China PV market “commercialization” corner

Polaris solar Reuters: Yingli new energy Wang Xiuxiang, General Manager of Tianjin 8th in Tianjin, said the next 3 to 5 years, Chinese crystalline silicon solar cell costs will drop to around $ 0.4 per watt, equivalent to about 2.5 Yuan, when the price of electricity will exceed the cost, Chinese photovoltaic market will truly realize the “commercialization”.

Wang Xiuxiang attended the 2014APEC China Japan industry forum “new energy industry forum” made the above remarks.

As an important representative of the new energy industry, PV industry in China has developed rapidly, and grow into a decisive force on the international new energy markets. It is regrettable that, in the production of photovoltaic products in China, has more than 90% are exported to foreign countries.

The EU is China’s biggest exports of photovoltaic products, the data show, 2011 PV product export of China’s nearly US $ 35.8 billion, 70% of these are exports to European markets. In 2013, the EU decided to impose anti-dumping tax on Chinese imports of photovoltaic products, bringing Chinese PV industry into a “cold winter”. Subsequently, the Chinese Government enacted a number of policies to boost photovoltaic industry.

Wang Xiuxiang said that between 2011-2013, regarding the Chinese PV industry is suffering, but also experienced the valuable process of strengthening technical and management innovation, survival of the fittest.

Her several large-scale PV enterprises of China in the first quarter of this year’s earnings, analysts say, starting from the first half of this year, China PV industry has gradually out of the Woods. Introduced, according to Wang Xiuxiang, China’s large PV sales of corporate products, no longer rely on traditional markets in Europe, in the United States, and Japan, and holds a share in Africa, South America. “This shows China PV industry market healthier, more stable. ”

For the current bottleneck in the development of new energy sources such as photovoltaic power generation industry in China to attend the Forum think th CPPCC National Committee Vice Chairman Xu kuangdi, smart grid development is not enough.

He said that all emerging energy are unstable, intermittent, and generating the need for balanced supply. “When it’s powered much of smart grid and store electricity, and no sun, cloudy and low power supply then Watt release, huge space for development in this area at present. ”

Forum, Zhao ying, Director of PV Professional Committee of Chinese renewable energy society according to data provided by 2013 10GW PV cumulative installed capacity up to 20GW,2014-year plan in China by 2020, 100GW of photovoltaic installation in China.

Said Zhao ying, PV production in China increased, costs are falling. According to him, in 2007, about every 36 Yuan per watt PV prices now 3.8 yuan per watt, a mere seven years costs have dropped 10 times.

It is understood that the Chinese photovoltaic industry due to positive factors such as national policy support and technical innovation, we now have signs. According to published reports, has been baiyiji other capital inflows.

Original title: China’s PV market “commercialization” corner

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