Diversity of financing it is necessary to establish the authority of the photovoltaic industry quality inspection organization

Polaris solar PV net news: reporters from the convening of the ninth China (Wuxi) international renewable energy Congress learned that financing tends to be diversified in the photovoltaic industry. Of fund shares, finance lease and financing model has begun to form. However, most commercial banks still taken against manufacturers of “one size fits all” policy module manufacturers cash-strapped situation remains unresolved.

Experts say solving component enterprise financial strains, advance the financing mode for further innovation. At present, the uneven quality power plant steady income difficult to guarantee financing mode is the main reason, GM needed to establish authority in China quality inspection agencies, promoting diversification of PV financing pattern formation.

Shanghai leasing trade association, said Gao Chuanyi, 400 leasing company to Leasing Association in Shanghai, began serving the PV plants financing about 4, 5, as far as I know the country about 7 or 8 began for the photovoltaic plant services.

In said in an interview with reporters in an enterprise, leasing is part of the enterprise power station construction funding, more is available now to rent. Lease-back is the specific processes, businesses to sell equipment to leasing companies, leasing back by means of leasing equipment.

Outside a finance lease, the Fund also entered the photovoltaic industry. Funds invest mainly in the holding of photovoltaic power plant. “We 70%-80% of funding comes from bank loans, in the equity capital of 20%-30% and partly fund holding;” current investment fund had total funding of 70%, is our largest shareholder. ” Some businesses said in an interview.

PV financing mode shape, industry insiders have said, at present, quality power is difficult, financial innovation of financial institutions cannot develop major obstacles. My bite is necessary to establish the authority of the inspection body, to promote innovation in PV financing models.

Power quality third-party testing organization Beijing Jian Heng Ji Zhenshuang Certification Center Deputy Director, said “in the country’s 32 provinces, volume 3.3GW, 425, including large power plants and distributed PV power station’s equipment detected, PV modules there are hot spots, cracked, attenuation, etc.” According to the test, a 8MW solar power station in Xinjiang, 3178 PV module block of infrared imaging in inspection of 2,856, 19% virtual welding hot spot effect; a 50MW solar power station in Qinghai found cracked 29% PV modules appear obvious worm pattern, a 10MW solar plant in Gansu province, sampling found PV module has power sharp attenuation of up to 58%.

“Power quality related to the plant’s life and future earnings. A 20MW power station, if life expectancy dropped from 25 to 10, then yields will be around 11%, down from 4.8%, if the decay rate of 5% plant internal rate of return drops from 2%. “Meng Xiangan said China renewable energy society. “The power station has a quality problem, financial institutions, it is difficult to intervene.”

Industry calls for authorized organs should be established as soon as possible and introduce uniform quality standards. LDK LDK Chief Technology Officer Wan yuepeng said “standard which outlines the many ways, such as PV standards for materials, one for testing, one for equipment, devices, and systems, even grid-connected. Materials, Silicon material quality, there are differences, polysilicon prices a few years ago, when Silicon market is a mess, many companies have even bought scrap. ”

Original title: diversity of financing it is necessary to establish the authority of the photovoltaic industry quality inspection organization

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