Export-Import Bank updates the PV loans credit policy has been more than 12.5 billion

Arctic star solar PV network news: as September 2014, according to China import and export Bank data statistics, import and export Bank participation PV industry of loan balances has reached 12.5 billion yuan above, which PV manufacturing links of loan distribution accounted for than over 50%, power links accounted for than 44%, according to near two years PV industry of development trend and the policy of to, currently Bank in power links of distribution accounted for than is accelerated growth.

In October, the China Exim Bank has just released a new solar credit policy, supported resources well in the field of photovoltaic power station and distributed solar power projects on the ground, as well as some have the conditions for developing countries to invest and build power plants or construction plant.

“As the export-import Bank, our main basis according to national policies, access conditions and consistent with national policy. We focus on manufacturing areas of the photovoltaic industry in support of technological innovation or the popularization and application of new technologies, especially we value for some of the major domestic equipment, we focus on support. Then for some enterprise or is has strength of enterprise put production manufacturing enterprise to built station, or is out of to introduction to, with abroad of enterprise for cooperation, focus support transnational of, domestic across area of merger, this a of access we basically is according to national of policy for classification of management, for project we basically is according to national of policy these procedures are is to complete, Bank are needs has a regulatory provides, so on some project of basic of conditions are to has. “The import and export Bank of China Jiang Guodong, Director for business development and financing coordination before the th China (Wuxi) international renewable energy Conference, said.

It is understood that the Bank currently is to use different products for credit management, the current 4 products suitable for the PV industry, transformation and upgrading of the first loan, this is the energy to restructure, upgrade the development of the national economy. Second for the export-import Bank support, in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce, trade in services, and the third is energy-saving and environmental protection loans, the fourth credit for imports.

Exim Bank’s internal credit policy is to follow the national policy, this principle makes export-import bank in the PV field, especially in the past two years accounted for manufacture of high end performance.

From PV industry became more than eging photovoltaic companies, easy, sumec and other sources of finance, one of the Anhui LDK LDK Solar by 2013 (Hefei) limited equity tender transfer case, import and export Bank of China Anhui branch, Chengdu branch of Hefei has arisen now join forces to support Tong Wei’s successful acquisition, export-import bank has become the pivotal role of financial cooperation in this industry.

Now, from manufacturing to power plant construction, according to the politics show over the next few years we will see the export-import Bank accounted for more than growth in power generation sectors, including power plants and distributed generation.

For now policy frequency out of domestic distributed PV, Jiang Guodong recommends Enterprise first wants to clearly itself expertise, especially SMEs, he recommends don’t worried, he think can appropriate participation, but needs combines current industry of commercial mode and policy changes, addition also to concern financial markets, including leasing each aspects of financial financial products, including innovation,, these with future distributed of development has relationship, integrated together is may in a a time points, distributed must will has a is big of development opportunities, But this time is uncertain, but it will happen.

Original title: Update PV China import and export bank credit policies which have loans of more than 12.5 billion

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