Check: “not of first building” violations by notification warning of photovoltaic companies

Polaris solar PV net news: on November 17, the National Energy Board regulatory Office informed ten new energy enterprises in Jiangsu Province “built not of first, early starts” malpractices such as construction issues. Was informed the enterprise such as energy saving, long Yuan and Huadian in Central enterprises subordinate units and sumec Dongtai power investment company limited, Jiangsu, Nantong building sea energy enterprises in Hong Kong, warning: no power license violation.

Indeed, the photovoltaic industry, is not the first time I heard “not of first building” cases of violations. Some PV companies because “not of first building” issues, such as fighting or bloodshed.

Not of first building, aerial partner? Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV 130MW pingluo station events

In mid-September, shunfeng photovoltaic started this year as the first ground power station project in Ningxia pingluo project was due to “Fund does not pay the Government land”, “not of first building”, suspended by a local land and resources Bureau and related government departments. The total project planning 130MW, a total investment of nearly 500 million Yuan.

In March 2014, zhongke hengyuan Technology Corporation and the Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV investment (China) Co Ltd and Ningxia Electric power energy Ltd, pingluo, electro-Tech Ltd, signed the cooperation agreement on the pingluo 130MWp PV. In this project, is owner of the pingluo section, shunfeng photovoltaic section of pingluo, Ningxia CLP CLP shareholders, holding 90% the former, the latter holding 10%. In other words, shunfeng photovoltaic is the de facto control of the project.

In September, the media reports said the project “is not a payment to the Government land grant”, “not of first building”, suspended by a local land and resources Bureau and related government departments. Project six months of time not only failed to progress, an EPC company – Xian Qing became an owner claiming “legitimate partner”. More contradictions, zhongke hengyuan, Xian celebrate the EPC companies clashed at the project site.

After Ningxia pingluo terrestrial PV report bulldozers ploughed the construction site after the incident, was informed by the journalist keheng source these persons, at the construction site in the vicious fights assault case.

However, in late September, shunfeng photovoltaic on reports that its on the pingluo County, Ningxia Hui autonomous region total capacity of 130 MW of PV power plant project it is illegal to make a clarification, shunfeng photovoltaic strongly denied the project was illegal, and refers to the relevant report is not correct.

Xinyi glass super white solar glass project not of first being named

In March, is most unfavourable terms of atmospheric diffusion, as well as ensuring the safety of drinking water during dry season period. The State environmental protection department sent out 26 inspection team, of the country’s 44 municipal (district), inspection, testing, air pollution control, water pollution control and environmental problem solving complaints, and so on. The results informed the three enterprises in Anhui Province on April 10 designated by the Ministry of environmental protection: RAND new in Wuhu city, Anhui Asia Energy Corporation, Anhui Xinyi glass Holdings Limited, Yangtze River, Ma ‘ Anshan iron and steel co. Ltd.

Xinyi glass Holdings Limited, Anhui Province, there are 390,000 tons of super white solar glass built not of first issue. Maanshan iron and steel company limited of Yangtze River, places of non-hazardous waste, hazardous waste disposal waste oil is not being requested by the provincial environmental protection Office for rectification.

Solar Green House going bust abandoned Park of Nanchang Planning Department established to be not of first building

In October 2013, Nanchang, “unauthorized building demolition of temporary, built green, green” special work. Near the lakeside road, Nanchang is located in the middle of the Yan Ming in Island Park, “hidden”, a white two-story building. Administration head office took out a copy of the document of the Government of Nanchang city, on May 27, 2008 meeting minutes show that on May 6, 2008, the Government, led by the science and Technology Bureau, Nanchang, Nanchang City Planning Bureau, Nanchang scenic, Crystal Cham technology limited unit participated in the coordination of Government determined in several places such as Yan Ming’s Island Park to build three solar environmental friendly house inside. The Crystal Zhan tech Co Ltd is responsible for the design and construction, construction work should be completed by June 30 that year. Crystal Zhan tech Co Ltd of the construction of this building is “wrong”, leading to having to shut down. “Uncompleted rotten 5 year years without maintenance, security breaches. “

Reporters learned from the Planning Bureau of Nanchang city, could not be found in “Jing Zhan tech co about the declared construction of Solar Green House” relevant documents and correspondence letters. From understanding the situation, Crystal Zhan tech Co Ltd building solar energy environmentally friendly housing are not reported to the Council for approval.

Shaanxi nonferrous metal holding 9.6 billion PV project is suspected not of first building

Shaanxi nonferrous metal holding in the photovoltaic industry has been working for a long time, once throwing an investment of 9.6 billion yuan, construction project planning 1GWp solar photovoltaic cells, by its subsidiary, Shaanxi nonferrous metal electro-optical technology Ltd (hereinafter referred to as photovoltaic technology), is seen as Shaanxi nonferrous metal holding extended PV industry chain is an important part of it. Public information, this project covers an area of 1095 acres, located in Weicheng district, xianyang, Shaanxi Province, to be constructed in two phases. Earth-moving project has been started in October 2011.

As described above Xuan Jie Pai, Shaanxi nonferrous metal holding 1GWp solar photovoltaic projects, Weicheng new energy Industrial Park Phase II project, the industrial park has a total area of 4500 hectares. Among them, solar photovoltaic project covers an area of 1095 acres, is by far the largest industrial project, xianyang city.

, Xianyang city, but check out the land Office land bidding auctions and certification records and found the project does not have any records. Xianyang City Bureau of land and resources, a staff member said after the data access, every transaction will be posted publicly online, “we don’t have land procedures you said this project.”

In fact, this project is not Shaanxi nonferrous metal holding touched land for the first time, “red line.” In May 2011, its wholly-owned subsidiary, Yulin, Shaanxi nonferrous materials Ltd illegally occupies 2642 acres, land and resources Bureau, Yulin has been’s administrative penalties.

Department of energy to prevent “not of first building”

In the first half of this year, the National Energy Board for “not of first building” made a policy to deal with such violations committed.

For adapted energy regulatory of new situation, and new task, strengthened functions change and decentralization Hou energy thing in the, and afterwards regulatory, May 2014, National Energy Council developed issued energy regulatory action plans (2014-2018) (following referred to plans), clear has future five years energy regulatory of target, and focus task and related measures, ensure decentralization and regulatory goes hand in hand, regulation and regulatory synchronization strengthened, service energy industry science development.

The plan clearly, national energy Administration will focus on strengthening supervision from six aspects: first, in charge of energy policy and planning, project implementation; secondly, to strengthen the energy market regulation; third, highlighting energy monopoly sector supervision; four is strengthening safety supervision and energy supply security; five are deepening energy industry energy conservation regulation; six is to strengthen the livelihood of energy services and universal service regulation. Especially will strengthened on energy policy, and planning, and plans and project implementation situation of regulatory, carried out energy policy regulations Executive situation special research or check, on national energy planning, and plans Executive situation regularly carried out integrated evaluation, strengthened energy project of full process regulatory, prevent “not batch first built”, and “has nuclear not built” and “batch built varies”, phenomenon, guarantees energy project construction specification ordered.

First half of the year, National Energy Board national renewable energy project approval special supervision of implementation of decentralization, and Jiangsu provinces as resident supervision. However, in the supervision and administration of the national energy Bureau in Jiangsu, found some illegal construction practices. This has just exposed irregularities in Jiangsu Province, if informed of violations in different provinces, and what happens when

To standardize the order of construction of new renewable power project investment, maintaining healthy and orderly environment in electric power construction market, power enterprises from any new power projects before put into production a variety of breaches of discipline is necessary.

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