China PV installed capacity rapid promotion

Polaris solar PV net news: destroyed by flooding of the Yellow River PV power station, typhoon blew down PV power plant in Hainan, Tianjin photovoltaic roof ignition … … With the rapid Ascension of PV installed capacity, for PV power quality problems continued to arise. According to the National Energy Board planned 2014 China PV industry development plan, proposed new installed capacity of 14 GW this year, but about 3 GW to complete in the first half. Installing surge at the end of it in sight, super large-scale PV power plant to be built, its 25 year warranty period can be realized?

Power quality problems can not be neglected in recent years, large scale construction of PV plants, if widespread quality problems in the future, will lead to a “catastrophic” situation.

“This year, plans to add 14 GW and PV cumulative installed capacity in China before the end of 2012 is only 6.5 GW. “Your investment management, investment director Zhang Wei said in an interview with the China electronics news,” State Energy Secretary, Wu xinxiong, at this year’s meeting, stressing in the large-scale development of photovoltaic power stations at the same time, never let the quality problems. In fact, for photovoltaic products of quality, second half of last year, the National Energy Board and the CNCA had specialized organizations, research groups, gathering place by visiting PV products and testing organizations, quality situation investigation of photovoltaic products and found that product quality issues and a lot of it. ”

According to third-party testing and certification organization Beijing Jian Heng certified centers officials said problems of PV at present mainly in equipment, plant design, plant construction and plant operation and maintenance, and so on. By testing the more than more than 400 plants found that PV modules there are hot spots, cracked and power problems. A case study of attenuation, 11 field test last year at the Centre of a large-scale ground operation around 1 component, taking into account the uncertainty of the equipment found 50% about components Attenuation between 5%~10%, 30% about components Attenuation over 10%, 8% of component degradation has more than 20%. This means that component generally promise 25 years only decay 20% quality assurance, some products run only 1 year is approaching even beyond the bottom line.

Xie Bingxin, Deputy Director of the Centre, told reporters that large scale construction of PV plants in recent years, a wide range of quality problems in the future, will lead to a “catastrophic” situation; the other current PV quality risk management also contributed to the financial and insurance institutions are afraid to enter the most direct cause of the photovoltaic industry.

“The quality of our industry and what it means for investors? “DuPont photovoltaic materials, Marketing Manager with Fu Bo, told reporters of the China electronics news,” If the component is too poor in quality, would lead to its decay accelerated and shortened life expectancy. To China West area 20 MW around of ground PV station to calculation, if component life can reached 25, so investment of internal proceeds rate can reached even above 11%; if component life only 10 years, so proceeds rate will dropped to 4.8%; if component quality appeared problem, while power attenuation accelerated, from normal of annually 0.8% increased to 5%, so proceeds rate on only left 2%. Thus, the component’s quality has much effect on return on investment. ”

Policy calls for strengthening the testing and certification policies and there is no clear price subsidies force linked with certification of photovoltaic products, but reflect industry authorities focus on strengthening quality control of thought.

Last July, the State Council issued the opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, puts forward the key products for photovoltaic testing and certification should be strengthened, without the testing and certification of the product cannot enter the market. Zhang Wei said that because PV products standards are still not very sound, and market perception of certification results are not high enough, so some manufacturers are not according to the standard production, without certification, and power plant developers at the time of purchase is not concerned about whether to buy products through quality certification. “Especially at the end of the period of installing, delivery very tight, developers will be able to buy some components into the power station installed components to consider quality issues at all. “Zhang Wei said.

For, National Energy Council in recently released of on further strengthened PV station construction and run management work of notification in the pointed out that, to strengthened engineering construction quality management, grid run of PV station project should used by national recognize JISC approved and the certification institutions certification of PV battery pieces, and inverse variable device, key equipment; PV station engineering design and units should strictly Executive national standard (containing industry standard) and engineering specification, project units should according to related management provides for project completed acceptance, And will submit the completion report to provincial energy departments, national energy Administration Agency, reported to national PV technology management focal point. The circular stressed that the completion report is a list of projects included in the National Development Fund for renewable energy subsidies a precondition. Meanwhile, the National Energy Board, in conjunction with relevant departments timely to organize PV engineering quality inspection and test results disclosed in the proper manner.

Earlier, before the National Energy Board and CNCA jointly issued the opinions on strengthening the PV product testing and certification work, the “connected to the public power grid PV power generation projects and enjoy government subsidies at all levels, non-grid-connected PV power generation projects, subject to approval by CNCA certification bodies the certification of PV products.”

“The document does not explicitly PV electricity price subsidies force linked with certification of photovoltaic products. “For thinking” document reflects the PV industry in national energy Board next focus on strengthening quality supervision, which can be seen behind the rapid development of PV industry in departments in charge of industry have realized that hidden. ”

Utility quality should be more safely and effectively controlled to ensure that the photovoltaic power plant running for more than 25 years, component quality, initial design, construction and subsequent operation and maintenance are important.

“Because the component in the overall plant occupies the highest share of the cost, so the power station if there is a problem, we always habitually attributed to components. “Zhang said,” actually, make sure PV power plants run safely and effectively for more than 25 years, preliminary design, construction and subsequent operation and maintenance are important. ”

As PV station EPC (engineering total contractor), in the material days China International PV engineering technology limited Deputy General Manager Cui Jian think, relative traditional of fire power and hydro-electric power for, PV station EPC of technology difficulty and technology threshold does not high, but from design of links view, now China for whole PV station of design and no set full of executable of standard, more is industry nature of guide views. Currently engaged in the mainstream PV Design Institute, designed more to be from the perspective of traditional electricity industry, but to make the EPC business bigger and stronger, is still necessary for the PV industry standard now available in a number of different integration. “In case of lightning protection design, for example, present a wide variety of traditional methods, but for the most part do not apply to photovoltaic power plant, distributed PV. “Cui Jian says,” a lot of design of photovoltaic power plant is a traditional power station does not offer, and the urgent need for a comprehensive, specialized standards. ”

Not only design and inspection sectors have developed the same problem. “Plant acceptance, ministries, provincial and municipal sources of energy have the acceptance of PV system, but where there is fighting between each other. “Cui Jian says,” for example, brackets, in the midst of our own projects, we use the algorithm on stress calculation and stability calculation of bracket, just like other EPC partners with totally different, this is because there is no uniform standard. “He said, in the traditional industries, engineering cost links already have national standards, Earthwork, digging deep, throughput, etc, but there is no mandatory standard for PV, is capable of doing work of” casual “, were built in the Western region of power quality problems in concrete construction and construction has begun to appear. “Of course there are a lot of very good quality of photovoltaic plant, for instance, initially the pastoral area lighting project, worked more than 30 years, decaying surfaces and even superior to the current theoretical value. “Cui Jian said.

China PV application environment is far worse than that in Europe, Western anti-ultraviolet radiation, prevent wind East to consider salt spray corrosion, install PV on the roof also the thermal and fire performance. “PV power plants for more than 25 years in the life cycle of good quality control, we need to be monitored from beginning to end. “Fu Bo, that” investors for photovoltaic projects, program evaluation which is by no means want to buy new components end up, on power plant design, installation, incorporation, operation and maintenance, to obtain information, understand the key performance indicators, which reduce the investment risk the most critical point is that recognized in the Bill of materials is already verify the material. ”

In addition, Fu Bo, recommends, in the posterior segment of the PV system lifecycle as a whole, according to component quality checks at regular intervals, so that you not only can see the components within the system in the past about how much electricity can also decay curve by understanding its future life, plant assets more transparent.

“All in all, photovoltaic power plant in the quality management process throughout the life cycle of multi-point control, from the environment to integrate climate applications of materials from which to choose, during the process of manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of quality control, which includes many. “Fu Bo, stressed that” the biggest problem right now is, because different types of components used in a variety of environments, evaluation criteria are actually being integrated in life expectancy, so when Bill of materials selection, and more choices in that climate should be validated material has long been in practice. ”

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