Crystalline silicon and thin film solar module will coexist

Polaris solar PV net news: for a long time, solar module line is the future of thin film crystalline silicon solar module is still the industry’s concern. According to the latest market research reports, the current component of the global supply, crystalline silicon solar modules make total more than 90%. New energy and green building, Tongji University, Tan Hongwei, Deputy Director of the Research Center says crystalline silicon and thin film solar products will co-exist for a long time in the future and capture the solar energy market.

According to the research, the current mainstream solar crystalline silicon solar module efficiency is about 18%, laboratory efficiency almost 25% and mainstream films are still less efficient than 13%. Inefficiencies cannot be fully utilized roof area resources. While in use and its use of an area, crystalline silicon solar module is mainly used for large centralized PV roof and photovoltaic power generation system, and technology levels, including through the design of the optimum angle to achieve the greatest area of solar exposure; and the film is mainly used in curtain wall buildings, its use can lead to generation subject to certain restrictions, including space and light output.

Tan Hongwei said, although the SI will be the mainstream in the future in the long run, but the film also has its necessity and development space. Building integration, indispensable to rooftop solar photovoltaic systems, while other films such as wall products and still have strong demand.

Original title: crystalline silicon and thin film solar module will coexist

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