GCL: silane fluidized-bed granular Silicon cash cost as low as $ 5.8 per kg

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, GCL 2014 announced strong earnings growth in the first 3 quarters, three quarters of million tons of silane fluidized bed project trial production, cash cost at 5.8 US dollars per kg. Output of polycrystalline 49582 tonnes, 39.5% than a year ago; wafer production 9584MW, 59.8% than a year ago. Although quarterly reports was not reported operating profit, due to stable market prices, costs decline further, more eye-catching 3 performance than in the previous two quarters, the first two quarters of GCL-poly realized a profit of 900 million Hong Kong dollars.

Gchl management in its global investors said on a conference call, four quarterly business is expected to continue to grow strongly, polycrystalline reached 65,000 tonnes full capacity over the whole distribution. Future annual modified Siemens production through technological innovation, very little input to 10,000 tons of output growth and significantly reduce the cost, and 25,000 tons of high quality silane fluidized-bed granular silicon production. Through the use of new technologies and the adjustment of product structure, with up to 100,000 tons of high quality, low cost polysilicon in the future for crystalline silicon PV and cheap Internet services.

GCL-poly, Chairman of the Board Mr Zhu again elaborated the GCL is committed to technology progress and quality improvement, cost the global leader in strategic direction. Improved debt structure after the Strip wafer business and spending on new technology research and development and new product expansion needs of large amounts of money, investors became the biggest winner of the GCL.

Original title: GCL-three quarterly reports: silane fluidized-bed granular Silicon cash cost as low as $ 5.8 per kg

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