“Double reverse” winner or become inevitable UE solar ahead “exit”

Polaris solar PV net news: Watch Asia Pacific economic cooperation (APEC) Summit came to an end, yet the longing of the photovoltaic industry, long the beauty of China PV second “double reverse” problem didn’t become during the issue.

“‘APEC blue, ‘ Please don’t go,” when people was recently overjoyed at Beijing’s blue sky at the same time, hope all the more that this is the blue sky to forever. “APEC blue” behind the North to take more stringent measures to safeguard the blue sky. This powerful testimony, and haze is not always luck “wait for the wind to come,” anthropogenic emission control measures are effective, intervention to pollution reduction and haze. How to draw lessons from this experience, and in extreme cases as well as normalization treatment haze of pollution reduction work, promote the establishment of long-term mechanism of cross-region linkage, and system security, it is particularly urgent.

With global climate warming, and carbon issues more and more placed in the leaders ‘ desks. “APEC blue” gives people a lot to learn from them, with the blue sky and white clouds, on November 12, two world’s two largest emitters of greenhouse gases reach agreement on controlling greenhouse gas emissions. Undertakings to take big steps to curb carbon emissions, climate conference for next year has injected new impetus. Reducing carbon emissions will increase greatly help stimulate demand for new energy, this is undoubtedly good news for photovoltaic industry. Especially in the PV trade frictions between China and the case, carbon reduction agreements will undoubtedly be regarded as friendly signals about China’s PV industry releases. However, when APEC photovoltaic under the loving gaze of people “indifferent” ends, and the absence of any relevant “double reverse” problem set comment when the PV industry loss is understandable.

Particularly worth mentioning is that in a couple of weeks ago, United States solar energy industries Association (SEIA) Vice President JohnSmirnow has predicted that between China and the “double reverse” reached some kind of “price promise” of “reconciliation”, the most suitable time must be released at the APEC Summit. PV set comment hopes APEC Summit, from the double final less than a month’s case, PV of more than $ 3 billion in China’s exports are or will be detrimental. On top of that, China’s anti-“double reverse” another bargaining chip, polysilicon imports to the US anti-dumping measures, but also because of processing trade imports essential failure. Time has passed, weight loss, “double reverse” it seemed inevitable winner.

A PV companies to fall again?

By 2013, because the domestic PV market has not yet opened, China’s solar energy photovoltaic industry has maintained a market abroad, products manufactured in the country. As with many foreign trade enterprises, photovoltaic companies were badly hit during the financial crisis. With the successive restrictions on Chinese PV industry in Europe and America, PV enterprises in China was once closed down ultra. PV industry leading Suntech’s fall is a good example. Once created the richest Shi Shen Hua enterprise in 2013 and finally collapsed, bought by Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV. LDK LDK with Suntech momentary Liang-Yu also heavily indebted, bankruptcy cascades of foreign subsidiaries. “Double back” impact on China’s PV enterprises can be seen.

On November 13, the reporter received a call from industry and explosive material, said Changzhou UE solar Ltd (UESOLAR) has closed the first head Yin Zong suddenly announced the dissolution of the company, employees gathered outside the factory gate and pull up the “unpaid wages by law, employees money earned” large banners. Revelations claims that requires many unpaid employees on site, or worse still, the police to maintain public order.

According to the official website of Changzhou UE solar, UE solar was founded in September 2007, is a collection of new technologies, new energy sources, new materials of high-tech enterprises, issue 108 million yuan of registered capital of the company. The company claimed that, “due to the rapid development of the company” UE solar has set up several subsidiaries–Germany subsidiary, SonnenpalEnergyGmbH., Canada subsidiary, SonnenPalEnergy (Canada) Inc., responsible respectively for PV system at home and abroad to undertake the design, installation, and service businesses.

UE solar company situation, back in 2008, its Executive Vice President Guo Lanchun laments untimely. In July 2007, UE solar plant, was the financial crisis before put into production in August 2008. In 2008, the UE solar completed more than 200 million yuan in sales and orders received 1 billion yuan. However, UE solar with 1 billion yuan of orders, mostly recently signed a long-term agreement, according to customer requirements on a monthly supply, companies that once were to eat the “capital”.

First wave v “double reverse” has gradually reduced the influence, Chinese PV companies recover gradually, major components of the enterprise’s operating rate can reach more than 80% individual orders better business starts there is even 100%. However, the call has resulted in another, as a second “double” boomers, lured UE solar if you fall at this time, cannot not let PV people cause for alarm.

Original title: “double reverse” winner or become inevitable UE solar ahead “exit”

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