France intends to build China’s most influential PV project

Polaris solar PV net news: the afternoon of November 5, Party Secretary Liu Chengming met in panzhihua Convention Center to climb visits France, President of ALTUS, Matthew ˙ dengboleite France ALTUS company Consortium guests. The Consortium intends to PV project in the city.

Liu Chengming to Matthew ˙ dengboleite line of coming said welcomes, he said, panzhihua is industry upgrade, and city transformation of road Shang firm forward, development PV industry meet panzhihua industry development strategy, more can put panzhihua rich of light hot resources conversion for economic advantage, and development advantage, we welcomes world has strength of modern enterprise group participation to this items career in the, looks forward to advanced of PV industry project and technology in climbed born root blossom. Panzhihua municipal party Committee and the Municipal Government will provide quality services for enterprises, creating good conditions for the project.

Matthew ˙ dengboleite said the investigation and prior to the adoption of effective communication, ALTUS company Consortium looking forward to implementation of photovoltaic projects in climbing and want to start from panzhihua to build China’s most influential PV integrated project, in order to contribute to sustainable development in China. Hoping to advance pilot when the conditions are ripe, and entered the stage of substantive cooperation as soon as possible.

France ALTUS company consortium formed by France’s largest photovoltaic roof carriers ALTUS solar roof plants company, France’s largest photovoltaic operators SOLAIS solar farm construction engineering company, in 2014, Europe’s third-largest photovoltaic power plant and photovoltaic solar power company THIRDSTEP company BOUGLER farm party farms. The Consortium is climbing visits agricultural infrastructure and roof photovoltaic PV power generation projects.

City leaders at the meeting, Liu JianMing attended the meeting.

Original title: starting from panzhihua to build China’s most influential PV project

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