Chinese thin-film crystalline silicon PV company why not participate in the proceedings?

Polaris solar PV net news: October 27, the author participated in Hina BIPV product launch, held in Beijing, a corporate product launches, products of impression, number of participants much surprise. A phenomenon caught the author’s attention: the participants were experts and the media rarely SI business people. Hina’s answer is: the meeting is open to the PV industry.

For some time, under the media rendering, crystalline silicon and thin film is or non-battle a resurgent and blossomed into a warm, not to mention the recent MANZ declared Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium conversion rate of 21.7% per cent, China building materials announces acquisition of France Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium Avancis two sources seem complicit. I mention this fact and purpose in discussing the SI business and film businesses and wrong, we have no intention to fuel, only the emphasis on PV enterprises should have a more open mind and a spirit of cooperation, as this has become a serious deficiency of China PV, restricting the industry’s healthy development.

I remembered the past two impressive PV conferences: one is the end of 2011 for acting in “double reverse” PV “four kings”, and Shi Miao Liansheng, Gao jifan, Qu Xiaohua seldom sat together to discuss enemy strategies. It is regrettable that, one stressing cooperation, show of solidarity Conference, and works in the media of “Kings” appear “dubious”; another is the coldest time in PV industry in early 2013, produces many of GCL poly silicon and component produces many of Yingli held a grand strategic cooperation signing ceremony. In most of the industry short of cash when the upper and middle reaches of cooperation was a smart move, at a time when the industry needs to consolidate strong cooperation is a rare event, results worth waiting for. But meeting site, Mr Zhu, Miao Liansheng two bosses are strangers, one minute before the team entered the meeting, rarely looked straight ahead in the Conference Exchange, meeting Mr Zhu was besieged by reporters, Miao Liansheng, the team hurried off, making it difficult for participants to feel the atmosphere of cooperation. And in fact later two companies seem to have little cooperation.

Poor cooperation, not only in the PV industry, but also in other industries, in Chinese society. China’s football dream for 20 years is still a dream, don’t understand football and I think in 20 years will still be dreaming, cause is not physical, not tactics, they are not coaching and poor cooperation in the country. In this regard, the sports scores respond well: emphasize teamwork athletic events, such as football, basketball, the Chinese have won where comprehensive quality of individual sports, such as table tennis, feather, the Chinese beat beater hands.

In view of this, between SI and SI enterprises, the lack of communication between crystalline silicon and thin-film enterprises, politics is not PV industry of independent intellectual property rights, media people should not read too much into this. More focus should be: PV is a brand-new cause of mankind, especially need to Exchange, in co-operation. Crystalline silicon and thin film, thin film and thin film solar, photovoltaic and solar thermal, centralized inverter-with string inverter and so on, who dare speak are the ultimate winners. Debate has only just begun, the result of the debate was unimaginable loss. Any loss is loss of wealth of human society. Any delay is the delay of the progress of human civilization. In this regard, the PV industry needs leaders sat together to open up.

Impression meeting of the SI, the author always encounter people with Han, now Hina film Conference, SI people why not participate? Li Hejun was right: crystalline silicon thin film solar is a brotherhood, our competitors are traditional sources of energy.

Original title: Chinese thin-film crystalline silicon PV company why not participate in the proceedings?

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