Exploration of “Chinese-style” development mode Sun will raise new energy O2O raised patterns on the line

Polaris solar PV net news:–China’s first new energy raise O2O commerce platform “Sun” on the cum-product launch press conference

O2O raised China’s first new energy Internet platform “the Sun” (www.sun65.CN) on the line and the press conferences held at Peking University on November 18, 2014, Office of scientific and technical reports. This meeting focus on the development of modern society under the background of high-tech innovation, innovation and Internet applications for business model innovation and excellent relations, O2O Internet business model innovation for Sun will be discussed.

Assembly scene guest has China can renewable energy learned International Center director Li Mr, and China fashion brand association Deputy President Evan Li Mr; Zhongguancun storage can designed Board will Zhenhua Yu Mr, and people University method College Deputy Dean Yang Dong Mr, and China Green Energy Union Secretary-General Tang Zhiyuan Mr, and Taiwan Beijing Chamber of Commerce Deputy President Jiang Yongxiong Mr, and China sky Group Chairman Li Jingdong Mr, and Han can holding Group Deputy President Zhang Qingliang ladies, Han can holding group application Group Chief Technology Officer Biermann Mr, and Han can Directors Council President Assistant YANG Hongwei Mr, and Beijing era British can micro grid technology limited Deputy General Manager worldteam Mr, and Datang brilliant television media Corporation Deputy Chairman Zhou Ying ladies, and Hainan Dragon Mu Bay real estate group Chairman Wu Ming Mr, and in the section merchants investment management group Deputy President Deng Li Mr, and Hong Kong listed company first de WINS Zhang Yi fly President, and longitude China Deputy President Hu Haiqing Mr, and faith hung capital partner Zhou 鋆 ladies, and amber investment Deputy President Li zhe Mr, and Sohu Deputy General Manager Liu Feng Mr, and Limited partnership investors and Mr Wei Zhong, Deputy Secretary General of the Association and CCTV, 21st century, Tencent, Sohu, Sina, Polaris, China energy news, gold in China electric power news, online more than more than 20 media representatives; raised hundreds of business representatives from around the country, industry experts, investing in celebrities, media representatives gathered in one place, share this feast trades.

–Solar energy group raised O2O model covers individual, emotional, social and realize your dreams, entrepreneurial interaction of multiple elements, such as new financial models for entrepreneurs and established businesses new operations to provide a platform for new

Sun will Chairman Mao Xiang Mr tells has platform purposes and platform architecture, description has entrepreneurs using Sun will platform can achieved venture capital and the development opportunities of value, mature Enterprise can using Sun will platform achieved products put and personalized commercial development, new energy application can makes more of enterprise and user not needs himself of directly investment will can development new energy diffraction of commercial, Enterprise and can using this way continued to development and innovation; Sun will is a set personality displayed, emotional social, and achieved dream, and New Internet banking platform for business interaction, such as multiple elements, is a pioneering chain and product chain development platform.

–Venture capital industry chain and product development chain is the trend of the future

Chip is a revolution, and some experts predict will occur within the next 3 years at a consumer behavior of subversion. Herd raised industry developments, is raised to buy the desired product, first of all has the features of pre-order and buy; from the financial point of view, all the chips are reset before securitization; from a technology point of view, all the preparatory is a private custom made high-tech products; from the entrepreneur point of view, all the chips are angels in front of non-equity investments.

On a raised platform, tech-discs is the touchstone of enterprise’s innovative products and technologies, and service businesses is the best bridge between enterprise development can not only access to finance, but also to advocate and promote marketing. Entrepreneurs raise the project’s success, means that the entrepreneur’s innovative products have been market acceptance, future development, Angels, VC and PE will be flooded in. As for mature companies, all the members of the platform are its own presentations, sales and market-oriented platform for personalized products. Raised platform should also be achievable in their industry as the core platform for crowdsourcing, more representative of the new generation of creative talent involved, and guide the market to achieve the continuous development of new products, listed and continuous marketing.

With the development of chips, all the collaborators of the raised platform in addition to entrepreneurial companies, should also include similar to Panasonic, Huawei, Lenovo, gree, Han dynasty type of science and technology, advance enterprise; they gradually raised platform will turn into their own platform to realize their own PIN chain chain of production and research and entrepreneurship development. At present, the public raised platform facing more fashion online shopping and technology professionals, but with the development of industry and society will have a variety of users and businesses to raise between platforms. Only to be able to meet the needs of entrepreneurial industry chain and product chain platform to meet the future development trend.

–“The Sun” will become commercial enterprises and the commercialization of new energy in rural areas of the city financial platform for distributed engineering services

To commercial background of enterprises institutions can using “Sun will” of special all raised way effective to will new energy especially distributed PV station and commercial products or service and the continued development organic to combines, both using has all raised support people of funds construction has can continued power of station, and obtained has more of concern and favored, while set has image expanded has propaganda, accelerated has commercial industry of rapid development. Also; agricultural enterprise if introduced PV power or geothermal storage can or light hot power etc new energy project of construction, including sea PV etc new energy project, also can follow city of commercial enterprise, both power or project directly brings of interests, and can obtained issued of power and Government of subsidies, and development of agricultural, enhanced has itself of core value and the expanded has market channel; both development and using has new energy of advantage and played has new energy of value, and development has agricultural; to agricultural for this, new energy auxiliary, Combine the two, mutually transforming each other as a whole and for our distributed development of rural areas bring huge business opportunities.

Vertical platform–gathering resources is the general trend

Raise the needs of industry, require a vertical Portal; today there are new energy raised vertical portals, the near future there will be a raised fashion and entertainment vertical portals, education and culture raised vertical portals, and so on, should use professional people to do professional things, the market increasingly requires the depth and accuracy of the product, will also choose more specialized platforms.

Sun will first select a new energy source, reason is very simple, majority is Sun’s new energy industry and the investment community’s elite, know about the industry, rich in resources, distributed and micro-grid development and commercialization of new energy research; new energy development in China in the future, especially in commercial and financial development of new energy sources combined with high hopes, is also determined to great.

Raise O2O–new energy will be a Sun’s unique mode of operation

Unlike other raised platforms only online platform, the Sun will be offline platform for innovative building features, constitute a unique new energy the Sun will raise O2O mode of operation.

Sun can shine in a large shopping mall, independent Street shops, parks and scenic locations, such as green new energy experience coffee shop (solarparkcoffee), as under the line of the Sun platform. Coffee store in addition to free chip supports every a certain amount of coffee, juice drinks, store will showcase its unique solar and renewable energy products: Here you can experience the photovoltaic charging clothes, backpack, flexible foldable solar charger solar panels, solar tent, solar searchlights and other limited edition to the latest and most advanced photovoltaic applications. Such as photovoltaic products to show interest in, through the product beside the two-dimensional code chips directly on the Sun will get, the scene will not accept any form of cash buying direct. Meanwhile, Sun will use micro-public platform (solar-Mall), online and offline cross activities and other means to promote. Users after micro-service, you can directly select the raise project and payment in real time.

Solar energy Coffee store will be the first new location near Beijing’s SanLiTun is expected, then gradually in Beijing have set up 200; 1000 accredited in the country, as well as 10,000 homes.

–China’s most influential features industry-O2O chip carriers

Ctrip’s original founder, Vice President of the Association of limited partnership investments Mr Li Jingdong, congratulating the Sun will set up and launched; Deputy Dean of Renmin University Law School Professor Yang Dongping also affirms the legal forms and business models of the Sun; Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Vice President Beijing, Crown brand founder, limited partnership investors Association Jiang Yongxiong also expressed views on the chips and technologies And world’s largest thin-film PV producers and Han group allowed sufficient explanation of the Hina Group’s first collaboration with the Sun in the first place and development considerations; times energy micro-grid technology co Executive Vice President Mr Guo Jie briefly explained how the current domestic commercial significance of micro-grid development and the value of collaboration with the Sun. Long bathing Bay, Hainan real estate group to introduce proxy charismatic PV water theme park and the first marine first national real estate to raise the project’s conditions.

The guests and friends in attendance were longing for the Sun will develop full, we hope that the Sun will be in the near future to become China’s most influential industrialized O2O chip carriers.

–Sun will host China’s first college student to raise entrepreneurship competition, initiatives and build China’s first solar Highway, and limited partnership investments Association founded to raise venture capital Alliance

Conference, Liu Wei, General Manager of the Sun platform was introduced online content about China’s first solar Highway proposal. Also announced: the Sun will be famous enterprises, media, and industry partnerships such as domestic famous universities launched the first China college students raise competition, throughout the contest entirely in raised patterns and combining online and offline. The meeting, the limited partnership investors Association Agreement will be signed with the Sun, and jointly initiated the establishment of entrepreneurship and innovation to raise investment in China Development Union, aims to help more entrepreneurs entrepreneurship development and maturation of enterprise product innovation; as a good investment in chips after the success of the project, particularly college students ‘ pioneering work, needs such a platform to support and help. Entrepreneurs, innovative entrepreneurs should pay attention to the Sun, perhaps the Sun is a new innovation in professional and personalized business incubator, an industry and enterprise development of Taobao.

At the invitation of moderator of the General Assembly for his very warm, all guests on stage to push start the ball together, certified Sun will be formally launched; Web platforms today officially put into use, business activity begins.

Participants enthusiasm high, in will Shang that appeared more name persons requirements participate in investment development Union of wishes; also has part entrepreneurs hopes more close to cooperation; we believes “Sun will” will like Sun as, future light, light full, for more of professional persons and enterprise service, constantly to development, constantly to success, became China most with influence of all raised O2O platform, let more of enterprise and entrepreneurs became venture chain and the enterprise personalized products industry chain of beneficiaries, we wait!

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