Fellow of the China’s first solar-thermal power station officially inaugurated

Polaris solar PV net news: November 26, in Chuxiong, Yunnan in the solar thermal energy industry base Co Ltd (hereinafter “the solar base”) plant, Liang weiyan academician workstation officially inaugurated here, this is the area of Yunnan province and China’s solar thermal power generation currently only enterprise academician workstation.

On November 25 the day before, the second China Yunnan bridgehead building technology into matchmaking in Kunming of Yunnan province, Yunnan province, a total of 33 expert academician workstation award, CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman, science and technology Minister WAN Gang attends the meeting and awarding the Academician Liang weiyan workstation.

Map: Liang weiyan academician workstation unveiling ceremony

Chuxiong solar base Chairman Zeng Menghan in opening brand activities during said, Liang weiyan academician workstation is to Chuxiong in the high light hot solar industry base limited for led, and to China engineering homes Liang weiyan academician and the expert team for core, and to CAs physico-chemical by for relies on, common for solar light hot power system research of high-level technology innovation platform, target is through this a innovation platform accelerated advance dish type solar light hot power technology of industrialization. The building of the Academician workstation, will not only help promote the demonstration and application of solar thermal power generation technology also helps speed up the public understanding of solar thermal power technologies, lead to greater social and economic benefits.

On January 10, 2013, AVIC Xian Aero Engine Company Limited (hereinafter “air force”) built first at the local traditional dish Stirling generator system and the success of 20kW power, marked the beginning of the solar thermal power industry of Yunnan province entered a phase of rapid development. On March 14, 2014, the world first 6kW solar thermal acoustic generator witnessing the ceremony were held in local power generation. Chuxiong plan based on solar-powered base, investment of 500 million yuan in a local creating an annual production capacity of 25,000 units of solar thermal energy generation equipment green industrial park.

Figure: 5kW dish solar thermal power systems is generating

Reporters at the scene, equipped with a second-generation 5kW solar thermal dish solar thermal power generation system of engine is running stable, relative to the first generation, second generation product stability and reliability has been significantly improved. According to the field engineer, condensing temperatures reached above 500 degrees c in the day. The thermoacoustic engine with helium as the working fluid, heating system uses a micro-arc hexagonal mirrors of domestic enterprises, aperture area of 40 square meters.

Map: 5kW solar thermal generators work

By deep plowing and locally in Chuxiong, Chuxiong solar bases are expected to dish-type solar thermal power generation systems for distributed energy applications opens doors to large-scale production. Zeng Menghan said “the next step will be started to promote the construction of a 1MW power plant model, to further optimize the technology, and will accelerate the green industrial park to build bases for the progress of the company, realize industrial production as soon as possible. ”

Zeng Menghan valued this miniaturization of solar-thermal power generation systems and distributed applications market, he thinks this is dish systems and other solar-thermal power generation technology by different market positioning. He said “next solar base will focus on expanding in Chuxiong of Yunnan region in distributed solar thermal market currently locked the mouding in Chuxiong Prefecture has been as worthy of the first station. “To this end it has developed a smaller machine 500W solar thermal generator, which is a new development of high performance Thermo-mechanic.

Academician Liang weiyan, told reporters that “solar-thermal power can be fed to achieve its daytime and nighttime power are promising new energy technologies. Chuxiong solar base development of the dish solar thermal power generation systems will also increase heat storage devices of the future and realize the sustainable utilization of solar. ”

Original title: fellow of the China’s first solar-thermal power station officially inaugurated

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