve the nearly thousand jobs, 237,000 tons of standard coal per year savings and reduce pollutant emissions at 765,000 tons/year, on improving industrial added-value and the corresponding taxes, are of great significance for the sustainable development of local economy.

First Cha Zhengfa, in 2013, it is located in Liyuan economic development zone, Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu zhenfa new energy science and technology limited company (abbreviated zhenfa new energy) headquarters, after more than a year, reporters kept Cha Zhengfa and he built the Solar Empire. Always arrive late at night, conducting business during the day, night and fly to the next target is located, a pair of bloodshot eyes forever … … These special flags records Cha Zhengfa as entrepreneurs ‘ perseverance and pragmatism, and his original PV one after another with a poetic romantic obdurate first.

In 2004, the Cha Zhengfa changed his construction company zhenfa company, after careful consideration, he decided “rather than an army component, than a radically built power stations”. In 2008, zhenfa energy successfully undertook Beijing moat water system, solar lighting projects, from now on, he was hooked on new energy like a possessed. He insisted that according to local conditions, combined PV and geographical conditions. 2009, he in long triangle pioneered has “PV + agricultural”, and “PV + aquaculture” of PV station new mode, obtained has in the energy, and in the electric voted, company of recognized, later was many enterprise scramble to imitation; while, he for West of desert, skillfully with PV station to sand, 2011 in Ningxia Zhongwei pioneered has using PV station ecological cycle sand, this also has in West many PV station get copy. He had long focused on the field of photovoltaic integration, focusing on technological innovation, innovation and market innovations, not only made 36 photovoltaic national patent, Zhen FA new energy projects has been built in China up to 1.2 gigawatts of installed capacity.

On October 21, the research group came to his home in Jinchang city, Gansu province, 100 megawatts of photovoltaic power stations on the West slope. Reporter in site see, former barren of Gobi wasteland Shang, a total investment about 1.2 billion yuan, and accounted for to area about 6700 acres of PV square in Sun Xia stand proudly, in qilian peaks of against Xia, a row row ink blue of PV battery Board sparkling born fai, like a large sunflower field in enjoy absorption with Golden of Sun, then stream to output clean power, for silence thousand years of vast Gobi injected vitality.

“All the plant uses the most advanced oblique Adaptive single axis tracking photovoltaic power generation device capable of real-time control of solar panels, independent solar panels can be unified with the move and the rotation angle of the Sun’s rays, under the same conditions, generating 25%~30% higher than the fixtures. “Cha Zhengfa said to reporters,” the system to avoid the traditional tracking system relies on an external power supply, control with the monolithic integrated circuit and computer models, even in the open air, on the water, beaches and ponds, are able to chase track the Sun. The morning daily tracking system faces the Oriental, and noon daily tracking system look up to the sky the afternoon daily tracking system moved west with the Sun, does not need any external power supply, do not need electronic components control on them. ”

“World’s largest Adaptive tracking system equipment to Japan PV power stations?!” Still in the period of the Chinese PV industry, the only Cha Zhengfa have the creativity and courage. Looking at PV power station, journalist suddenly remembered Cha Zhengfa Office of a poem: “following the large things, not far from bright and always!” Cha Zheng might be tempted to send this desert’s Adaptive tracking photovoltaic power station, is a man who always follow the Sun?

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Wuwei, Gansu province is located in the Central and eastern end of the Hexi corridor, her South winding stretches of the qilian mountains, North of the trackless two Tengger and Badain Jaran desert. Towering wushaoling by her divided into inland river systems in shiyang River basin and the Yellow River. Desert area, covering a total area of 44% in the territory, but the vast flat in shiyang River basin, Fu minfeng objects, has a long history, ancient Silk Road Town, historically known as “Silver-Wu Wei” reputation. She is the earliest testing grounds in the Western cultures, alfalfa, cucumber and grapes imported from the West, where foster successfully spread to central areas. Strong Han and Tang dynasties, liangzhou was largest in the West of the capital of Chang ‘ an economic and cultural center, the poet CEN “liangzhou Qili 100,000, Hu pipa half solutions” of the poem to depict the scenery.

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