Chinese overseas-listed PV 2014 report third-quarter results

Polaris solar PV net news: as of now, there are branch, ja solar, Trina solar, and ceramics, Yu hui, Yingli, six Chinese overseas-listed solar companies, hanwha 2014 was released third-quarter earnings. 2014, the rising demand in emerging markets, global PV demand keeps growing, mainly photovoltaic industry shipments showed a good growth rate. From seven overseas-listed PV Q3 earnings report, solar net profit of more than $ 100 million, becoming one of the most profitable companies. Yingli, though still losing money, but its loss also narrowed significantly, from a loss of $ 44.3 million in the second quarter to the third quarter of a loss of $ 20 million. Here are 7 Chinese overseas-listed PV 2014 analysis of key data report third-quarter results.

Canadian solar

Reported third quarter of 2014, solar made revenues of US $ 914 million (about 5.626 billion yuan), rose 46.59%, an increase of 86.18% to achieve a net profit of 104 million dollars (about 641 million yuan); in addition, firm component shipments for the quarter up to 770 MW, the current global reserve about 1400 MW of large PV projects.

According to money, solar completed its third quarter in Canada Ontario sale of five solar power station, a combined value of $ 306 million (about 1.655 billion yuan).

In solar shipments in the third quarter, and includes systems and solutions business sales of 173 MW, compared with last quarter and the third quarter of last year was 70 MWe and 68 MW. Meanwhile, systems and solutions business’s percentage of operating income in the third quarter reached 53.8% (last quarter of 32.6%). In addition, Canadian Solar’s gross margin for the third quarter reached 22.9% (last quarter of 19%), up from a previous forecast of 19% and 21%.

Canadian solar expected 2014 component for fourth quarter shipments are expected to be between 810 MW-860 MW, operating income between $ 925 million-US $ 975 million, gross margin is expected to be between 17%-19%. Company fiscal year 2014 component shipments are expected from 2.5 GW-2.7 gigawatts, up from 2.73 Jiva-2.78 GW, revenues expected from the previously given $ 2.7 billion-$ 2.9 billion, up from 2.93 billion US $ 2.98 billion dollars.


Solar total product shipments to third parties amounting to 708.2 megawatts (“MW”), consists of 658.1 megawatts of silicon solar modules, 303,000 kW and 19.8 MW of solar cells. This means increased 7.4% from 659.5 MW in 2014 and 2013 the total solar module shipments in the second quarter increased by 36.5% in the third quarter, from 518.9MW to 758.1 megawatts, including the 1 million-kilowatt, use of downstream projects in the company.

Total 26 billion yuan (United States $ 417300000) in 2014, representing a 5.3% growth in the second quarter, and a 30.5% increase from third quarter of 2013. Solar power income items, not including the tax effect of previous quarters, was RMB67.3 million (US $ 11 million), an increase of 10.4% in 2014, the second quarter to the third quarter of 2014, company revenue upside down 1.96 billion yuan (US $ 3.2 million) of VAT involves feed-in tariff. Electricity revenues, including the impact of value added tax, was 47.7 million Yuan (US $ 7.8 million) in the third quarter.

Gross margin for the quarter was 20.6%, of which 22.6% in the second quarter of 2013 and 2014, compared with 22.3% in the third quarter. Operating profit was RMB239.9 million (United States $ 39100000), and from operating income compared with RMB251.6 million in the second quarter of 2014 revenue from RMB244.3 million in the third quarter of 2013.

Net profit belonging jinkosolar holding limited’s common shareholders was RMB280.6 million (United States $ 45700000), compared with net profit of belonging jinkosolar holding company common shareholders of RMB138.2 million in the second quarter of 2014, net profit belonging jinkosolar holding company common shareholders of RMB103.5 million in the third quarter of 2013.


The company reported third-quarter net income of $ 616.8 million, over 18.8% from the second quarter of 2014. Gross profit of $ 102.8 million, over 28.1% from the second quarter of 2014. Gross margin was 16.7%, and the second quarter of 2014 15.4%. Income from operations of $ 35.6 million, over 127.1% from the second quarter of 2014.

Components are shipped to 1063.8MW in the third quarter, quarterly shipments of components beyond 1GW milestones last quarter of 12.8%. Component shipments include shipments of 936.8MW external and lower shipments of PV power projects 127MW and 2014 second-quarter shipments of 943.3MW,2013 years 774.6MW in the third quarter.

Trina solar noted that gross profit margins continued to grow due to the change in sales mix, to Japan’s shipments increased, but to the United States shipments are reduced. The company also noted that, because of greater economies of scale and improve operational efficiency, within the quarter it had reduced manufacturing costs.

Trina says speculated at end of third quarter of 2014 it in-house ingot and wafer production for the year is 2.0GW and 1.6GW respectively, PV cell and module production is about 2.9GW and 3.6GW, respectively. In 2014, the fourth quarter, the company expects, shipping 1045MW to 1095MW PV modules, of which 40MW to 60MW will be shipped downstream PV projects. The company expects its 2014 mixed fourth-quarter gross margin of 14.5% to 15.5%.


United States listed company ja solar PV reported released the evening of November 18, the company’s third-quarter revenue surged. Total revenues of 3 billion yuan, up 71.8% per cent, 24.7% per cent higher. Product gross margin was 15%, improves 3.7% compared to last year, the chain increased 0.2%. Components business and the strategic fit, JA Solar’s operating profit in the third quarter reached 189.6 million Yuan, compared with 31.6 million dollars of the same period in 2013 and 89.7 million dollars in the second quarter of this year had surged. From the perspective of net profit, the company’s net profit for the quarter reached 155 million yuan in 2013, third-quarter net loss of 227 million Yuan, 40.1 million Yuan profit last quarter also has improved a lot.

According to the company’s financial reports, PV product shipments 785.4 megawatts in the third quarter, up and ring up 57% and 15.2%, respectively. JA Solar’s revenue and shipments from the judging has not previously announced results of the high component maker company. Latter’s revenues in the third quarter, shipments rose up 47% and 19.2%, respectively.

Third quarter, components, processing components of the company’s total shipments of 693.5 megawatts, up and down the chain jumped 127.4% and 55.6%. Meanwhile, ja solar cell shipments in the third quarter to 91.9 megawatts, up and down the chain by 52.9% and 61.1%, respectively, indicating that JA Solar’s strategy shifted from battery component and will begin work.


On November 26, 2014, Zhejiang Yuhui solar energy limited (hereinafter “renesola”) announced that its components with wafer shipments in the third quarter a year, and the chain are both declines. However, the company managed to increase its gross profit margin to 15.3%. It is estimated that 2014 PV module shipments in the fourth quarter will amount to 460MW 480MW, gross margin would be about 13%.

2014 report third-quarter results summary:

PV module shipments for 462.2MW and 2014 second-quarter shipments of 498.7MW,2013 years 462.9MW in the third quarter. Wafer and module shipments totaled 663.8MW, 2014 second-quarter shipments totaled 698.3MW,2013 in third quarter to 851.0MW.

Net revenues of $ 372.5 million in 2014, $ 387.1 million during the second quarter, third quarter of 2013, net revenues reached $ 419.3 million.

Gross profit reached US $ 57.1 million, gross margin was 15.3%, 2014 second-quarter gross profit of $ 56.9 million, gross margin was 14.7%; in 2013, gross profit amounted to $ 36.7 million in the third quarter, gross profit margin was 8.7%.

Operating income was $ 8.5 million, operating margin was 2.3%, and 2014 second-quarter operating earnings of $ 10.6 million, operating margin was 2.7%, 2013, third-quarter operating loss of $ 180.3 million, operating margin was-43%.

Net loss attributable to holders of ordinary shares of $ 11.7 million and basic loss of $ 0.06 per share and diluted shares, each ADS (United States depository) basic and diluted share loss of $ 0.12 a share (1 ADS equals 2 ordinary shares).

By the end of 2014 to the third quarter, the cash and cash equivalents and restricted cash totaled $ 196.7 million in 2014 and $ 218.8 million in the second quarter, 2013, $ 438.5 million in the third quarter.

Net cash flow from operating activities by $ 10.7 million in 2014 and $ 40.6 million in the second quarter in 2013, net cash flow of $ 79.6 million in the third quarter.

Ying Li

Results showed that Yingli, total revenue of 3.3852 billion yuan in the third quarter, net loss of 122.8 million dollars, losses narrowed. Third-quarter gross profit of $ 115 million, gross margin was 20.9%. Operating income was $ 32.5 million, an operating margin of 5.9%. Third-quarter net income of $ 551.5 million, while revenues amounted to $ 549.5 million last quarter.

However, the company is still losing money, reported third-quarter net loss of $ 20 million lower compared with the second quarter net loss of $ 46 million in 2014, representing a net loss of $ 55 million in the first quarter lower.

Performance points

Income of 3.3852 billion yuan.

PV module shipments total 903.4 MW. Last quarter shipments of components of 887.9 MW, rose 1.75%.

Gross profit 706.1 million Yuan (US $ 115 million) last quarter was 532.1 million Yuan ($ 85.8 million) and gross profit 20.9%, last quarter to 15.6%.

Operating profit of 199.7 million Yuan (32.5 million dollars), operating profit margin 5.9%. Last quarter’s operating loss of 85.9 million Yuan (13.9 million dollars), operating margin was-2.5%.

Adjusted non-GAAP basis, earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation 495.7 million Yuan (US $ 80.8 million).

Net loss of 122.8 million Yuan (US $ 20 million) and a loss of 0.68 Yuan per share (US $ 0.11). Net loss for the last quarter was 285.2 million Yuan (46 million dollars), first-quarter net loss of 341.8 million Yuan (US $ 55 million).


Third quarter of 2014 thanks to components shipments improving, mainly to China’s shipments, revenue growth. PV module shipment revenue in China is for the first quarter of 30%, and only for 6% the second quarter of 2014.

The company reported third-quarter income of $ 195.2 million, up 8.2% from last quarter, shipments including hanwha QCELLS (HanwhaQCELLS) component processing services, quarter over quarter increase from 9.9% to 373.2MW. Machining service revenues of around 10%.

Operating loss was $ 11.9 million, while last quarter’s operating loss was $ 6.5 million, mainly due to shipments to China increased due to lower average selling prices. Operating margin fell from-3.6% to-6.1%. The company reported a net loss of $ 11.6 million for the quarter.

Hanwha energy expected 2014 components shipped between 400MW and 425MW in the fourth quarter, annual shipments of components for 1.43GW to 1.46GW, compared with the previous target decreased from 1.5GW to 1.6GW. PV module processing services will account for 2014, shipments of 25% to 30%.

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